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  1. Had a great day at Donnington today with a bunch of the Exiges.Com guys and a certain Scotty C off here !! Just wanted to thank Scott for the pax rides - 2-11 was awesome round donny. Still haven't decided 100% on the car but today definately helped with the option choices. Good luck to all going to Hethel for the 60th.
  2. Looks epic - been swinging between black and white since I saw the white car on the forum I'm swinging back to black - which black is it though ? - Brabus black isn't on the Lotus site colour option
  3. Hi All Couple of questions for you all. Trailers - which are the recommended ones for 2-11. I've been looking at Ifor Williams & David James. Helmets - do you need a 'aero' design helmet with a chin spoiler or does everyone use standard ones. Only reason I ask is I went round Hethel in a 2-11 and my standard lid started to lift under my chin. Thanks Chris
  4. Hi All New to this forum so my first post. Here goes Want a 2-11 for next year. 2 options I see are - Order new from dealer or wait until Jan/Feb and look for a lightly used car 2nd hand. A couple around at the moment for between 36 - 39K. New will cost me in excess of 41K with decent spec. With the current downturn in the market surely prices of used won't go up between now and then. Spec wise I am looking for a launch car type spec with the AP's. So a 2nd hand car with the AP's added is looking around 38K. I am aware of the fact that a new car has no history related issu
  5. I'd check the blown engine thread before splashing out on some slicks - has put me right off until lotus get the dry sump solution sorted.
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