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  1. Bought a pair of Nexen 225-50-15. No problems and the ride has really improved. Thnx Bibs for help with the size.
  2. Anybody who knows anything about this? I have the same problem. 215/50/15 no longer available. What would be a good substitute? I don't want to change rims!
  3. You are not alone. I have been there too!!!
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know what size rivet is used to hold the backing plates in the light pods? Åke
  5. This must be the most allround forum of all time. I'm proud to be a part of it!!!
  6. Lotus Esprit SE '92 HighWing Silk Red VIN SCC082910NHA60180 Åke Danielson Blaricum, The Netherlands
  7. My ANTI LOCK light now comes on at speeds over 110 mph. It disappears as soon as I switch the ignition off. Any idea where I should look?
  8. Well, not quite "tank out" but an endoscope and a magnet-on-a-stick. And I know. I've been there! Never again!
  9. Yep, on FB! You can find me under
  10. In case anyone wonders how this ended... It turned out to be a faulty fuel pump relay. By chance I replaced it and the problem went up in smoke . I now have a car that starts immediately! What luxury!!!
  11. Hi LO, Did you find a solution to this problem? I also have a HighWing and I am getting the same flashing light (ANTI LOCK). Any idea?
  12. Aha! Good thinking! ( B.t.w. Iceberg is from the fact that I am swedish, but I live in the Netherlands.)
  13. Is there an easy way to find out which ones are "key on"? When the binnacle is out you have no power so I guess the testing has to be done when it is still IN (but not so accessible).
  14. Thanks Felix! I also have a HighWing so here everything shoud be identical. Are ALL the green wires "power on key"?
  15. My unit arrived today. Does anyone know the best way to install it in a Stevens Esprit?
  16. 1. (7) Excel owners 8. Bibs 9. Christopher 10. fsrowsel 11.shaf 12. Neill 13. Ian Q 14. Åke Great idea! I'm in!
  17. Hi Chris, Having the same problem. What did you do/how did it end?
  18. A Very Happy New Year to you all!!!!
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