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  1. RS29 are a endurance pad. Need some heat in them to get them working properly, can be a little wooden when cold. Work well though but as said dusty.
  2. It was just another option, it also raises the wheel from your legs/knees.
  3. Buy a different steering wheel with a different offset on the centre boss.
  4. I have to dig deep in the memory bank but iirc Swindon did the following - Cams Conrods Full exhaust system. Airbox Ecu tune (on stock ecu). Not all the original GTE's had Swindon engines in the back of them. Some had what was known as the Lotus 400 engine. This was developed in house by Lotus, cams and ecu tune was about it iirc.. The above pictures show a Swindon exhaust system. The bore goes to 3" for the backbox, pretty sure standard Evora pipe is 2.5". If that's the case, a Plack won't marry up. Easy to get something custom made though that does the sam
  5. Ps, forgot to say, you need to unclip the HL rear brake light wiring (if you have one) before lifting the lid away from the car.
  6. Good few hours work. If the fob or emergency cable aren't working there is only one way to gain entry. You have to take both rear wheels off and remove the rear wheel arch liners. This will give you access to the engine cover hinges above. You need a couple of people because when you undo the last bolts in the hinges, the back edge of the boot lid will pop up from the pressure being exerted from the boot lid dampers in their closed position. Once you undone the hinges, you'll need a long pokey stick to reach into the boot to hit the latch on the boot lid to release it. Agai
  7. Tyres can cause bad tramlining. How old are they, what brand? Not Pirelli by any chance?
  8. Gold has already been done on one of the factory GTE's. Looked great and spurned me on to paint a 211 in the same. That colour above maybe military grey.
  9. Have they released details on the FE Evora yet? I've seen the Elise and Exige specs but nothing about the Evora.
  10. No.17 just come up for sale here, no price give though.
  11. Hoffman's have one of the factory cars up at 89k iirc. Edit, well they did have. Give them a call ask if it sold. Think it was Lhd. A Rhd would be worth more imo.
  12. Horses for courses. Why does one man buy a rolex and another buy a Casio? Ask yourself this. How much do you value the ability to adjust your suspension without leaving the comfort of your seat? Having stored settings that can be called upon at the touch of a button? Or are you quite happy to keep taking wheels off and grovel around on the floor because it needs a few more clicks of rebound.... I'm getting old and like the comfort of my seat. I like the instant nature you can change settings and feel the difference while on the fly, not after you've stopped for 10-20minutes to change all
  13. Nail on the head! A fire suppression system (suppress not extinguish) is exactly that. It will give you extra seconds to get out the car. If by some miracle it puts the fire out great but you should not be looking at it from that angle. They are a mandatory item if you go Racing. This is not implemented to save the car, it is to save or give more time to a driver to escape.
  14. I had a hell of a game with mine. Ended up stripping it down and modifying it. It works now.... I'd like to say 'it works perfectly' but that is unachievable with the components being used (but it will never f++k me over again like it has done in the past). The problem will be the rotary push arm that hits the boot lid latch. It is a very poor design. The arm that hits the cover latch connects directly to the solenoid activated from the key fob. There is secondary arm below it that the emergency cable connects to. The secondary arm works by pulling against the main arm above to open the b
  15. Nope, the 20 cars done by the factory were 85k each. Standard evora engines (345hp), standard interiors except for the carbon car which kept its carbon interior. The Stratton GT's still have the original Swindon tuned engine in them (400+ hp) and carbon trim. All of these cars (factory and Stratton) were the original GTE's, there are less than 30 cars in existence, they're all special in their own rights.
  16. Gav is correct, the pre registered ones are down one the V5 as evoras, the ones that weren't registered were SVA'd and (iIrc) were down on the V5 as evora special edition.
  17. Just messaged him, it was the green one that has just sold at hoffmans....
  18. Mate has had his GT430 for sale for well over a year.... Had silly offers but noting near where he wants (same price as the GTE's). There is not a massive market for Evora regardless of which model.
  19. Other than the hydraulic power steering, mine is fully analogue. Gone is the ABS and the vacuum assist, ESP and Traction gone too!! I do have a brake balance knob....
  20. Have you had the battery off at all? If so disconnect it, leave a while and reconnect it. Turn the ignition on and leave it until all but the engine management light goes off before turning the engine over. Failing that, inspect all 4 plugs at the wheels and the wiring leading to them, there maybe a break in one of the lines.
  21. 2VXT use to be on a black sport 410. It now lives on a white McLaren 650s. Strange you saw it yesterday, the guy has had it on his McLaren for some weeks if not a month or more now..... Hmmm, I'll message him to see if he knows.
  22. My advise is not to do it!! Carbon will fade from UV exposure, it's a gradual effect that will go unnoticed as time goes on. If you cover part of it with stickers, these areas are protected and will not fade. When you come to peel them off, you'll be left with a shadow of the stickers that cannot be in rubbed back (usually due to fine pitting the eye cannot see). I knackered my original 211 Wing from doing just this with sponsors stickers. Will never do it again.
  23. Wow with a cherry on top. We're being conditioned, slowly but surely and like sheep the vast majority are falling into line (2mtrs apart, don't speak, eyes forward). Like you say, open and very valid discussion being moderated and or removed is not a good sign. Not good at all. Too late mate, you think that was a filling the dentist gave you last time you went? They're already in your head, all the tinfoil will do is amplify the signal for them. LoL Seriously though, can you make me one too please.
  24. I watched the video you posted and hit the share button to put it on FB. A notice from FB popped up stating this video contained fake news/information (or something of the like) and should I wish to continue they would highlight this 'fact' on my post. We're all fucked long term, this is just the start of things to come. Welcome to the new world order.
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