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  1. Was interested in the distance between the pilons under the wing so the same on the std and aero pack cars. Toying with the idea of chassis mounting a wing to an S2 exige and interested in roughly where the clam would need to be cut to accommodate it and if the accusump would need to be relocated. Accusump is currently over in the right hand corner of the boot.
  2. Another couple of quick questions about the rear wing. What is the distance between the supports, does the wing fit inside or outside, and how thick are the supports? Cheers Will
  3. Ok I bought one of the Serial ODB Interface cables to experiment with. Setup was fairly straight forward once I realised that I needed a firmware update for the DL1. You will need to contact Race Technology for the update as it doesn't come on the supplied CD. Once it was applied everything worked straight away. Note: its not quite plug an play as the interface cable needs a 12V supply so if you are running from a cigarette style adapter you will need to alter the cable to power the ECU interface cable as well. I connected it up on its own without any of the other previously wired analogue inputs to see how comprehensive it would be. Variables available straight out of the box on an 05 MY Exige: RPM Engine Load -> Auxiliary 1 (%) Coolant Temp -> Water Temp © Lambda 1 short term trim Lambda 1 long term trim Lambda 1 Inlet Air Temp -> Inlet Pre Turbo 1 © Throttle Position Ignition Angle degrees On top of this you obviously get the standard GPS derived variables. Couple of things to note. Not all the channels are sampled at 5Hz (5 times a second) For example the Throttle position appears to be at 3Hz. This isn't under your control. The configuration application for the DL1 mentions 5Hz but this is the output frequency if you want to drive a display such as the Dash 1. Cheers Will
  4. For a brake indicator I used the brake light switch on the brake pedal. Slight complication here is that with LED lights this isn't a simple off on 12V signal for the DL1 to read. Its more of an ON 12V then, OFF anything other than 12V as there is nothing to pull the voltage back down to earth. I just use a threshold calculation in the analysis software and it works well enough. I've got a pre '06 car without drive by wire so for throttle position I use the output of the throttle position sensor on the throttle body. In the newer cars with drive by wire there are is a sensor on the throttle pedal but I'm not familiar with the way it works. ------ As I don't have experience in the following please get it confirmed elsewhere as well. From the wiring diagram it looks like a single sensor with 6 wires, but internally its split into two position sensors. If you want to experiment the wiring is. Y +5V N Signal W GND and G +5V U Signal B GND Potentially capture both the signals and review in in the monitor software to see what the give at different pedal positions. Perhaps you can get away with a single one or perhaps you would need to perform a calulation for the output. Alternatively there are also two TPS signals on the throttle body for the drive by wire cars. TPS1 is UO and TPS2 is UP. ------- Looking back at the above, I think I'd make some more enquires in other forums about getting a throttle position for data logging on post '06 cars and get the info from someone who's done it.
  5. If you can't get the revs out of the OBD using the interface they you're only option is to get it from the ECU loom/coil directly. It isn't available on the back of the Stack unit on the Toyota engined cars. As mentioned above its the red and black wire on coil pack one. Just pair back a little of the insulation and solder on another wire. You can then run this along the same route as the handbrake and gear cables into the passenger area and into the DL1 directly.
  6. 5Hz isn't too bad, but definitely a pity it doesnt give you rpm. You can get this by running a wire from the coil pack on cylinder 1. I believe it is the red and black wire. I'll have a look at the weekend. Just checked and it is the red/black wire on coil pack one. one is on the right hand side of the engine when viewed from the rear of the car.
  7. I was using a laptop to experiment with the ODB and the best I got was one sample every 2 seconds. Quoted to X decimal places, but just one reading every couple of seconds so no use if you are looking to see where you are able to get back on the power through a bend. The interesting thing for me would be if you could tell me how many readings it records every second. So over say 10 seconds of modulating the throttle how may different readings are recorded in the DL1? If its getting 10 samples a second then I'll be on the phone ot RT to inquire about the cable. Thanks Will
  8. Sounds more promising than my experience with the ODB. So what sort of update frequency are you seeing?
  9. Hi folks, new on here, just popped over from to see what was going on with the 2-11s I've got a DL1 running in my Exige and considered getting an ODB interface but in the end decided against it. The reason for this is that the info available on the ODB interface refreshes at a very slow rate. One sample every couple of seconds and hence isn't great for data logging. Instead I've wired directly into the brake lights, throttle position, and sendor 1 on the coil pack. The rest of the info coming from the GPS and accelerometers. Summary, DL1 is a great piece of kit, but save the money on the ECU interface. Cheers Will
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