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  1. Evora GTE Registry

    When there was only twenty built the price is only going to go one way. That and the ever increasing price of the new cars is going to help them along also, you can't buy a 410 sport (which is slated at 150 cars a year) for the price the original owners paid for them...
  2. argh, sorry my mistake, should read the thread properly...
  3. 400's front calipers, discs and pads are all bigger than what are on a S1 evora… looking at that picture there aint much room left on 18's with the S1 brake set up!
  4. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Things were all getting a bit hot in the boot area with the standard exhaust, heat sheilding and diffuser in place. I changed it out for a gt4 diffuser and single tip exhaust made by a local fab shop, heat problem solved!! I actually had a couple of back boxes made for it that I can swap over in less than 20 minutes. The one above is the larger quite one about 8" in diameter (trackday friendly for most days), the other is a 3" pipe into a 4" can... sounds absolutely mental ,they'd have chucked me off the circuit though the moment I went through the gate had I had that one on...
  5. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    suspension was great, car was handling superbly.
  6. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I honestly couldn't tell you Trev, never been one for timing myself, even when I was racing I never had any timing or data logging equipment. When they dished out the timing sheets after qualifying was about as much as I was interested in lap times, and not for how 'fast' it was but simply to see where I sat in the grid. Couldn't tell you now what times we use to run on any circuits and I raced for some years... Spending hours analysing data from a 20 minute race was never my thing mind, I'm more your 'fuel goes in, foot goes down' type of guy. I'm driving as fast as I can and looking at the stopwatch isn't going to make me go any quicker!!
  7. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    The rain didn't stop play!! Everyone just soaked it up and got on with it, I've never seen so many happy faces after a wet trackday... most of us were doing 40-60 minute stints out on track ,must of done about 4hrs. Seriously good fun had by all. In complete contrast, we had beautiful sunshine at Zolder yesterday, sweating buckets by the afternoon. Brilliant two day on two great tracks and everyone returned home in one piece (forgot how fast Zolder is, wow).
  8. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    A very wet zandvoort!!
  9. Evora GT430

    Lotus are fools to themselves at times. They seemingly manage to regularly shoot themselves in both feet with one bullet, how I don't know, but they do... Like Anthony said, its the little things that make the 'big' difference to the customer, especially when you're chucking north of 100k at them, and even more so when you're buying the most expensive road car they have ever made... they don't seem to realise that is probably 4-5yrs wages for some people and when you're spending that amount of money with them you'd think they'd want to get it right from the start... it's really not that difficult if you sit and think it all out from conception to completion before you start promoting it, else you end up in a mess like we've just seen. Again, they have more than enough existing customers in their little black book who have that sort of money to spend yet they continually seem to ignore it, seemingly favouring new blood over old. We all want new customers on the books but i'd never ignore or shun the old ones as a result of chasing new yet they seem to do just this. I'm not going to divulge the exact amount of money I've spent directly with them over the last 10yrs but it amounts to a 211, V6 cup, 2x Gte's and 2x elise race cars. You can then double that amount on parts I've bought directly from them. Its a shit load of money, let's just put it that way. What contact have I had from Lotus marketing in all that time? A recall notice for oil pipes on the 2-11, thats it!! Not that I expect any favouritism from them, but fucking he'll. If one of my customers had spent that much with me over that period they'd be the the ones I'd be looking at first with my new products and trying to get them onboard. Drove into the local Mercedes-Benz dealer the other month for the first time ever in my lotus, amg sales chap in there never seen me before but offered me the keys to a 150k GTR and told me to go fill my boots... had I been able to buy the car on the day I'd have put a deposit down, however itwas demo and a two year wait. It made me seriuisly consider reducing the lotus fleet to get one... what are lotus doing to try and keep me under the umbrella? Sweet FA.
  10. Evora GT430

    Result! At least there is some clear direction now from them and you can get back to enjoying the excitement waiting for it, really pleased for you.
  11. Evora GT430

    That's another story... the limited run cars all use to wear a 'XofWhatever' badge in numerical order, now they appear to wear a 1ofWhatever, seemily to allow for more to be made if required... .
  12. Evora GT430

    They did that with the GTE, it took them a year to sell all 20 at 85k... And that was only 2yrs ago! It don't think any of the original gte buyers got a heads up that the gt430 was coming up... I know I didnt. :roll
  13. Evora GT430

    Just at a guess... Pre orders of 430 haven't been quite as good as they had hoped for by now and they needed to achieve 'X'' amount of orders by last week to be able to place orders for the parts required to build them (which they will have to order a minimum amount of, maybe all 60 in one go) for suppliers to tool up for. They always had the sport planned but have had to bring it's announcement forward in order to secure more orders to achieve minmum parts supply stuff to get the GT cars's the same minus the aero. Can't see any other reason they would do this else.
  14. Evora GT430

    Nail on the head.