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  1. 12... I'll be able to cut across the grass!!
  2. Wait til you see what I've got planned for it!! Hoping to bring it in under the 1tonne mark. Should go like the clappers... Yep bare S1 chassis. I'm looking at doing something completely different...
  3. I openly admire your honesty to them about the situation but in doing so have also set yourself up for the fall. Yes you could have been deceitful and removed the blooper and tried to blag the warranty. Don't think the ecu records info in that much detail, just amount of time at each rev range, max rev, max speed and standing starts. You'd of probably had more success in a claim and what 99% of people probably would have done... Not to keep going back to it but if I were to buy a brand new Rolex, open it up under its warranty period and change a part and then afterwards found it didn't work as it should and sent it back to Rolex demanding they fix it under warranty without removing the part I'd changed then I'm pretty sure i'd be informed by them they'll not cover it... why should they? Yes sir, the hour hand doesn't move as it should because you have a put a Casio one in there... Watches are not my thing btw, I don't own any, of any brand. It was just as a alternate view of the same issue you're facing... I am a purely the voice of reason (and a Lotus nut..)
  4. Cheers for the unnecessary 'big up' on my lotus front Tim but that has nothing at all to do with it. And yes, the Rolex reference has everything to do with it. This would be absolutely no different with any other manufacturer of any other goods bought new that carry a warranty. TV's, washing machines, cars, excavators, sewing machine's, take your pick.. If any of these items have been purposefully modified outside the manufacturers spec during the warranty period then expect that warranty to no longer apply should it fail in someway that 'could' be a result of the modified part in question. Common sense 1.1 surely?
  5. I'm not trying to fight you over a warranty claim, Lotus is. Your initial post stated you were open for criticism but also wanted support. Its not criticism as such I'm giving. I'm responding at your request entirely based on what you've told us and I can only go off the face value of that information. It would be no different if you bought a Rolex watch, didn't like the hour hand on it and changed it out for a different one and then complained back to Rolex it doesn't keep the right time anymore... who's fault is it? Do you think Rolex would have any interest in it anymore or care? What they will do though is sell you a new hour hand to fix it, they certainly won't give it you for free. Why would lotus be any different? Same as if you bought an aftermarket shift light and then the rev counter on the main dash stopped working. The fact you've fitted non oem part that is directly connected to the item that has failed would null and void any warranty claim against that part regardless of whether it's at fault or not. Lotus warrant their product (very well for my experience with them), the emphasis of the warranty being on 'their product'. Y You have openly admitted to them that you altered their product with a non-oem electronic device and in doing so you've basically null and void your warranty on any items that are directly connected to that device, in this case, the gearbox... Its hardly a shock to me, I can't see why comes as such a shock to you I'd also say you've null and void the engine warranty as this device is automatically revving the car outside of how lotus supplied it to you. So for instance , what if this device decides to accidentally over revthe engine on a downshift and threw all the bearings on the crank and/or knackered the oil pump taking the top end out, would you expect Lotus to cover this also? You may well be right, and this device has had no effect on what would have happened anyway but the fact is it has been fitted and unless you have a 100% sure way of proving it wasn't at fault then you'll struggle to get anywhere with them if they decide to dig their heels in. Stating other people on the internet have had similar problems without the device isn't going to cut it I'm afraid... I'm sorry to hear your woes, I truly am, but In this case I fear you're going have to just suck it up and chalk it down to experience and in future leave such mods til the car runs out of its warranty period in which case you be responsible for any costs involved regardless of what or how it's failed...
  6. completely off topic but I'll never forget a passenger ride I had in a ford RS200 around Spa circuit where the owner was having to hold 4th gear in as he was going through eau rouge/radillion. not the place where you want to be having to do that shit with only one hand on the steering wheel!!
  7. imho, in this instance I think you'd have more of a chance claiming against komotec than lotus... whichever the case, it will cost you an awful lot to prove either way and still end up with a result you don't want to hear.
  8. Hmmm, sorry to say but adding anything like that is always going to potentially cause warranty issues should the need to claim against the drivetrain come up. Blipping the throttle (either manually or electronically) is generally done to assist gear change which you're now having problems with. Quite rightly lotus would have cause to say 'no, sorry, but you've fitted a non oem part and the trouble you're having is not our problem due to the fitting of said part's..'. I can't see how you can get annoyed, you've given them the perfect excuse to get out it it, regardless of whether they're to blame or not. You've fitted the parts and you're now having trouble in that dept. You're saying lotus are to blame but it could as easily be down to the parts you fitted. I don't think you'll have much ground to stand and fight In this case. Had it been left standard and you were blipping the throttle manually then yes, you would have every right to expect the warranty to cover it. Sorry, I really don't mean to beat you up but again you fitted it before you had even done a trackday to actually see if it needed it or not. you've tried to fix a problem that most likely doesn't exist (or needed) and ended up with a bigger one from doing it. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way and accept a certain amount of responsibility and forethought from our own actions should such a situation arise.
  9. What is a komotec throttle blipper? An attachment to the pedal or something electronic you've added? Gearbox issues over the years have usually been a failure of some sort, syncro's on 2nd and 3rd or a particular gear failing (3rd most common). Jumping out of gear may just be down to cable adjustments, ie. its not fully throwing the gear home or unwanted tension on one of the cables so that when you hit a slight bump it wants to pull the gear back out. You say the cv boot has blown, is this the inner one on the drivers side by chance? how long were the sessions on track? 40+ minutes? has it torn the boot or just popped off? I dont know about the later cars but certainly the 2zz cars suffered repeated failure of the inner boot on the o/s after extended track sessions (the longer of the 2 drive shafts with the centre support bearing). This was caused by the grease inside them heating up and expanding/inflating the inner rubber cv boot. Older cars where the rubber of the boot had gone off and hardened a little would tend to pop them off. Newer cars where the rubber was more supple would continue to inflate them until it hit the engine block where it would make contact and tear on a corner moulding which protrudes from it. The cure for this was to simply cut off and smooth this tab on the corner of the engine block so if the boot expanded it wouldn't make contact with the sharp edge (picture below).
  10. Power has nothing to do with it. If you push a 350 Exige hard on track you'd know yourself it would 'benefit' from a diff... Hell, push a 111R hard on track and you'll realise it needs a diff. They should all have a torsen diff as std imo.
  11. Mr Pits, you need to be more consistent. It wasnt 2yrs ago you were on here saying the Exige didn't need a diff, stock brake pads are great and Ohlins are a waste of money. You buy a car with all these things and now it needs them... just saying
  12. And the one doing the spotting... two in one day!
  13. Lol, okay guys I get the hint!! Where do I hand over my purple drinking token?
  14. Spotted out in the wild... Hmmm, won't let me attach pictures anymore?? @Bibs @BigErchstd evora wishbones on the rear. Junks has probably got some new ones on the shelf.
  15. One spotted out in the wild...
  16. That'll be from the Lotus Centre, they price them high for single wheels. Pitch them around 850-900 what with them being diamond cut.
  17. Good luck, they're not cheap if you do have to shell out!!
  18. Not sure if it's the same internal mechanism on the later cars as the S1 but it's a load of crap. Certainly the one on the S1 is all held together by a spring clip/washer that simply pushes over the end of a small bar that holds both release levers (one lever for the main release, the other for the emergency). If that spring clip starts to slide back down the bar the two levers are left with an enormous amount of play that can result in them not making contact with the release mechanism on the engine cover. This is the main reason why the emergency release can be so temperamental. I've been locked out of the boot twice now, once with a dead battery where the emergency release didn't work at all and one where both the levers weren't making the right contact. Ended up stripping it down and threading the end of the small bar so you can use a nyloc nut instead of the stupid spring clip to hold it all tightly together so the levers work in the plane there suppose to an not deflect awya form the catch on the boot lid. I also had to bend the end of the lever so it made better contact with the mech on the bootlid by using some paper masking tape on the levers so I could see where the contact point between the two was. It was terribly aligned. Just kept bending it out more and more til it hit it right. Both the main boot release and the emergency release now work perfectly everytime. What a shit design!
  19. Earplugs for long journey's... or refit the original airbox.
  20. Why would you want to do that? So little choice of tyre in 16, 17 by far the more popular size and tyre availability.
  21. Good calculator on here with visual diagram you can enter different wheel and tire sizes to directly compare against original spec.
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