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  1. Hello,

    I see you have a Lotus 2-Eleven, having just sold my Exige i am in the hunt for a 2-Eleven and wondered if you were considering selling?

    I’m not a dealer, it would be a private purchase and I’m willing to travel. If you would like to discuss this further please email me on [email protected]

    Sorry to bother you

    Best regards


  2. I think he is answering your " I wouldn't touch Kumho's" quote by pointing out that they are of a comparable quality to the competition whilst being sold at a much cheaper price. A lot of Caterham racers choose Kumho's over Yokohama AO48, Toyo R888, Avon ZZR etc,etc,etc. I would hope this is slightly more comparable for you ?? Tyre snobbery changes like the tide. Many of the Porsche GT3 owners that " would never touch Toyo tyres " now use them and rave about them. Going back many years people were wary of "Japanese" tyres. I have no axe to grind for Kumho or any other manufacturer and care not what you use or do not use, our choices are personal and depend on useage. The same goes for oils. Just because Lotus (get paid), sorry I mean recommend Shell does not make it the perfect oil for all uses of a 2 Eleven. On the other hand I do find your original "I wouldn't touch Kumho's" comment quite ridiculous if you have never tried them and it is based on tyre snobery alone. Who knows, in a year or two Lotus may recommend them and how will you be left then :-) I believe that if more owners try different tyres, oils etc,etc and report their experiences back to the forum it can only enhance our future knowledge. An open mind is helpful to all during this process.
  3. Hi Simon, I would love to come along if the invite is still open. I met you at a track day at Rockingham earlier this year. I was driving a black and silver 2 eleven and my friend was driving a red and white one. You popped into our garage and chatted to us about your car and racing in general. If it is possible I would like to bring my dad along ?? My friend in the red car is trying to shuffle a few things in order to come along too. Hopefully I will see you on Sunday. Please feel free to PM me if you prefer. Many Thanks, Lee.
  4. Again, thanks for the reply. I didn't realise that the pressure switch controlled the v v t. Don't really fancy the t-piece solution, so a sandwich plate it is !! Ordered the blue one from elise shop and also a oil temp gauge. Hopefully it'll all do what is says on the tin :-) It is not the isolated sandwich plate that worries me it is the idea of sandwich plate on sandwich plate. It would have been so much easier if Lotus could have fitted them as original equipment especially as it was designed for the track, but hey nothing's perfect.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm guessing that the oil pressure at idle with hot oil will be the same as the accusump and read around 40 psi ? After some research it seems there are many people who do not recommend the use of a sandwich plate as well as many that do !! I'm glad yours has worked well but I cannot help but think that an easier way to just get an oil pressure reading would be to replace the oil pressure switch for the warning light with the new oil pressure sender ? I read somewhere that the warning light only comes on at 7 psi by which time it's too late. My question regarding this is : what size fitting is the oil pressure switch on a 2 eleven ? I'm guessing that it's not 1/8 npt (same as the pressure sender) as this would be too simple !! I have looked on the internet but cannot find an answer. A definitive answer to this from someone would be most welcome :-) I can then order an adaptor and get the pressure gauge installed. Thanks.
  6. A couple of questions for those of you that do a lot of trackdays and have fitted a sandwich plate between the oil filter and block : Firstly, have you had any issues with oil leaks due to constant high revs/time ? I don't like the idea of putting a "weak" point onto the car that revs to 8000 + rpm so experiences welcome !! Also after reading the Stack sender fitting instructions they advise to fit the sender to the chassis "remotely" on race/ high rpm engines. Did anyone do this or did you just fit the senders straight into the sandwich plate ? I use my car a lot on track (20 days a year) and would appreciate it if anyone who puts their car through it's paces regularly on track and has fitted gauges has any advice re: using or not using a sandwich plate. Thanks.
  7. I think for UK trackdays now and in the future, silence is golden.
  8. I ran at Castle Coombe four times last year and had no issue with noise, either static or drive by. From memory the static reading was around 92 db, therefore no issues. However at Goodwood after flying through the static, towards the end of the day on a near empty track I was asked to shortshift at the exit of Madgwick because I was tripping their measuring equipment. Your exhaust must have totally different sound characteristics to mine.
  9. A big thankyou to Scott and B&C for organising the day and to Nick and Russell for taking the time to answer questions and share their knowledge - it's much appreciated.
  10. Thanks to you both for taking the time to do that.
  11. Hi, Sorry for the delay in answering. The inlet is 2 1/4 inches. I had a thin bracket welded to it so that I could attach a clamp to the Caterham exhaust to keep it in place. Cannot see why this wouldn't work on the 2/11 with a bit of adjustment. Bear in mind though that the whole unit is quite heavy and will need to be held in place very securely. I won't be using it for sure so it's yours if you want it for a score.
  12. Adam, I used one of those fitted on my 250 bhp Caterham at Bedford a couple of years ago. To be honest it only brought the noise down by <1db on a pretty noisy exhaust system (black flagged at Brands) and didn't stop me from getting asked to leave by the noise police for triggering their drive by test. I personally wouldn't bother with it and thats one of the reasons i'll stick with the quiet exhaust system until a repackable unit is available. If you want to try one you can have mine for
  13. Hi Nick, Would there be any chance of Lotus selling a repackable "stage 1" type of exhaust, hence lowering replacement costs ?
  14. Paul, how much are you asking for the Recaro race seat ?
  15. Saw your car at B&C and it looked fantastic, enjoy it !
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