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  1. Hi all Anyone had to change this. I've changed mine as it was leaking causing a major splatter pattern. More of a mini explosion. However the same is still happening. These valves are rated at 175 psi and very rarely fail apparantly. Gauge on accusump never goes beyond 100 so am struggling to find out why this is happening. Anyone got any ideas. Cheers
  2. Mike 711 - let me know what they find as im sure whats causing yours to stick is probably the same cause on mine, or was i should say. Took car to garage today so hopefully soon i should know whats failed. Thx for you thoughts Scotty and Ads
  3. Scotty ,is this the first set of jubu gears or have you had to have them replaced as well and if so how long did they last and which ones did you go for, helical cut or straight or helical with grounded flanks. did you take any other precautionary measures as regards to the gearbox. What was the most common failure. I hope I dont have to have mine rebuilt that many times. If there is no sensible solution I can see myself selling the car ( with the gearbox rebuit ) and buying a xbow or atom. Any info. / advice you have would be greatly appreciated Thanks Amer
  4. I wouldnt worry too much about it sticking in 1st. mines done it for ages in 1st and 2nd. I have to give it a good yank to get it out. It didnt happen all the time though and it didnt seem to make it worse after i'd been on track. Regards Amer
  5. I very rarely do more than 10 to 12 laps. This is what is usually recommended by trackday organisers. Since April 09 when I bought the car I've done around 20 trackdays. I have a funny feeling that I'm going to have a rebuild on a yearly basis with one part or another of the standard gearbox going bang. My car is the standard 260. From what I can gather though ( after asking Lotus themselves sometime ago as I was thinking of upping the power) its not to do with oil temps. I cant remember what was actually said though. i think it was Rowland that I spoke to but am not sure. I will try them again now that it has actually failed in a major way. gearbox will be out hopefully sometime in the coming week or next, but am pretty sure its going to need the 3rd & 4th gears at least. Cheers Amer
  6. gearbox went bang in 4th at oulton a few days ago. am looking at the jubu gearset. anyone tried it? Regards Amer
  7. Anymore news on this conversion. an update would be nice. Amer
  8. Hi Mark Its been pouring down all day so we were damn lucky yesterday. am doing oulton next wednesday with msv ( need more practice to try and keep up with you) and will definately be at the next circuit days one. its on the 21st July by the way. hope u can make it Regards Amer
  9. Nice to meet u today Mark. You pedal your car very well, certainly better than me. Hope u get home ok. glad to see you didnt have any issues with your car. Post up next time ur at oulton. I will be going back several times this year will post on here dates. Regards Amer
  10. I,m at Oulton next tuesday as well look forward to meeting u Mark Hope we have good weather. Regards Amer
  11. Bloodyhell mate truly gutted for you. I dont think there are any words that could describe how you must be feeling. The only people who will truly be able to appreciate your misfortune are the ones that have been through a similar incident whatever car they own of which there are probably none with similar circumstances. My commiserations. Regards Amer
  12. A write up of the day would be great. Have spoke to Colin at length about a days training 1 on 1 a couple of months ago but not had the time to arrange anything definate with him. Enjoy & I hope the weather is on your side Regards Amer
  13. Hi Bibs, Am in Merseyside, Liverpool to be exact. Luckily for me Oulton Park is only a 45 min drive so will be able to get plenty of practice before venturing to other circuits further afield. Regards Amer
  14. Ads green - cheers m8 will bear that in mind. I fully intend for my instructor to show me the ropes before I allow myself to take the wheel. Cowardly but sensible under the circumstances. Will let u know how I get on. Took it out yesterday & today around 100 mile jouneys each time - just keeps stalling but sometimes I can catch it myself before it goes. Regards Amer
  15. cheers for the replies. It is booked in for next wednesday so will find out then I guess. Doing my first trackday on Friday. Looking forward to it - have taken sensible approach though & booked half day instruction as I have never driven a rear wheel rear engined car on track before. Regards Amer
  16. Congratulations and all the best for the next battle Regards Amer
  17. Hi everyone, Well i've had my car for 6 days now & so far have absolutely loved it. Took it to Lake Bala yesterday took the scenic route through the mountains was truly awesome. However, this stalling issue for me is a real pain. It has stalled 3 times until yesterday, not bad you may think. But when I went out in it tonight it stallled no less than 5 times in the space of 15 mins. I had its after sales service done today & for some reason the stalling is ridiculous. Will have a word with the dealership in the morning. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the issue. After having waited 4.5 months & some almost
  18. looks stunning Bert. Lovely colour. Congratulations. Mine is at the dealers so will be picking it up in the next few days. Regards Amer
  19. I did notice the site was a little bit slower but not so much that it was worth mentioning really. Ive not had any problems and I visit the site on a more or less daily basis. Regards Amer
  20. Evening All, Russ at Lotus Sport kindly sent me some images of the new wheel as I was unable to attend on Sat. There is some light machining to be done so this is not exactly the wheel, however it will only be very slightly changed. As with the 211 the wheel can be had in any number of colour combinations to match the cars & in a variety of finishes i.e matt, gloss etc. I particularly like the decal. If anyone wants more info then ring Russ on 01953608507 Regards Amer
  21. Does anyone know of a distibutor for rac monolites in the UK. Im looking for the RS110 or stellacorse ( which i personally prefer ) which as far as i can tell are one of the very few forged wheels that are suitable for 211's Thx Amer
  22. Booked for 17th & 18th. Bibs sent u pm regarding car for stand & more than happy to help if need be as i'll be there the day before. Really looking forward to it as I dont know anyone off here except the kevlar kid - Gavin whom i've spoke to very briefly before taking the plunge & ordering a 211. Also i've never been to a club static show before either. Looking forward to putting some names to faces. Regards Amer
  23. this is the one i was referring to but with vat & delivery & measuring it comes to nearly
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