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  1. @Mark030358Moroso pan has a 1/8" NPT fitting for an oil temperature sender.... I'm using a sensor sold by AiM.
  2. Remote buttons are great -- wonderful option from AiM....... Love my MXS dash/data logger. Car is beautiful...enjoy.
  3. Got this reminder on Facebook that my CupR was ready for its plane flight to the USA. Photos courtesy of the fine chaps at Lotus Headquarters. I guess I can't say my car has never seen rain ...... getting wet awaiting loading on to the lorry. Can't believe I've owned this baby for 5 YEARS!
  4. Maxi, give it a try and do change the trans fluid often. I've been using the combo on my 2-Eleven since new (2008) on a preventative basis and KNOCK-ON-WOOD, I've never had a synchro issue on my C60x trans. Running stock synchros but with SSC stronger 3rd and 4th gears plus OS Giken LSD in the 2-Eleven.
  5. Maxi, the addition of a little, up to a quart, of the synchromesh additive pictured above (there are 2 versions -- you want the one that says "Friction Modified") did make a difference on the Toyota C60x transmissions used in the S2 models when combined with MT90. MTL ( a 75W-80 grade) would not be the ticket. The combo of fluids was a cure for a 2nd and 3rd gear grinding/crunching many were experiencing with those trannys (assuming the synchros were not already destroyed). The additive increased the "bite" of the synchros to help them do their job. Anecdotally, we also found that changing the trans fluid often appeared to keep the trans happy. By often, I mean with every oil change, change the trans insurance. We picked up on this "secret sauce" solution (combining MT90 with some AC Delco Synchromesh) from the Honda guys that were having problems with grinding, especially into 2nd gear, on the S2000 cars.
  6. Another day on track @ Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch -- my home away from home..... ....... Bottom photo illustrates the current total track layout of 6.1 miles. An additional 9 miles of track is being planned -- the goal is to have the longest road course in the world.
  7. Trying adding some GM Synchromesh-friction modified to the MT90.....perhaps 1/2 to a full quart, with the balance being the Redline MT90
  8. Rainer, I have a V6CupR w/sequential and LSD-- no DPM from the factory, but I do have variable traction control which now works properly with my slicks since I've added the Bosch Motorsport ABS. Given my change of tires from the R-comps (which came standard on the CupR and have different ODs than the Yokohama slicks), the standard ABS system could not handle the extra grip, intervened excessively; and, perhaps more importantly, the way the ABS intervened was your brakes were virtually ineffective. You would have to lift off and go back on quickly to reset the system. The only way to drive around this abs deficiency would be to brake easy at first and slowly increase brake pressure.... not the ideal braking technique for track use. Since going with the motorsport abs, the next step will be ditching the brake booster and going with a "pedal-box" to provide more granularity/resolution when applying the brakes. The brake booster is virtually the equivalent of an "ON-OFF" switch, making precise brake pressure modulation quite difficult. Not sure my race shop would be of much help as they are located in the US.
  9. I better work on my ride height....looks like my "roll center" is below ground level. Fun with the V6 CupR .....
  10. @alias23-- yes, 1mm per side for mine. My geo sheet FYI (you won't want as much negative camber, given the rubber you are running )
  11. Also, worth noting regarding re-oiling post cleaning.....there are two varieties of oil available from ITG for their foam filters. I believe the filters come pre-oiled using JDR1. 1) JDR1 -- ITG DUST RETENTION COATING FILTER OIL (LIGHT DUTY) 2) JDR2 -- ITG AIR FILTER OIL (HEAVY DUTY) A good instructional video regarding cleaning ITG filters ...
  12. Thanks for the info. I've heard so many horror stories of dealing with Eltech, I was thinking of going with Elise-Parts' version.... do you have an opinion on their access panel offering? Your thoughts would be welcome. TIA
  13. Looking good George! Where's the best place to get one of those access panels? TIA.
  14. Back to the track.....
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