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  1. Hi, As the weather is warming up (slightly) I hope to be able to get my car onto a circuit fairly soon. I was hoping that a few of you that have been able to spend some time on track would be kind enough to share your thoughts/experiences on a good track set up. I am thinking along the lines of : Suspension settings; both bump and rebound Anti roll bar settings Ride height Rear wing setting ( as i have the aerokit) and of course tyre pressures. If anyone has spoken to the Lotus motorsport team about this perhaps you would be kind enough to share their advise. I know that dif
  2. Congratulations Scott, it was worth the effort - looks great !!
  3. Wow, that's what I would call a fantastic 24 hours of customer relations work !!!! Congrats.
  4. I would also be very interested to hear who the
  5. Hi, Hands on set-up advice would be great, both on how to make adjustments and what adjustments should be made to compliment each other. I would also like to have advise on what would be a good general set up on individual circuits, i.e snetterton, silverstone g.p, etc.... Thanks for your help in organising all this.
  6. Hi, I am sure that there are a few on here who attend / have attended Lotus on Track trackdays. How do these compare against Goldtrack/Bat days ? I know they are cheaper and am guessing they will have a larger number of attendees but do they offer value ? The non profit making / club idea appeals but only if it is not a false economy ( i.e overcrowded etc ). Interested to hear peoples experiences. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Wondered if somebody could answer the following for me : 1. Does anyone have any experience of using an intercom in a 2 eleven ? I want to have some trackday tuition and wondered how well I will be able to hear above all of the wind noise etc ... 2. What sort of water temperature should I expect to see when pushing on while on track ? My car seems to sit around 86 degrees on the road in the wintertime, wondered how high it will go on a hot trackday. Thanks.
  8. I was led to believe that the 2nd cam comes in at 4500 revs.
  9. Thanks Paul, Yes it's my first Lotus. I have only managed about 100 miles so far due to the weather !! So far so good though. I am running it in very carefully as i intend to do a lot of track work with it once it's run in properly. I went to the factory last week and I must say that I was very impressed with the people there. Had a good chat with the motorsport department and learnt a fair amount in a short time. In the past I have had a good cross section of performance cars and so far I am appreciating the enthusiasm of the Lotus " brand ", both from the factory, Scott at Bell &am
  10. Lee Barker No:164 Black/silver Surrey
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