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  1. oh...OK Thx. I guess I cannot bring it. I consider this because I have put alot of aftermarket parts on my Esprit, and I like its performance. Anyway, I've been shopping for cars to be used for my daily drive to work car. I am considering (for the daily drive) remark: Esprit is not on the list because it would be in my "collection list" (I plan to own 2 cars, and one is my TOY, one is for work) 1993 Corvette *40th anniversary convertible with manual 1989-1992 Corvette ZR-1 *there are few out there that are kept in great condition 1977-1982 Pontiac Trans-Am *Tribute to the Bandit (hard to find them in manual), and that's a great 6600 V8 big block..gas sucker! 1967-69 Camaro *this is my high-school dream car and I had a chance to buy one before going to college but I did not take it at that time. *well, this is true classic but it will need alot more investment to make it great. (and I dont want my daily drive to become a project) 1981-1982 Corvette *I like the old classic body, but it's not fast. It's however very reliable! 1986/87 Buick Grand National *alot of potential. one of the great Drag racing engine 3800cc V6 Turbocharged with Intercooler! (also a great family car) many owners invested alot on their GN, and it's a great bargin to buy a used one..they run 500HP at the rear wheels! and they are black in black, very great looking coupe! 2002 Pontiac Trans-Am with WS6 package "RAM AIR" running 405HP, manual + convertible. This is the last F-Body! *I tested drove one before in 1997, they are great runner! **so far, I like the Buick GN (for the raw power) and 1981/82 Corvette( but I am afraid I would miss the performance of my Esprit)
  2. Now, we simply call the Grand Prix - Formula One and the race car - Formula One cars What's in the old day? Such as LOTUS Type 25. Is there a name for this type of "tube body shape racer"? Anybody knows the history please help me? I want to find out more information about these classic racers? Is there a site to show most of the classic GP cars? Thx Eric
  3. Hi, I read some information, that as long as I can get DOT document to proof that my 1993 Lotus Esprit Highwing passes "crash test" requirement of the USA market, I am allowed to register my RHD Esprit for my own use. ***that's like a DOT document*** Anybody has experience or know someone who imported RHD cars to the USA before? I am moving to the USA, and one option is keep my car by bringing it with me. ***I read something that the USA law does not indicate the car must be LHD in order to register for road use. and I travel between China and HK alot, so I am very used to drive in either side of the road in a LHD or RHD car. It does not affect me at all. this is the information from DOT (department of transportation) 11. Importing a right-hand drive vehicle. In order to be lawfully manufactured or imported for sale in the U.S., a motor vehicle must comply with all applicable FMVSS issued by NHTSA. It is possible for a right-hand drive (RHD) vehicle to be manufactured in compliance with the FMVSS. A motor vehicle that was not originally manufactured to comply with all applicable FMVSS, and/or was not so certified by its original manufacturer, in the form of a label permanently affixed to the vehicle, cannot be lawfully imported into the U.S. unless it is determined eligible for importation by NHTSA. The agency makes these decisions on the basis of a petition from an RI. These are business entities that are specifically approved by NHTSA to import nonconforming vehicles and to perform the necessary modifications on those vehicles so that they conform to all applicable FMVSS. The petitions must specify that the vehicle is substantially similar to a vehicle that was certified by its original manufacturer as conforming to all applicable FMVSS and is capable of being readily altered to conform to those standards, or, if there is no substantially similar U.S.-certified vehicle, that the vehicle has safety features that comply with, or are capable of being altered to comply with, the FMVSS based on destructive test information or other evidence the agency deems adequate. As previously indicated, an import eligibility decision can be based on the substantial similarity of a non-U.S. certified vehicle to a vehicle manufactured for importation and sale in the United States, and so certified by its original manufacturer. If the vehicle you are seeking to import is a RHD, even if there were a U.S.-certified left-hand version of that vehicle, it might not be considered "substantially similar" for import eligibility purposes. Our experience has shown that the safety performance of RHD vehicles is not necessarily the same as that of apparently similar left-hand drive vehicles offered for sale in this country. However, NHTSA will consider the vehicles "substantially similar" if the manufacturer advises the agency in writing, on the manufacturer’s letterhead (and not that of an authorized dealership or other such entity affiliated with the manufacturer) that the RHD vehicle would perform the same as the U.S.-certified left-hand drive vehicle in crash tests. Absent such evidence, the petitioning RI would have to demonstrate that the vehicle, when modified, would comply. In this case, you might want to contact one or more of the RIs listed on our website to obtain their opinion on the feasibility of conforming the RHD vehicle to the FMVSS, and the costs involved in conforming the vehicle and petitioning NHTSA for a determination as to whether the vehicle is eligible for importation. and I find this NHTSA registered importers **it seems that they are the only people that may have a chance to bring my car in the USA legally and I find this list of cars...(but there is no LOTUS at all)
  4. esprithk

    91 Elan

    I think that site is not updating anymore. there were factories who make aftermarket (better quality) rear top links, but out of business already. Dont know if the PU bushes still available. Good luck! it seems late model Elan is losing supports in parts. Let's hope LOTUS would do something about it.
  5. nothing, Kai Tek aiport is planned to be converted to a cruise ship port ( to be able to park not less than 7 cruise ships at the same time) but with the politic situation, they are arguing government monitoring the use of land (not to use all the land for expensive condo) they want to free the land for public housing, public parks, etc... crazy people! the land worths alot of money.... don't know..they argue for 10years now!
  6. esprithk


    oh...I used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily for about 3 years. but now, I quit, since I find out coffee will lower the calcium level in the body (which results in weakening the bones)
  7. tips: be a member of the HK classic car club. they have so many members, it's easy to have 20 cars all the time.
  8. that's a clock tower from the old train station
  9. bet you dont see this one alot.. view of HK (more in " event " -> " Hong Kong ")
  10. Sunday 8-10:30 meeting with HK Classic Car Club, route from Chinese University to Sai Kun... well, half way of the drive, we drove to HK aviation club with our friends for breakfast Story does not end here. member Andrew is so generous that he offered us a ride in his helicopter around HK island!! *about 20minutes trip 05 - MICHAEL WONG flies this red helicopter (Michael Wong is a famous HK movie star) 07 - Culture Centre / Space Centre / Peninsula Hotel (Tsim Sha Tsui) 08 - Wan Chai Convention Centre 10 - Hung Ham "Laguna Verde" (famous action star Jean-Claude Van Damme invests in few flats here and makes good return. Smart guy!) 11 - Harbor Terminal (Tsim Sha Tsui) 12 - view of entire Tsim Shai Tsui district. the tall building far away is ICC, West Kowloon. 15/18 - Bel-Air (property) in Cyber port 16 - Lamma Island 17 - South Horizan (property)., Aberdeen 19/24 - TVB (local TV broadcasting station) in Tseung Kwun O 23 - left is Chai Wah, right is Quarry Bay 25/26 - MEGABOX, Kowloon Bay 27 - Kwun Tong 28 - Back to Kai Tek airport (not in use anymore) 29 - **one of the 2 guys is Michael Wong 30 - Back to HK aviation club 31 - Get ready to fly out the 2nd group!
  11. hi,...that would be
  12. I guess this movie redefine the meaning of "handsome"
  13. hmm.....but no one can beat the record of the Porsche 962 on Nurburgring. (1983, 20KM in 6minutes 11.13seconds) *try to beat this!!! *average speed 202km/h well....I gave my car a wash + detailing service
  14. anyone has watched the latest twilight movie? (eclipse) spoiler (may be) *warning!!! \ \ \ \ \ \ (1) climate of the movie.......this movie totally redefine common survival skill on a mountain. "what's the common way to keep yourself warm while camping on a mountain? that would be build a fire." **or if you are with a millionaire, you probably can afford to purchase alot of winter gears to keep yourself warm.. sorry, this is not the case when you are with a vampire or werewolf......(probably funniest movie in 2010)... (2) so much "jealous" and "I love you" in this 2 hour movie, it is a concentrated zip version of noon-time America soap opera. (3) I think in reality, if some guy keeps checking on his woman (24/7) of who she meets or what she does, where she goes, the relationship wont last long... *man, the Edward guy is just like a ultra jealous woman!!
  15. I have some free time this week. So I am taking different photos of my Esprit in different places... Tonight is Central district (1) I took a photo of Esprit using Jardine House as background. *this building is shown in the TV series "Noble House (Pierce Brosnan)" 1988 (2) Did a B/W effect on the photowith HSBC building in the background. Well, I dont have enough equipment, and the buildings are really bright.. So, I use PS to make some effect to hide the problem. hehe (3) Exotic car in Central district....happened to have a double deck bus passing by, so it gave that lighting effect....
  16. was on local chinese newspaper yesterday. and then the links appear in all HK forums. (it's interesting news, you know) so, we google it to try to find a photo of the guy! lol
  17. well......words cannot describe this.., after this news, this commercial must be illegal in many countries
  18. this video..."dickhead" is back....and it's selling good!
  19. THANK YOU! This is really big help So actually, the one I have to look for is a plastic sleeve thing (but with adhensive feature to stick it to the windshield. I know what to do now. Thx! thx alot everyone! Eric
  20. Hi, Lotus owners in UK. Do you have the car tax disc in your car? I have a plastic injection work that I have to make this disc. Can someone answer this questions for me? (1) is the plastic disc placed in a car, under sunlight? *so I have to choose plastic material that won't change shape under direct sunlight in excess amount of time. (2) is the plastic disc just one piece of plastic. It's not made up of the front plate and back plate, assemble together, right? (3) what's the greens on the white plastic disc? that's just sticker? or silk screen printing on it? *what's on yours? (4) dimension of it, length, width, and the diameter of the bottom circle shape, and the thickness? the client is off work, and I need to wait til next Monday to get an answer. so I figure I will get a faster reply in here... thank you for the help in advance! I also have in mind that it's just a plastic sleeve? so there is a front pocket to place the car tax receipt? the rest is just a sealing of a front plastic sheet to the back plastic sheet, like a soft pad.
  21. great video of the LOTUS, KIM! anyway,.....everyone, this video is the 1960s of HK. recognize any classic car in the video? and bonus, see bruce lee as a child in one of his very early film !!
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