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  1. It will be a grade suitable for cold-forming that doesn't start stress cracking when you fold it to make the bracket. Anyone you give the drawing to must make sure they use a suitable grade of material to make them from.
  2. Only two things bug me about the Evora... Windows that don't retract fully into the doors and the angle you have to hold a fuel nozzle to fill it up (hurts my delicate little wrists), neither of which I can do anything about... I can live with it I suppose!!!
  3. Contaminated fuel?? Might be worth draining the tank and putting some fresh stuff in...
  4. I have a full set here I'd be willing to sell, have a couple of the thousand Km on them, still clean and tidy.
  5. Pits, still not convinced with the front cutout panels no. However, the new front and backend are very nicely done. Car looked menacing in my rear view as he followed me to track (painted in Carlton green- empire is it?) . Cabin space is nice, I like how they've raised the door cards to hide the bit of window that doesn't retract all the way in (one of my bugs of the S1). Gear change felt very positive, better the the older set up of the gte. Sparco seats were comfy for me and looked great with the carbon backs and leather design on them. I know I'm bias but it has to be the GTE everytime simply down to the rarity factor and road presence it has over other evoras. Like you say, it looks 700hp standing still. You are right though, the extra width does have disadvantages on narrower roads.
  6. The guy who's owns the one I drove is looking to sell his at 85k. Has all the boxes ticked. Pm me and I can pass is details, he is in Dundee.
  7. I've driven both GTE with Swindon 385hp tune and a GT430 on track at Croft (my local). Both great cars to drive and very rewarding and well balanced when you hook them up. It wasn't a back to back test unfortunately so couldn't comment on the extra power of the 430 but it didn't feel any faster than the GTE tbh. I think what the 430 has on the straights the gte makes back up on the brakes and in the corners. The extra width the GTE is noticeable in the braking zones, turn in and mid corner, it just feels a more stable platform (and so it should being 100mm+ wider...). There were a couple of things I didn't like about the 430, mainly it's valved exhaust. The car I drove had the titanium exhaust and was far too loud for the trackday we were on, we were having to short shift coming out of Sunny where the sound equipment is. We were fine everywhere else but when booting it you seem to be always waiting for the change in exhaust tone as the valve opened and closed. It reminded me of a NA 2zz exige/elise with a cam change... It was a little off-putting tbh. I'd have to change that out for a non-valved exhaust. Other thing that shocked me was the weight of the tail gate. Considering its full carbon it weighed a bloody tonne opening it up.... No damper assistance and a crappy stick to hold it up. No, no, no... Still not sure ot the height of the rear wing, looks out of place a little, I'm sure it's. Very effecti 've up that high though but just doesn't sit right from all angles. Only other negative comment was the crappy "GT430" sticker on the steering wheel... who put that on 125k car?? I peeled it off as it was bubbling... It looked shockingly terrible I have to say!! However, at 85k that you can now pick one up for, they are a cracking buy!! Ps. Gold 2-11 was finished last year, it now lives in Tasmania!!
  8. these are the original GTE cars, they still have their Swindon engines in them... you mean one of the factory re-worked cars
  9. much wider track of the gte makes it far more stable under braking and cornering. They never used longer wishbones on the rear only the front (which strattons have a pair to copy if needed). The spacers they are using on the rear are because they ran out of the GTE wheels with lower offsets and have used a set of standard evora wheels. A bespoke set of forged wheels with the correct offsets will come in around the 4-5k mark. The Stratton GT's have been for sale for a while now, i bet if you haggled you could get the cost of a set of bespoke wheels off the purchase price...
  10. Yes, very lucky indeed! I know the roads pretty well (and the ones that link between them and out to the coast and over to Cumbria). There are some really good roads out the back of Duns also. The A68 is the best of the two but is a lot twistier than the 697, you need to be on it early else you can easily get caught up behind a train of traffic and get stuck. The 697 much more open and more passing places, just mind the cameras on both...
  11. A697/A68. My Saturday morning stomping grounds...
  12. I quite like the design, they could have done with being an inch bigger front and rear though, they don't fill out the arches enough.
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