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  1. Post-Wash Tuesday...getting ready for race weekend.....
  2. Great job! Did you cut out/remove the arch liners to get the aero benefit?
  3. @GFWilliams-- George, looking good. Jim makes great stuff.... too bad he hates us Yanks. I'd love to buy his headers/down-pipe/S-pipe setup but alas, it will never happen.
  4. Had some fun over the past weekend and performed my own "shoot-out" between my 2008 2-Eleven and the 2015 V6CupR @ Spring Mountain. Interestingly, set virtually the same lap times in both on my way to a new personal best. Love both my "Loti" .... I would be remiss by not mentioning that my 211 has been modified quite a bit and has better power-to-weight numbers than the V6 (which is stock, except for some weight reduction). However, HOT ambient temps really handicap the V6 much more so than the 211, as the V6 is non-intercooled. My "shoot-out" was done with ambient temps at ~88-90*F (~32*
  5. Latest photo with front splitter mod.....
  6. @alias23--Of course Imran, I knew you'd spot it. They don't call you "eagle eye" for nothing. The angle at which the photo was taken doesn't reveal the actual spacing at the back. I attempted to somewhat copy the design of this element on the Jubu car. I could space out the rear a bit more -- not sure it will really do anything that I will feel on track or see in the data, but I was bored so why not have a go with the 3d printer. Isn't there a Lotus Exige model that has a factory splitter with end fences?
  7. I think rear toe-out would be great..... IF ...... I wanted to turn my CupR into a drift car and even then, it could still be a terrifying ride, as Dave opined.
  8. Then I stand corrected Dave. Most photos of the 380 that I saw only had "curved" stripes on the access panel.....
  9. I agree, roof stripes would only look right if access panel stripes went straight back. I went for the 380 look....
  10. As a follow-up....soliciting opinions (I know ... "opinions are like 'arseholes'... everyone has one" )...... stripe or no stripe on access panel? All opinions welcome.
  11. Yes I YouTube channel is listed with my signature....but I will make it easy ....
  12. Gary, I was in a hurry to fit mine, so I didn't go the polish or re-finish route to eliminate the "red". I just did a self-wrap over the red.
  13. No Eldon, it's all the "luxury" car and interior goodies (you know.... air conditioned and massaging seats, navigation w/ deluxe sound system, cruise control etc) and an extra 130 HP.
  14. Nicolas, it's definitely a glitch....hope it's a sensor and not the oiling system. Do you know if that car is running a sequential vs the Jubu dual-clutch setup? It could be my audio perception, but it sounded like the car was running straight-cut gears??
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