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  1. Hello every body,

    I m french, so sorry for my bad english.

    Here is my problem :

    Since the first time I used my 2-11 on track at about 300 miles, I have problem with the bottom bolt on fixation of the alternator. Twice times it come loose and "attack" the ancillarie's belt. The first time I tought it was not enough screw. So we just screw it again. The second time we screw it very strongly. This time (the third one at 1800 miles) it is broken, 1 cm of it, is stay in the alternator hole.

    I don't know what is the problem, vibrations ? Too much tension in the belt ?

    My dealer in France has no idea, he never saw that on Exige or in the few 2-eleven he sold :rolleyes:

    I'm not mechanic, I hope you will understand what I m talking about ...

    Can anyone help me

    PS: I haven't done any upgrade on this car

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