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  1. Caturday...

    Considering his early life at work as a feral he's settled in amazingly. Surprised me to be honest just how well, really friendly and gets on with all the others. You'd never of guessed he's only been with us just over a month. Yes, he loves to sit and watch the fish. "I'm going to get you little fishy".
  2. Caturday...

    We've had a new member to the family, another rescue cat from work. Chatterbox Charlie... So where are we going dad?
  3. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    I'm really loving this colour, so pleased I went with it. You need to see it in the flesh to really appreciate it...
  4. Evora Sport 410

  5. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    Okay, so I'm on the final push to get this done!! Only the front clam and interior left to go on then I can get it up for a geo and get it out to test it!! Unfortunately it's going to have to wait until next weekend when I can get on it again, but until then a little taster of things yet to come!!
  6. My MY11 Evora S; the next chapter(s).

    Was going to say camera angle... however it still looks very close. Get one small stone caught up between the wheel and caliper and you'll knacker the wheel, I've seen it happen before.
  7. My MY11 Evora S; the next chapter(s).

    I know you say they fit but those 400 calipers look very close to the BC rims in the picture above... especially the top trailing edge, looks to be less than a mm left ?!
  8. Pictures wanted - All Colours!

    @Babas89The stripe was done in carbon grey.
  9. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    Pfff, where has that month gone?? I'd hoped to have it all done and dusted by now but 'best laid plans' and all that... ive had a few delays, one being the exhaust which should have been done before Xmas but the company doing it for me cancelled it until now. I'm having two made, one for the road with a sports cat and small back box (original 2-11 stage1), the other with a de-cat pipe and larger back box for track which should cover all but the strictest noise limits. All bolted together with 'V' bands for quick change out. Also finished off the last bits of paint.
  10. Calling all Exigers : Exige Trackday at Anglesey!

    You'll love it Gav!!
  11. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Two new sports car models Barry by the sounds of it. Don't know who you refer to but the only bitchin and whining I'm doing is the fact I've got to wait for them to arrive.. Not that they are coming, bring it on, sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    The plans for new models have been on the cards for years, they've desperately needed new models but they've had no money to carry them out until now. To me it was blatantly obvious what was going to happen when Geely bought them, you don't buy a company like lotus if you don't have plans to move it forward asap. They were never just going to let it bimble along as it has done. And yes, he clearly refers to needing something above the evora which is 'poster worthy', it's right there in black and white.
  13. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Lol, lotus have a real knack of pissing on thier latest and greatest customers. What, the 125k evora 430 is not poster worthy? "So maybe it's time for another Esprit? "For brand building Lotus needs something above the Evora," he agreed. "It needs a poster car again.""
  14. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Quote from JMG in the latest pistonheads interview. "The Chinese firm has made commitments over new models, including the inevitable SUV but also more sports cars (which will be revealed in three to four months, he says). " So there you go. Push as much out the door as possible...
  15. Most race number roundels wear sponsorship logo's or the name of the race series they belong to. I imagine they don't want any poor road driving standards being tagged back to them.