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  1. It'll be on the plaque inside the cabin.
  2. What number is yours? Originally supplied by bell and Colville? I think they're sister cars...
  3. They did 2 specs of engine. GLA and GLB From what I remember, the original A spec only had one set of pistonrings and burnt oil like it was going out of fashion. The GLB spec engine had multiple rings on each piston. Sure there were a few other tweeks they did on the later B spec also. Give Phil Hurn a ring at 24/7 Motorsport here in the UK, he worked at both Lotus Motorsport and Stratton Motorsport during the period they ran these engines. I saw him post a picture on IG the other day of him doing a project with one of the GLB spec engines.
  4. Cheers! Next time you're up let me know, I'll take you out for a drive! Taken earlier that morning -
  5. Twas me having my breakfast at Queen's Cafe.
  6. I don't know but I wish it would die down up here!! It's been blustery for the last 4-5 days, it would be lovely if it weren't for the wind!!
  7. Do you know if they have ordered any extra sets?
  8. Roger still works, I stood talking to him only last week in their showroom. Didn't look at the 5 cars they have in any detail but the frosted white one looked lovely from what I could see. Btw, age discrimination is just as bad as race or sex discrimination in my book. Just because someone's in their 20's doesn't mean they're incompetent. Next time you watch Formula One, take a good look at the technicians working in the garages on multi-million pound cars. 90% of them are in their 20's.... Okay so the chassis are old but the car is essentially new. What else can you buy for 85k that has the road presence, power and exclusivity of 1/30 cars?
  9. They were also the wrong size, the Lotus supplied ones are bigger than what we're originally on the side of the car. I had a load made up in carbon effect vinyl to the right size if anyone needs some.
  11. leave the sparcos in, make some furniture from the gte seats for a mancave... thats what i did (mine were recaros mind).
  12. There was talk on the the GTE thread about them a while ago (page 31 onwards).
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