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  1. Hi All, My car's not been worked on lately so has decided to start playing up!! :crybaby: When idling the rpm drops to <500rpm then picks up, then drops, this repeats every sec and eventually it dies. Fires up normally though. And the last time I took it out, the boost guage didn't seem to go up as normal - struggled to get it above .5 bar - normally booting it in second will get it near to 1. I looked about with the TECH1 and the BARO sensor was reading ~760mBAR - my knowledge of the physics is not great but shouldn't it be about 1000mBAR??? Would this affect idle and boost?? Reading other threads seams teh IAC would be a good place to look as well...... Any advice very welcome Ta Gav
  2. Hi All, similar issue as I cannot get my offside seal to seal. I've done the nearside OK and it doesn't leak now. But on the offside, there is some play in the output shalf which seems to be due to the planetry gears of the diff rather than the outer bearings controlled by the castlated nut. Any one had any experience of this - is this play adjustable within the diff???? Ta for any advice Gav
  3. Hi Glyn. Can't offer much detailed advice to this but it sounds like a challenge! But Dave's idea of laying the dash out and working things out sounds like a good one. What I wanted to say was I would recommended just doing the whole job in one go - do some prep work on the new dash then go for it. Having pulled most of my dash out to get an alarm and stuff plumbed in, I would say it is easier to just pull it apart then build it up bit by bit sorting the issues out as you go, that's what I did. Even then I found I had done a few things in the wrong order and had to take things apart again! Good luck, well worth it though.
  4. Done - still second though....
  5. Not being a humbug as LEF is a fantastic group but personally I think any sticker detracts from the beauty of the car. It's a shame we have to add tax disks and number plates. Got to put a parking ticket in the car to park at work and I refuse to stick it to the window like security want. Should put it on dash every time but normally forget - one day it'll get towed!! Might be worth putting LEF stickies in my other cars so I can wave at esprits without confusing them!!
  6. Don't get the reason for changing of the opening pressure of the spring. From my understanding the wastegates operate at .35bar and the ECU controls whether the pressure is fed to the wastegate - i.e. shuts the connection from the plenum to wastegate so allowing upto 1bar if wanted. If you change the spring do you not take control away from the ECU and confuse it?? Is it not better to change the programming of the ECU - as can be done to remove the boost limitation in the lower gears. Guess the modules are cheaper..... BTW - can you tell what code is loaded on the ECU as mine gives full boost in the lower gears but is a 97 car.
  7. My car (UK) definitely only uses the front 2 O2 sensors - the back 2 aren't fitted anymore - no fault codes or anything. Without the front pair working properly the ECU will never enter the closed loop stage and run the engine correctly. In open loop (while the O2 sensors are getting hot) the ECU is guessing about the fuel mix - it'll probably run very odd after a while. You can check the operation of the O2 sensors with a volt meter or better still a scope and you should get a square wave as it switchs rich to weak. They could be knackered or depending what you have done to the exhaust system and positioning of the sensors they may not be getting hot enough to operate. Don't blame the ECU until you have these sensors working OK. You can replace them with universal ones for 30ish quid - need to sort the wires out to the loom connector lotus used. The TECH1 test tool will show if the car enters closed loop operation and the values from the O2 sensors.
  8. Hi, Got mine from PUK. Fitted perfectly and IMO were very very good quality. I went for the 25mm on the rears (97 V8) - very pleased. Gav
  9. Personally, I would go for a stick on plate and then you can mould it onto the shape of the front bumper. Looks better and gets it right out of the way of the rads...
  10. Hi Guys, Sorry, don't mean to nick the thread, but I could do with doing that sleeve repair - the showing wires have always annoyed me!! Anybody know where I can get that aircraft grade sleeving stuff refered to in the guide??
  11. Gav

    Spotted on Film

    Hey - what you saying?? - why you think I was watching the film in the first place!! Truth is, I've watched the film several times and that's the first time I noticed the esprit.
  12. certainly is a horrible sensation. Mine is only a 6ch system on a V8 so 2 cyl are still firing at 100% - kicks and bucks like a rodeo horse!!! Does the job though. Nah, nobody tried to take it but I'll do all I can to make sure they don't!!
  13. Hi Guys, Just been oggling the Tomb Raider film, I mean admiring the excellent acting There is an action scene in Lara's garage and just noticed she rides a bike over the top of a black esprit - anybody own it? The reg was W367SCL, guess that makes it a V8. Would like to know if this was done for real or just made to look real as the car would definitely need a new bonnet!! Lara certainly has a good garage, also spotted a Lotus 340R in there!
  14. Hi All, Not sure what options you guys have on your TC units but mine has a full throttle gear change function - Keep throttle to the floor and change gear, when the clutch is depressed, the TC unit limits the revs so the engine is not damaged. The unit has been on the car for quite some time and this function was not used and I am not fused on it - my TC is just to stop me facing the wrong way on the way home!! Anyway, I stubbled across the two wires which are supposed to go to the clutch switch and thought I might make use of this as an anti-theft device. I have connected the clutch wires to a separate switch hidden somewhere in the car (not saying where ) which I can switch on whenever I leave the car. The TC unit is then set to limit the revs to 800rpm. So unless you switch the thing off, the car will not go much above tick over - not good for a fast get away!! I fact any thief will probably get out 100yards down the road cursing those damn english cars Or you could set the rev limit to 3000rpm for when your mate wants a go and you can relax in the knowledge things are fairly safe Just an idea.......
  15. Hi Leighton, Hows things going - ABS OK? Strange you mention the expansion tank - looked at mine a few days ago. It wobbled around a lot, seems it was only attached with those plastic plugs used to hold trim panels on. It moved so much the cap could hit the struts for the roll cage - I finally found what was making a clanking noise in the car! Bolted it in properly and all was OK. My cap was very rusty too - where did you get yours from - is it stainless?? Cheers Gav
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