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  1. Love the exterior retro looks. Completely useless as a road car at those ride heights though. You'll be changing front clams as often as you do your socks. Interior has hidden the Elise chassis well by covering everything in carpet but I can't help but think that it looks like the blackhole of Calcutta in there....
  3. I've been following him on IG for a few months. As he says, bought it for his wife. What is a real GTE anyway? The factory cars were officially renamed GT350's when they were sold.... A lot of the components that made them a "GTE" we're removed..... Its as much a GTE as the rest of them were imo. Not one was the same as the other in terms of spec and trim. (perhaps cars 1+2).
  4. Having the early cars fully loaded did cost more to buy than the base car but it was less than if you spec'd a later car up to the same level....
  5. I dunno, the rate lotus are going with it you maybe okay.
  6. RS29 are a endurance pad. Need some heat in them to get them working properly, can be a little wooden when cold. Work well though but as said dusty.
  7. It was just another option, it also raises the wheel from your legs/knees.
  8. Buy a different steering wheel with a different offset on the centre boss.
  9. I have to dig deep in the memory bank but iirc Swindon did the following - Cams Conrods Full exhaust system. Airbox Ecu tune (on stock ecu). Not all the original GTE's had Swindon engines in the back of them. Some had what was known as the Lotus 400 engine. This was developed in house by Lotus, cams and ecu tune was about it iirc.. The above pictures show a Swindon exhaust system. The bore goes to 3" for the backbox, pretty sure standard Evora pipe is 2.5". If that's the case, a Plack won't marry up. Easy to get something custom made though that does the same. My advice would be to cut open and remove the wading from inside the Swindon backbox you already have. Sounds amazing (I have one here). I do have to question the engine though. I'm not sure it is the Swindon engine. All of their engines had Swindon stickers on the top of each cam cover, the pics above have none. Not sure why you would remove them else? Could it be a Lotus 400 engine with Swindon exhaust system? I bet Phil @24-7 Motorsport would know, he probably built the car when he worked at Stratton. Completely different on the Swindon engines.
  10. Ps, forgot to say, you need to unclip the HL rear brake light wiring (if you have one) before lifting the lid away from the car.
  11. Good few hours work. If the fob or emergency cable aren't working there is only one way to gain entry. You have to take both rear wheels off and remove the rear wheel arch liners. This will give you access to the engine cover hinges above. You need a couple of people because when you undo the last bolts in the hinges, the back edge of the boot lid will pop up from the pressure being exerted from the boot lid dampers in their closed position. Once you undone the hinges, you'll need a long pokey stick to reach into the boot to hit the latch on the boot lid to release it. Again, another pair of hands holding the lid so it doesnt fall and scratch any of the body work as you poke the latch or lift it off. The glass ones are much heavier than you would think they are. There are packing shims under each hinge, take note of how many went in each side. Also, the paint will have witness marks as to where they sat originally, use these marks for boot alignment when you come to do it back up Ideally this all need to be done on axle stands as you'll be waist deep in the arches reaching up inside for the hinge bolts. You don't want it slipping off jacks.
  12. Tyres can cause bad tramlining. How old are they, what brand? Not Pirelli by any chance?
  13. Gold has already been done on one of the factory GTE's. Looked great and spurned me on to paint a 211 in the same. That colour above maybe military grey.
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