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  1. well, I feel the look is similar to the upcoming new Lotus Esprit. (I would prefer the new Esprit over this one)
  2. I love the large sticker of a sponsor at the back wing "TAMIYA PLASTIC MODEL", making the car like a BIG TOY.....haha
  3. sad to hear this. well, we all have good time/bad time. always try to remember the good memories, as life is short.
  4. I saw it in high school when I visited the space center 2 weeks before the launch...(from a distance)
  5. I just watched "black swan" and "king's speech" great movies!
  6. cool...let me check out TITANIC wreckage.
  7. holy cow....that's expensive for a leather jacket. for the same price, I can buy Italian top brand already.....
  8. wow...they have much information
  9. check this out on youtube., **check out the yellow SE
  10. bus always always leaves station on time in China, regardless weather condition!!!!
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