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  1. Wow with a cherry on top. We're being conditioned, slowly but surely and like sheep the vast majority are falling into line (2mtrs apart, don't speak, eyes forward). Like you say, open and very valid discussion being moderated and or removed is not a good sign. Not good at all. Too late mate, you think that was a filling the dentist gave you last time you went? They're already in your head, all the tinfoil will do is amplify the signal for them. LoL Seriously though, can you make me one too please.
  2. I watched the video you posted and hit the share button to put it on FB. A notice from FB popped up stating this video contained fake news/information (or something of the like) and should I wish to continue they would highlight this 'fact' on my post. We're all fucked long term, this is just the start of things to come. Welcome to the new world order.
  3. Stratton don't have any, we'll they didn't when I sold my silver car in 2017. The sales guy at Hoffmans caught it on a protruding steel bolt as he was moving it around site. He was very honest and called me immediately to tell me about the damage. They contacted Stratton but they had non for sale, the ones they had were for their builds. With my agreement they sent it to Reverie for repairs at their cost. Came back looking like new, I would look to contact Reverie as it will be way cheaper than mansory
  4. Yeah, you can also get a funny grinding feeling and noise on the down shift sometimes. My evora did it quite regular when you released the clutch going from 3rd to 2nd. It did it quite regular when it only had a few K on the clock, hasn't done it for a good while now though and I'm still on the same clutch/flywheel.
  5. I'd be making sure your emergency boot release works before fitting the small battery... Evora is well known for killing large batteries very quickly with no use from being parked up. Small one will be even more of a pain I'd say.
  6. Scary isn't it!! Still love mine and it's going nowhere!! Need to take it for a blast!! Nothing that a lick of paint couldn't sort out.
  7. Which dealer did the engine swap? Speak to them directly perhaps...
  8. #10 was the development car originally bought buy Lotus Newcastle. It had 10k in the clock when the first owner had it (Alan).
  9. Nothing about taking the price down, that is the price in the market today! Not just lotus that are suffering, everything high-end is. A mcl 600lt spider is looking tempting!!!
  10. That's dealer price. I was offered one privately last week for 75k... Still there if anyone is interested!
  11. The new nsx has failed pretty badly at going hybrid. High expense, low sales. As for practicality, the new car has to have better features as a daily driver than that of the old ones. That's one of Lotus main problems, people generally buy them as a third or forth car that are for special occasions and limited use. They need to do much better numbers on this one and get people in them as a 'daily driver' else Geely are wasting their time. Turns green when angry?
  12. This design of brake ducting doesnt have to have the feed pipes sitting in direct airflow. The brake disc is effectively a un-housed fan impeller. By adding the backing disc you've now "housed" the impeller which will create a suction. You only have to feed the ends of th{ piping somewhere near a fresh air feed and it will draw it's own supply in, you don't need to force it in.
  13. Ask yourself the question... would you buy the missus a current Lotus, the answer is probably yes!! Would she be happy with it? Probably not!!
  14. Okay so re-read your post, you say carbon rear clam... Fibre glass doesn't usually have a weave no. Get your phone camera and take a picture of the inner face of the rear clam through engine hatch, was if it's carbon you'll see it straight away.
  15. Open the door and inspect the door shut to front clam, you should see a glimpse of the bare carbon during underneath.
  16. not at all, the only other thing I looked at was a Golf/AudiS3/RS3 as she likes the hatchbacks but presented with this car it was again no contest. It's a surprise pessie for the missus, not me. She will have never heard of a Alpine... It's the lowest power version they do (300hp), guards red, shit loads of options (wheels, heated steering, bose etc etc) due to being the dealer demo, 19 plate, they stuck another 12 months warranty on it so it's got 3.25 yrs all for 43k. the missus will never asked or even think about how much power it has,all she will see it's a red porsche, it looks
  17. Well I've just gone and bought the missus a 718 for Xmas and I'm a lotus die-hard.. I would have loved to put her in a lotus but there is nothing suitable in the current range for her needs as a 2 seater sports daily driver that can be used without having compromise... I didn't take two thoughts about it, there was no contest. If lotus want to widen their appeal to more of the market then they are going to have to change part of their philosophy at least in certain models they make in the futrue, adding weight and tech (and ease of use) doesn't mean it looses the "lotus" connection y
  18. Not all the front clams of the original cars built were carbon. I have a couple here that were removed from them that are made in f/glass. The red car has a full carbon front clam (you can see the weave in the paint). Same goes for the doors, nose sections and various other bits. Some were made in full carbon, others in f/glass. The 20 factory cars only used f/glass panels all round afaik (other than the carbon car), yours may possible have a carbon front clam Gav being the car it is... you can see a glimpse of the bare carbon when you open the doors. I do remember Lotus saying
  19. I enquired about the Avon's earlier this year. They've been purposefully manufactured in a hard compound so if it dries up during wet race they don't rip themselves apart after 2 laps and will go to the end. This may suit trackdays where you cba to keep swapping over but for ultimate wet performance I'd look at a set of Pirelli's or Michelin's which you can get in a range of compounds. Can't remember the name of the company that supplies them directly (have them in my phone as Pirelli Motorsport) but their telephone number is - 01926 490002
  20. It will be a grade suitable for cold-forming that doesn't start stress cracking when you fold it to make the bracket. Anyone you give the drawing to must make sure they use a suitable grade of material to make them from.
  21. Only two things bug me about the Evora... Windows that don't retract fully into the doors and the angle you have to hold a fuel nozzle to fill it up (hurts my delicate little wrists), neither of which I can do anything about... I can live with it I suppose!!!
  22. Contaminated fuel?? Might be worth draining the tank and putting some fresh stuff in...
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