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  1. Still waiting And I broke my gearbox on my 211 Toy at 3000 miles just before to sell it. I had to cancel/withdraw 2 great trackdays : Magny Cours F1 and Dijon Now, move up Andrew, I have no more car .... But an other nice solution is to fit a SADEV sequential geabox, a friend of mine fit it on a Cup 260 : it's fabulous and SADEV is french
  2. A van is very usefull to put fuel tanks inside Last year I was taking 50 L each track day btu it's not enough
  3. I've bought a custom made transportation cover several month ago. There is a lot of starps to fix around the car. It is supersoft inside and waterproof outside. Cost
  4. MSC said at first that he could keep the LTC but I don't think he succeed on my car, I have no news about that. He has had a lot of electronic problems between the dash and the engine sensor/ECU so I don't enven know if it's possible ... He driving will be "manly"
  5. but also found it did increase the oversteer on highspeed corners : that's exactly what I suspected, I'm pleased that someone (who as try without and with LSD) confirm it. Besides, the 211R has less weight in the rear ... it will also be safer without : surely and that's what I need in a first time I'm sure given sufficient tuning of the suspension and geo you could make it work with the LSD better and offset the disadvantages : yes, probably also increase the anti roll bar Thank you both for your explanation and opinion.
  6. I'm allright with that but why so much oversteer in a Lotus. Even a 977 GT3, very oversteering car, has a LSD : so I don't understand
  7. I won't say you the price, because I prefer to let MSC calculate it after this first prototype (I hope you understand). But all the work will be done after my car, so it should be shipper and quicker (nearly 8 month ... ). In the balance, the price you sell the Toyota motor is important.
  8. and don't forget they support Elise racers and also race their own cars I think about that of course. But some people here (south of England ) explain my that at the end of the curves, when I will accelerate, the inside rear whell will burn and I will loose my power in smoke
  9. At 130 mph with normal gearbox you are in 5th gear With sequentiel ?
  10. Hi guys, I need help for 2 problems on my future car : - do you know why MSC advise me against fitting a LSD on my 211R ? It's his job and I trust him, but I have no "scientific" explanation. Massive understeer ? Dramatic change of the handling ? I don't understand - about the wheels : 7 twin spoke ultra lightweight are only 6.5J front and 7.5J rear so it's very nice if you run with 048 but it's impossible to fit slick tyres 230/625/17 at the rear wheels, so should I keep the 5 spoke "normal" lightweight of my first 211 (exchange the wheels before to sell it) ? Because, I'm sure I will have grip problems ...
  11. Perhaps, first, just change the final ratio : it's cheap and easy to fit Anyway, I don't know exactly how much will cost my swap because, I change also brakes and fuel tank. But I'm sure that for 315 HP, it's cheaper than a 2ZZ sequentiel gearbox.
  12. Le Mans is a very secure track, I've been twice this year, it's very fast and fabulous with the 211 Could be more exiting with more power Scott : next time you go to France tell me, I leave at 1h30 of the Mas du Clos and the Val de Vienne and at 4h of Le Mans
  13. How do you do ? Even with my other car, I never pass 10.000 Km / year
  14. The car is nearly finished. The final engine mounts will be fitted. The TOE will be stronger. THe brakes also. Final power will be around 390 HP. Electronic problems are solved. The driveshafts are 100% in line so there won't be any problems of reliability. It's a very straight forward conversion so the handling should be different than the original 2-11. Unfortunatly, the test on track have been reported because of the weather.
  15. She's fine but still in your country The engine alone (outside of the car) so without the charge cooler give 377 HP so it should be at 390 HP in the car ... MSC test the car on track the 28th this month As you're used to say : wait and see !
  16. All the others 2-11 run with english papers, it's not really allowed ... I only change the side mirrors but had a lot of documents from Nick Adams whitch help me PS : my exhaust is really not nosy, it's not a stage 1
  17. After 1 year, I finaly succeed ! My car is now road l
  18. Only 2000 but I never go on roads because I'm still not allowed But a lot of fuel ! At Le Mans last time : 170 km with 90 l And my second set of tyres is nearly dead ...
  19. Yes, when you have low power, you have to be very good in curves to chase powerfull cars. So you have not other choice than to progess. I've run on trackdays 4 years with a simple Elise S1 120 hp, I've still this car. And I think it is the best car Lotus do. I use it today on track with a lot of fun. But all the time you gain in the curves, powerfull car get it back in straights. So I wanted something quicker. I didn't want to buy a Exige because I didn't see a real difference on time on track (too havy). So when the 2-11 appears, I saw it was the best car for me. And I was wrong. The best car for me was my Elise S1 More fast you go more difficult it is. The 2-11 as enought power to go fast but not enought to have fun, my way. That's why I began this poject. I agree that powerfull cars driver's often forgive to progress in curves. I hope to continue progressing in my driving experience, even with 380 hp.
  20. Edit lotusbert : "In many cases investing in your driver skills will make you far more faster ( on a circuit) than any power upgrade... I am pretty sure that this counts for more then 90% of us here on the forum and out there, especcially those who are never satisfied with more power." Right !
  21. Because nobody in Europe offers to put more than 320 hp with good reliability
  22. You will have to be very quick Jack As soon as it will be ready, I will come to England to take it to France (the big ego people country) In France we say often that we have the idea be not the people to apply them, I feel that we are exactly in the case ! Thanks to Andy for this job.
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