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  1. There are about 3-4 in Australia. Two in Sydney (Lotus Oz, and one private owner, Markus), plus one in Melbourne still owned by the dealer (Zagame) and I don't think the one that was rumoured to go to Perth has been sold yet - not sure. And another one is on the way for Lotus Oz. We're currently looking at fitting the full (same as Gavan's GT4 car) cage to allow it to run in some more events - anyone have any experience fitting it/practicality of getting in/out?
  2. I would also add passenger height has a bearing. I'm 6'2" and find that anything over 70km/h requires some kind of face protection. Wearing snglasses, I've had a rock hit me in the cheek at 110km/h at it was like someone used a slingshot - it didn't draw blood but it felt like it! Conversely, my passenger is 5'6" and she wondered what I was complaining about - until she sat higher in her seat and almost had her head blown off, relatively. I'd say around 5'10" is the limit of comfortable, where the tiny screen is at least having an effect on the passenger's face by redirecting airflow. There
  3. Found some more pics from the Australian national Mt Buller Sprint event where the 2-Eleven set third fastest time from around 100 cars. Note the fog photos was taken at 11am in early Summer! We did some subtle 'branding' on some of the street signs.
  4. Hi all, Thanks to Patrick, I have just discovered this site. I drive one of the earliest 2-Elevens, build 05, which made its Australian debut at the 2007 Sydney Motor Show in October. It was built specifically for/as the Australia press car and is owned by Lotus Cars Australia. Having had a history of racing Lotus cars, I have raced Elise, Exige and Exige S so have been very thankful of the guys at Lotus Australia who have entrusted me with their baby. For a reasonably busy Lotus lap/CV, click here: (Please forgive the 'humbl
  5. Build Number: 05 Variant: 'Australian' spec (road & track packs) Name: Dean Evans/Lotus Cars Australia Location: Sydney, Australia Notes: Car is AU press car, not EU as listed.
  6. Hi all, Just 'introducing' myself here as an 'early adopter' of the 2-Eleven, having 'had' one since October 2007, and will post some more info, pics, video links and more in the main discussion section. Dean Evans, Sydney, Australia.
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