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  1. I would like to change mine as well. Just PM'd Bibs.
  2. Apart from widening the frame rail cavity enough to accommodate the mount + washers I can't see it fitting. I didn't want to force open the cavity that much so I left it alone. As Paul says, the lower exposed bushing/hole/bolt/bracket did have washers. I also added an oversized washer to help prevent the bushing from moving forward again. I also added a rubber washer to help with vibration.
  3. I wonder why this is happening more & more? is it because the cars need more attention as they get older and unless your handy with a wrench/spanner things get expensive very quickly.
  4. Hi Phil I had the same problem when I refitted my gearbox mounts last week. I just could not get the mount back in the frame rail with the 4 washers in place. I hate to say this but....I gave up out of frustration and fitted the mounts minus the washers not sure if this was a good idea or not. I haven't torqued things down yet, as I still have work to do, so I can drop them out again if those washer really need to be there.
  5. Socialism has come to America. Pure and simple. Enough said.
  6. The bushings on the right gearbox mount were also OK. So I just had the inner collars on the lower bushings re-centered. Top image is the right engine mount before the gearbox bushings were re-centered. Lower image is after. Quite a bit of difference.
  7. We would have normally got our 1st snow of the season by now in South Dakota but it's a barmy 73f and clear blue skies. I am sure this will be short lived as the weather here at this time of the year is so unpredictable. We can get a heavy snow fall one day and the next day it will be 75f. Last May we had a blizzard, about 8 inches of snow fell in 4 hours. 2 days later not a sign it had happened and we were all working around in t-shirts and shorts.
  8. I pulled the left tranny mount this evening and to be honest the bushings don't seem that bad. The rubber is in good condition with no splits. The lower bushing inner collar has clearly moved forward a little. I think I will try having it re-centered, as Brian suggested, and see how it looks. Jeff at JAE also suggest this as the bushings are getting expensive. The only place I found for the stabilizer bar / engine brace is Dave Bean. They also have an upgraded engine mount that is supposedly made from a more durable compound that looks exactly like the standard one but it's twice the price. RD price for standard mount $28.00 Dave Bean Heavy Duty mount $59.99 Anyone had any experience with the Dave Bean mount? Did not call JAE on a price for the mount as it's Friday and they are closed. Brian let me check my manual and see if I have the page(s) that ref the heat shield. I have the S1/S2 shop & parts manuals but none of the service bulletins. If I don't have the page(s) I will take you up on your offer. Thanks.
  9. Giorgio, Yep I figured I would have to change the gearbox bushings. Thanks for the link, I was looking for that earlier. Cheers Gavin.
  10. I grabbed a quick photo of the right engine mount & the right gearbox mount I'm not sure how much of the engine mount deformation is a result of the left mount being knackered but I can clearly see the lower bushing on the gearbox mount has shifted forward. Does the gearbox mount warrant removal and repair? or is it still OK?
  11. Iain - would be great to see what you fab'd up. Tony - as always, an informative solution. Thanks guys
  12. 1) Esprit S1 2) Aston Martin DB5 3) TVR Griffith (90's version) 4) TVR 420 SEAC (The ultimate 80's Bad Boy) 5) Lotus Elite 503 (It's so 70's it can't help being cool)
  13. does anyone have a photograph of the heat shield? thanks.
  14. Winter 'to do' list just got bigger The mount is 18 months old with just under 3000 miles on it. It is so toasted that if you touch it it just crumbles. There is no heat shield on the car. I suppose it got lost or did it ever have one?. Now what to do? - replace with the same or invest in the SJ upgrade?
  15. Unfortunately there is no Lotus mechanic for 400 miles so I will have to do the repair myself. I only get a few days a month to play with the car which makes repairs unfortunately slow going. @ T not a prob, know other things are going on.
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