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  1. I better work on my ride height....looks like my "roll center" is below ground level. Fun with the V6 CupR .....
  2. @alias23-- yes, 1mm per side for mine. My geo sheet FYI (you won't want as much negative camber, given the rubber you are running )
  3. Also, worth noting regarding re-oiling post cleaning.....there are two varieties of oil available from ITG for their foam filters. I believe the filters come pre-oiled using JDR1. 1) JDR1 -- ITG DUST RETENTION COATING FILTER OIL (LIGHT DUTY) 2) JDR2 -- ITG AIR FILTER OIL (HEAVY DUTY) A good instructional video regarding cleaning ITG filters ...
  4. Thanks for the info. I've heard so many horror stories of dealing with Eltech, I was thinking of going with Elise-Parts' version.... do you have an opinion on their access panel offering? Your thoughts would be welcome. TIA
  5. Looking good George! Where's the best place to get one of those access panels? TIA.
  6. Back to the track.....
  7. @alias23--More info for you..... The 20P-SC was close to the dimensions of the stock VARTA that came with the CupR, so it fit nicely w/in the CupR's battery box. The stock battery from the CupR --weight 15Kg (33 lbs); replaced it with the Super B lithium battery --weight 3.6Kg (7.9 lbs)
  8. Imran, ^^^^^ I've been running a super-b for the last few years--highly recommend.
  9. @NANO 1) Chrome Orange 2) Built in 2014 and shown as a Model Year 2015 on MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin)
  10. Does mine qualify for the V6 Cup Register -- my build # 061. Built by Lotus Motorsport ......
  11. Hey George....if by IT, you mean YOU.....I agree. Based upon your videos/photos, it's clear that you have a knack for inducing oversteer.....well done.
  12. Sorry Imran, I made an assumption that you had a plate-type bad. You know what they say about people that make assumptions. I went with a torque-sensing (Torsin) LSD back in a 2006 Exige and found it to induce understeer, especially mid-corner in relatively fast sweeping corners.
  13. Imran, Yes, run the LS version. BTW, it has been available for many years, or at least as long as I have owned my CupR (~ 5 years). X-trac recommended I run that fluid. It is my understanding that the LS version has a different additive package, including a different friction modifier.
  14. Sorry Nicolas for the late reply..... but I do not have any links/docs relating to the install of the Bosch Motorsport ABS system, as my local race shop did the work. I do have a couple pics....
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