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  1. Evora GT430

    The angle the picture has been taken is not the most flattering, you'd have to be on your knees to see that veiw . I bet it actually looks quite good in the flesh from a normal perspective.
  2. TLF GT430 Club

    I very much doubt it would fit an S1, and even if it did you'd find it massively expensive!! Bet there is no change from 4k and probably closer to 5k... the Elise cup carbon splitter was 2.4k +vat iirc.
  3. Lotus new model strategy (or lack of).

    Xtrac would be illegal on the public road because of the flatshift they use. Road vehicles that have a dbw throttle must have a safety program written into them which only allows a small percentage of difference between throttle pedal position and actual throttle opening. If it see throttle at wide open and pedal at zero it will shut down. You have to disable that system to allow the flatshift to work. It was the same as the 2-11, I had the sadev installed in mine, they would only activate the flatshift on it if I signed to say I'd never take it on the road. The sadev in the 2-11 was stick shift so it could be used without the flatshift switched on, you couldn't do that with a flappy paddle.
  4. Lotus new model strategy (or lack of).

    My impression that all these new releases are in a bid to raise the price on the entire range over a quick period of time (as they have done). If we're only selling 2,000-3,000 cars a year they may as well be in the 50-125k range rather than 30-60k... sales figures don't move but profit is up!
  5. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    Yes from normal use!! The subframe is not flat, it has a overlapping plate where the bracket wants to sit. When the original mounts have been bolted to it they have deformed to accommodate the height difference on the subframe. The original bracket is just a piece of folded 2mm material and when the rear bolts have been tightened it has squished it down onto the subframe and flattened it out even more... A couple more pics here, you can see I've used a washer under the rear bolts now to level off the mounting face on the subframe. I'm going to get some rectangular shims cut so it looks tidy, rather than have washers poking out from under the new mounts. They're only temporary.
  6. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    Of all the crappy brackets Lotus use, this is officially the worst I've ever come across!! The bent peice of 2mm Ali in the foreground was used to mount the wing pylons back to the chassis. The wing pylons then double up to hold the rear clam panel (this is the same on all 2-11's). There was no way I was replacing like for like, instead I've cut some 5mm Ali angle to do the job properly!! No more wobbly wing and clam...
  7. Show us your Garage

    It came off the local Lotus dealers building when they shut down a couple of years ago, I also got the roundel that went with it which currently resides on the wall in the pool room
  8. Show us your Garage

  9. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    So 100k then, not for the faint heart indeed!
  10. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    What, straight to 430? They've missed out the Exige 410... "won't somebody think of the special editions" [Maude Flanders] So I take it we are at a 100k Exige now with options....
  11. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    Old and nasty, shiny and new...
  12. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    Double post above, not sure how to delete one of [email protected]?? It should have been this pic -
  13. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

  14. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    Cage going back in today. Whoopee! Starts looking like a car again from here on in.
  15. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    It's a funny colour to capture on the camera, unlike chrome orange or krypton green which tend to look washed out in pictures and are difficult to photograph, the gold seems to pop out more than it does in real life. Take two photos from the same spot and the slightest shift of the lens from the original position will make it look a totally different colour again when viewed back. It looks good in the flesh and I'm looking forward to bolting more bits back on it to get a better feel for the combo, I'll play it as it goes.