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  1. hi guys i know ive not been about for ages i wont know till late on the 20th if i can make it if im not there by 10 take it im not comming
  2. I liked the Evora the only thing i would say is the engine runs out of rev's to soon.
  3. Great day Wish the S1 had got there but sadly the wheel bearing went and the car was undrivable and i was on 8.8miles away but with 3 hrs sleep and the every day car I got there. The Evroa wow what a car
  4. mines clean but fXXk knows where the paper part is best start looking.
  5. i have a mint built in Nov 1977 reg Jan 1978 S1 you cud have for
  6. i have a 1978 red S1 id be willing to sell of
  7. My Red 1978 S1 could be yours for
  8. Fred met him in real life as a friend of my (infact the guy i got my S1 off) was a friend of Fred's very intresting guy i could of sat and lisoned to his stories for ever.
  9. I got my S1 when I was 27 now 33
  10. Did the S1's in situ once pump is off the engine you drop the pump downwards to get it out of the engine bay.
  11. some pix click on link to see all the pix from supercar sunday
  12. what a great day my mate that came with loved it to. I will upload some pix soon
  13. I used an ignitor I in my S1 works great.
  14. Spoted today 25th June at 1030ish Red Stevens Esprit on a G plate Going along the A41 approching the the round about above the M54 at Cosford.
  15. I use NGKBPR6VG never had a problem (VG stands for 'v'groove)
  16. Graham is the last passenger ticket still up for grabs? if so I have a +1 ( mate from work ) Thanks
  17. 1. Backmarker +1 M6 2. Gasmangt3 + 1 M5 3. Oneshot + 1 M6 4. Davebarny + 1 M5 5. Ian Heighway M6
  18. Well I was only 27 when I got my S1. Starting to wonder what I will want when I get to my midlife crisis
  19. If Autotrader feel so strongly about this I wonder if they will refuse to let you advertise you car for sale in there publication if you dont have a full main dealer service history. We all know if they did stop all the shit crappy and stolen cars being advertised there wouldnt be much left and they would go bust. Anyway when ever I've been to a main dealer it has scared the shit out of me how thick the idiot working on the cars are so much so that the last time I took a car to a dealer ( I needed a job doing that required a special tool I hadnt got and they were going to do the job as i waited ) I stopped them working on my car and had to finnished the job off my self correctly. Dont get me wrong if you dont know what you are doing get your car fixed by some one that does.
  20. I hope to be at the meeting point. If im not there by 8.15 dont wait for me I will catch up.
  21. I have a friend with a 1959 coles crane so checked it reg and it was clocked doing 87.9 mph got to say he would be impressed if it would do 8.7mph !!!
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