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  2. Thoses issues can happen in motorsport (not sure this sequence is good english ) Of course I was disguested ! But I think the v2 of the 211R is now bulletprof, but more expensive , AND better ! To work my driving, I run since the beginning of the trackday season with my Elise 1997 (the best car in the world !). A bit slower, just a bit
  3. English, Scottish, Taliban all the same The gearbox begins to be fitted, should be good in several weeks
  4. I hope to run at Magny Cours F1 on 23th of august but I'm not sure. I's far from Orange. On 22th if you invite me to run with you, perhaps could I make a bend by Bresse's track before going to Magny Cours. Even if I will be affraid to run with crazy english drivers ! At Mâcon : try to buy some wine !! I've been to Bresse one time : Ledenon is wonderfull, I love this track ! Never been to Grand Sambuc either Luc Didn't you sell your car ? I see that on Pistonhead !! And your lovely trailer ...
  5. I just see your post today, sorry. After 2 trackdays last year, I explode the engine after a missed gear I make 6 to 3 because 5 was not exactly in front of the 6. I was searching the 5th entering in a right curve and found the 3 because of lateral G. It seems to have no other problem on the engine that could explain the conrod break. The ECU just said rpm > 12.000 So the car went again to MSC. My decision was to avoid any other problem, so I asked to Andrew to fit a dry sump and to limit the engine speed at 8000 rpm. The power should be around 360 HP. To avoid any other miss gear : I had 2 options : automatic 3 gears Ford engine 1970 or a sequential gearbox with paddleshift system. I choose the second option I know that I reach a very high price but this solution is very exciting and secure the engine against hard driving. I'm now very far of the original 2-11. You could compare my car to the GT4 version. And I still not have my car
  6. Look if you intercooler is not full of oil ...
  7. Bad driver but nice car . Second trackday with the car. Should be better in several month
  8. I run 150 mi saturday. The weather was fine : a lot of sun and very hot (a bit too much). Very impressive !! It's exactly the car I wanted. In the point of view of the engine : you have power everywere. It's not brutal but it never stop. Gearbox is perfect. About the handling : very good job ! Easy to turn, easy to put the power at the end of corners. Nothing dangerous. There is a lot of grip. The better way to go out of corners is full throttle I can't say the limit because it's the first time I use it but seems to be far. Good job Andrew
  9. Unfortunatly for you, at home. I run at Haute Saintonge tomorow
  10. I will have the car tomorrow and I test it on track on Saturday
  11. Thanks for this vocabulary ! It's funny to see that even in french, there is no word for this tank. We call it "boite tampon". You could translate in "buffer box" OK guys, I leave in Hollydays tomorow. Let's hope that I will be the owner of the most dangerous 211 when I will be back in 3 weeks Even if Andrew Marsh explain me the car is so perfect that I will be driving miss Daisy ...
  12. Several month ago, I had understood that Andrew would fit a swirl pot. You learn me at the moment how to call it in english . Up to now I called that "a very little tank between the fuel tank and the engine " ) Because of my poor spoken english, I have not succeed in understanding if he has fit one or not.
  13. Yes ! The engine is OK. Handling OK. Seems to be amazing according the driver who made the tests. But there is still a big problem of fuel surge despite the Pro Alloy tank. The car should be ready in 3 weeks. I should drive it at Haute Saintonge the 1 and 2 of august.
  14. The test at Brands yesterday was OK
  15. An other hand, you can't just fit the SADEV because the forces generated on the drive train would create other weaknesses. I think the price with reliability is the same (but not sure) I'd hope that future conversions would be cheaper and quicker though as at that price I think I'd go for the sadev - quicker : you are kidding me seriously, I hope for the following guys , it's hard for me to wait and harder because I don't speak good english. - your choice for a SADEV is rational and more logical (is it road legal even in UK ?) and you have the pleasure of a real race gearbox I'm sorry about my ignorance but who is S. Scuffam ?
  16. Ready to go Scott ?? New of the 211R : ..... hum hum .........................................not ready A stupid problem with the chargecooler, 2 weeks lost 2 days orderered at Val de Vienne on 6 and 7th of july : it will be short ...
  17. But it simply exposes other weaknesses in the gearbox. Instead of the gears failing the internal locking mechanism then breaks +1
  18. SADEV and Quaife aren't the same products. SADEV is specialy done for the SC 2ZZ spécifications and Quaife is an adaptation. When the gearbox is broken (like mine !), you have 4 solutions : - low mileage gearbox : 800-1400 € + fitting : quick "easy" but you have to trust the seller. - new gearbox : look at - rebuilt with OEM parts : 1500-2500 € it depends of what is broken inside : be carefull if you do a cheap rebuild, it will broke again 1000 miles after - rebuild with stronger parts : : some people have done it but it's too early to know if it's really stronger
  19. Very nice jump Jack But be carefull, last time I made that, I broke my 3th gear
  20. Very nice trip Scott, you will enjoy ! MdC : beautyfull impressive Charade : nice, 2d part is dangerous Pau : very very good track Saintonge : little but fun, even with powerfull cars Magny Cours : high speed allowed
  21. SADEV is cheapper than my conversion because 380 HP need some modifications on the car. It's around 15.000 € in France, expensive but reliable. Better than Qaife, I think. Toy unit is good if you control the oil surge (accusump + special oilpan).
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