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  1. my 2-11 stall from time to time! Same on my 05 exige
  2. Merry Christmas & all the best wishes to all buddies here! Rubber side down
  3. Mine No.52:) SVA It was in Launch edition colour Now in Chrome Orange with my new clam & a track rear wing now I'm in HK.
  4. Hey, hope ur clams can be sorted asap Let us know how u get on with it! Give us a shout whenever u need help :>
  5. Hey, mine is worst then urs in 100 times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My was blistering all over the whole clams , even the rear spoiler!!!!!!!!!!! Forget about repainting these deffective won't work very well & u'll add extra weight & these Hi-tec extra thin clams are almost impossible to rework on once they developed these blisters. So u should wait for lotus sport's new clams had arrived in hk almost 2 months ago. They came unpaint from lotus, so I had taken this chance to change my launch edition colour scheme into my exig
  6. A "Bradley" it that little armoured vehicle that had saved thousands of combat troops on the street of Iraq Loads of careless drivers out there..................I ride my street bikes with extra attentions on sundays/ public holidays.
  7. Hey, is this the final power-up from lotus sport or will there be another with smaller pulley & larger injector????
  8. Its funny, we have a little device from ducati performance that function the same....................for our bikes! Its useful if u run on track!!!
  9. Good feed back! I was thinking to get the aftermarket one from sector 111 as I thought it may transmit a little less vibration..................................which one should I get?????
  10. Lets not forget its a british brand....................Lots Of Troubles Usually Serious........... Hey, it won't happen to ur GT3s.............those are neat german wide famous for accurate & dependable performance in any harsh condition. Even my seadoo SC 255bp jetski got TWO dry ensure its perfect oil supply in all sea conditions..................its got a 1.5L Rotex SC engine U got one in every GT3/RS & 360CS/430 scuderia, too I still love my lotus...............its sometimes piss u off with alots of after production "quick Fix" b
  11. Think of it as a slightly more comfy than say.............a litre bike, okie! The same heat, damp, when it comes the rain or shine. But they should both return u with alot more thrills & a big grin on ur face if u love the senses of direct & raw riding/driving. Go for it as u've a daily car from ur GF..........................F the rest, u'll regret it if u never own this piece of modern engineering from Lotus After living with my 05 S2 exige as a daily, I had decided to own something more extreme, a bit faster & lighter Making my already quite light Exige any lighter is go
  12. Hi there! I use mine mainly on the road, before this 2-11, I was driving an exige , so u'll be ok with ur 2-11 but just getting use to hopping in & out & the wind blasts I also ride fast bikes & powerful jetski, so the little wind blast is welcomed!
  13. Go to volkracing's web site and check them out! I got mine in special gold colour, it costed me around 1 thousand sterling pounds, it was delivered to hk though.
  14. Hey, some of us just buy those ap calipers for the bmw mini, then ask local mechanics to make brackets and ali bells, we use those brembo oem brake discs which were made for bloody heavy benz The good thing about the disc choice is that they comes in lots of different sizes & thickness. It works cheaper & performs very well during our local lotus race series Our local track racers had been doing these conversions for a long time, u can source those 4 pots little street brembo calipers from usa as well, wilwood is another cheaper route too. These brake brands offer good enough per
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