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  1. Hello,

    I see you have a Lotus 2-Eleven, having just sold my Exige i am in the hunt for a 2-Eleven and wondered if you were considering selling?

    I’m not a dealer, it would be a private purchase and I’m willing to travel. If you would like to discuss this further please email me on [email protected]

    Sorry to bother you

    Best regards


  2. How do you remove the rear pads? Fronts are easy with 2 retaining pins.. but rears don't look so easy! Cheers Rob
  3. Cheers, is it this one or similar..?
  4. Can you buy a trolley jack to fit under the car, as I want to take the wheels off and clean brakes, etc. Went down to local Halfords, but the jacks all look like they would only fit under a Range Rover. Any links or pointers..? Cheers Rob
  5. Probably me.. think I was collecting car from B&C that day. Helmet is a Haga rep..
  6. I can see the 4 Allen key bolts, but these look hard to get to. Can you remove the seat from the seat frame 1st, then remove the frame? Cheers Rob
  7. Kurgen


    None of you lot into F1......... Final showdown.. c'mon Lewis! ps mods, can we have some better smilies??
  8. I had my 1st drive at Brands GP.. bought one a week later..
  9. lol Yeah, but it was Bedford.. micky mouse circuit. Never done it before, unlikely I'll do it again. Have booked Donny on Nov 9th (sunday).. great track! Only a few spaces left.. mention openpitlane and you'll get it for
  10. lol Yeah.. I know they are nice!
  11. I printed off the manual section on the accusump. Basically the gauge reads zero all the time, regardless of engine off/running cold/ running hot. Am taking car back to B&C in the morning, if there are any doubts.. will demand replacement accusump! Rob
  12. I had my oil leak fixed prior to the trackday yesterday.. but checking the car this morning.. there still seems to be a slight leak from somewhere! Also there is no pressure on the accusump guage, when you prime the pump and when you start the engine. Not sure if this is a fault with the guage or the pump itself. Bit worried that I banged out probably 40 laps yesterday... with the accusump possibly not working..!! Thoughts.. Rob
  13. Did the GT circuit at Bedford today.. with the Stage 1 exhaust. Intial static test a 5500rpm (told them it redlined at 8000) was 99db.. so no probs getting on the circuit. Also car did not trigger the driveby meters all day. Unfortunately I was black flagged twice, once in morn for overtaking 3 abreast into a corner.. smack wrist. Then 2nd black flag in afternoon for racing my mate in his Xbow (which was going really well!). Had had enough by then, so headed home. Excellent day, 2-11 was running really well, just need the big downforce rear wing! Rob
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