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  1. Imran, I think you may be over-analyzing your intake. I think the ITG filter you've got will work great. It will be very important for you to get A/F ratios measured on your next dyno session -- might even want to do dyno pulls with both MAF tubes and both filters and see if there are any differences. Of course, you will need to try to do any comparative testing with IATs at the same level. Wrapping the tube in heat reflective material, whether gold or silver, is not bling. Any thing you can do to lower the temp of the air entering the S/C helps.
  2. FWIW, here is the Lotus recommended CupR geo spec for use with R-comp (Pirelli Trofeo) tires ...... I'm running more toe-out up front and more front and rear negative camber running slicks.
  3. Every mm the upright is shaved is good for an additional .25 degrees of camber.
  4. Multi-class race + pole + race2 win = FUN
  5. Another fun day in the CupR.....and....race win.
  6. While not hot water, the best water for washing you cars is deionized water -- no water spots. Can you guys get this system in the UK ? ---
  7. Great job Imran! Interesting that mine has held up well after more than 4 years. Perhaps due to less heat in the engine bay?
  8. @Hangar 111--So Dave, can the serpentine belt be changed on the Exige w/o removing the rear clam?
  9. Imran, since you will be having the trans opened up for the install of the LSD, you might want to consider having Hanger 111 install different final drive ratios.... The Evora guys running in the LotusCup USA say this "mod" transformed the car.
  10. Imran, you are correct -- the shop/person doing the tuning is critical. Once the encryption has been defeated and the ECU is open, a qualified "tuner" could take a stab at improving performance parameters. Even though I have the "tuning suite" from BOE which would allow me to play with different ECU "PIDs", I would never attempt the task. One would typically tune the car on the dyno starting with a decent base tune. Several dyno pulls would be required to get an adequate tune and then some "on-road or on-track driving while logging all parameters would be the proper procedure to determine that all is OK and to probably do some additional "tweaking" to the tune. All in all, quite a bit of time and labor can go into getting a proper, safe tune. SSC, KT, BOE, all have in-house dynos along with "test mule" cars to get the tune/map right. It's not a job for the typical shade tree mechanic, IMHO.
  11. While the ECU supplier (EFI) is the same, the ECUs are significantly different between the 2ZZ-4cylinder cars and the V6 models, with the latter ECUs being much faster and having much greater computing/programming capacity.
  12. If you must ..........
  13. FWIW: Actually, Lotus ECUs have been encrypted going back to the S2's at least....they were never open-source. Koldfire (I think affiliated with Komotec) back in 2011 opened up the ECU and was selling tunes. Around 2014, BOE through its FASTWORKS programing was doing tunes for the S2 variants, initially only on the "white-dash/K-line" cars, then subsequently on the "black-dash/can-bus" cars.
  14. BOE has a tune request form that allows you to specify various factors, including fuel type. For example, on my 2-11, I run 100 unleaded which allows [email protected] BOE to tweak my timing a bit. Also, other parameters of the stock tune can be altered to fit the end-users the IAT compensation table. Since I run 100 octane, I opt for less timing retard as IATs increase as I'm not concerned about possible detonation. Of course, this is all done at my own risk.
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