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  1. I have sent three emails to Anita at alunox. I have not received any replies. Can someone confirm that my order is placed? Stevens manifold only, no wastegate port.
  2. Here are the wheels on my car (#19) shown in Lew's photo. Jim Collins
  3. Hi. I have X180R #19 VIN SCCFC20B7MHF60282. About 8000 miles on the car to date. Located in Denver, Colorado USA. Very near Lew Gaskell who has #5. Jim Collins
  4. Would anyone know of other sources for new Revolution RFX-style three piece wheels? Jim Collins X180R #19
  5. Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with Image Wheels in the UK? I'm trying to source some clone X180R three piece wheels for my X180R. Image makes a copy of the Revolution RFX (which is the X180R wheel) - they call theirs the "IFX". They can make them in about any size you would want. Their site is Just looking for any feedback on Image and their products. Jim Collins X180R #19 Denver, CO USA
  6. With the current exchange rate it will make a very attractive family holiday for those of you in the UK. Summer in Aspen is not to be missed - not to mention a truly great collection of Lotus cars and Lotus activities! We'd love to see you there. Jim Collins LOG 27 Co-chairman Lotus Colorado Esprit X180R #19 of 20 Elan M100
  7. So how do I register my X180R? Number 19 of the 20 street race replicas.
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