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  1. I have a set of taillights call me 205-903-9664 Keith
  2. I have one call me 205-903-9664 cell or 205-968-0063
  3. Hello, I have front bumper and new or used front lower valance from a 93SE. Located in B'ham, Al. 205-903-9664 Keith
  4. Thanks for the response! I have a set of spare coils. I changed the 1/4 coil out and there is no difference. I AM getting spark at the plugs, when I pull 1 and 4 off at the same time the engine runs the same when I pull 2 or 3 off it stops running. I can hear the fuel pump running and I have checked the fuel filter also. Thanks again Keith in Birmingham, Al.
  5. checked compression as follows 1 cyl (at front of car) 155 , 2 at 142, 3 at 142 and 4th (toward rear of car) at 155. spark plugs on the middle cyls are sooted and the outside plugs are clean. No water in oil and no oil in coolant. Any idea headgasket? Thanks Keith in Birmingham, Al.
  6. My 93 SE us version temp guage when almost to the red today. Very short time waiting in traffic and then cooled to normal. I do not think it was that bad. So a few minutes later the engine starts to run poorly. Looking it over I discover that if you pull number 1 and 4 plug wires off the engine still runs the same. It is getting fire so I do not think it is the coil. I swapped the plugs and no change. I plan on testing compression tomorrow. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks SJ Sportscars is shipping me one over. Keith
  8. Travis, repair shop said the rack was shot with lots of rust. I had ordered the repair kit from JAE at the start. fellow doing the work said it was not much help. Thanks for your interest, car is gathering dust at this point. Keith
  9. Hello, I need a steering rack for a 1993 SE left hand steer US version. New or used, any ideas? Thanks Keith in Birmingham, Al. USA
  10. Hello, I have a mid wing for sale. Somewhat near you. 205-903-9664 cell Birmingham, Alabama Thanks Keith
  11. Will a 2000 rear deck/hatch interchange with a 1993 model SE deck? My deck was damaged and I intend to change it with the 2000 v8 model. This is a US version Thanks for the replys.
  12. I am doing the twin outlet with the cat by pass, how does it sound on the 4cyl and any power boost. Keith in B'ham, Al USA 1993 SE
  13. OK, So how and what do you route to do the ram air conversion. Keith in B'ham Al. USA 1993 SE
  14. Hello all, I need to replace the rubber boot to keep the smell out. How do I remove the shifter so I do not have to cut the new rubber boot to get it over the shift knob. I have a 93 SE US version Thanks to all and Merry Christmas Keith in Birmingham,Al. USA
  15. Hello all, US version 93 Esprit SE. It worked before, I had the belts serviced and now the heater vent won't open. Where do I start to trace the vacuum. Where is the pump? Thanks Keith in Birmingham, USA
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