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  1. TheKevlarKid

    V8 cam covers value?

    Yes they have the covers. Ta
  2. TheKevlarKid

    V8 cam covers value?

    Can someone tell me please what a fair price for a pair of brand new V8 cam covers finished in red would be? Got a couple of pairs here I'd like to sell and havent a clue what they're worth. Deroure is no help... Thanks, Gav
  3. set of those "forged R" for me please!!
  4. TheKevlarKid

    400 on Cup 2 tyres

    You want unbranded cup2 for front, BMW rear.
  5. TheKevlarKid

    2-Eleven picture thread

  6. TheKevlarKid

    2-Eleven picture thread

  7. TheKevlarKid

    2-Eleven picture thread

  8. TheKevlarKid

    2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

  9. TheKevlarKid

    2-Eleven picture thread

  10. TheKevlarKid

    Dear Geely.....

    ??? That makes no sense at all to me. Touring mode has the highest level of driver aids when engaged.... What is it you're expecting (or not expecting) the car to do while driving it in built up areas in touring mode? Spin out on you? Not be able to make a corner? What necessitates you having to be in touring mode for slow speed in town driving if you then use sport mode when youre out on faster roads? I don't get your need to be in touring mode in built up areas, sorry. I use to drive the exige in sport mode everywhere as touring mode is far too intrusive, it cuts in with brake application way too soon when only giving it a light work out.
  11. TheKevlarKid

    TLF Trackday?

    If you remember, I had also organised a factory tour the day before the trackday for anyone wanting to make more of a meal of it. I forgot LoT provided lunch for us and gave us all a years membership aswell... good old Golding!!
  12. TheKevlarKid

    TLF Trackday?

    You should definitely try it, It's a great track for all experience levels alike. Its a very good venue for trackdays imo, there are loads of places to over take slower cars/allow faster cars to overtake you without holding either party up too much. It flows nicely with all skill levels on track at once. I said Croft as it is middle ground for the members on here that are way up in the north of Scotland. Its at least an hour and a half further south still once youre at the borders... Donington is another 2 hrs south of Croft for most on here yes. However it will be far more expensive to hire it needing a bigger number of people onboard to make it the same cost as one of the lesser tracks. Being a club day, you need to make it as cost friendly as you can allowing members with smaller budgets to attend and be a part of it, the main goal is to fill it with TLFer's and not have too look for others to fill the day. TLF has a fantastically wide range of Lotus cars in the members garages, it would be great to get as many different types out on track as possible and cost/location is the key.
  13. TheKevlarKid

    TLF Trackday?

    Blyton does suit but for the more advanced drivers it's not going to excite them as it would a noob. I'd look at Croft myself. It's a privately owned circuit, they run loud days (105) and will let certain things 'fly'. It's in the middle of the country for everyone to get to and it's a track that has something for every skill level. It has a great mix of slow, medium and fast corners that are all very technical. Theyre challenging for the advanced driver to hit every lap and rewarding for the newbie when they get it right... everyone will come away enjoying the track driving, new and old alike.
  14. TheKevlarKid

    TLF Trackday?

    I fear it's too late this year to organise anything in the summer months. It'll either have to be later or next year now. If you want to fill it with TLFer's, I'd suggest somewhere middle to everyone so the peeps way up north can attend without having a thousand+ mile journey there and back again.
  15. TheKevlarKid

    TLF Trackday?

    I've been on a LoT day and been overtaken by a group C race car (going twice as fast as I was with a 40ft rooster tail coming off the back of it because it was pissing it down with rain). What a sight that was!! In all the years of doing LoT t/d's and racing with LoTRDC I've never seen speed punished, only stupidity.