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  1. I'll be there for something at last this year! Other (better half) is working however so I'm free to head up to the show after. 1&2 Brian & Jackie 3&4 Mark and Jane 5 Duggie 6&7 Steve and Julie if the weathers good (we're planning on going to the Thirlestane show, but it's a long way to go if the weather is crap!) 8 Al.
  2. Hi Brian I intend to be there and not 100% but most likely with Debbie depending on work rota not yet published. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Allan & Debbie
  3. Roll up, roll up! If you re thinking of coming along please add your names soonest, as I have to let them know approximate numbers and this is about half or less of who normally turns out. I'll be without +1 as we are entertaining on the Saturday and somebody has to do the dishes! Cheers, Al.
  4. Damn! (Great video though) That means everybody will now head to the Dukes Pass in their flocks to drive the damn thing and another secret road will become too busy, just like the NC 500. One of my favourite areas to drive only being 10 miles away but these days the biggest issue is the number of people wearing lycra who hear you coming and have plenty of time to set them selves up to be a mobile road block, or indignant, or both. Best not done in high season as too many buses now taking it as well. If doing it I prefer the south to north direction as it starts with a series of uphill hairpins at Aberfoyle. Start wiith some adrenaline at Go-Ape at Aberfoyle if you feel brave and don't mind heights as it starts and finishes with the longest zip wires in the UK over a valley Back in the car you can then come down the other side and either nip along to the cafe at Loch Katerine or just head along Loch Venechar to the E and back onto the main road. At Kilmahog turn left onto the A84 and drive up past Loch Lubnaig which is a great flowing drive but beware of every sort of speed trap on that road as so may motorbikes use it and kill themselves annually. When you get to Balquhidder station/Kingshouse Hotel that is where you come off for Balquhidder and towards Loch Voil and that church. Enjoy.
  5. Al.

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Lovely colour. My eldest sent me a picture of it reversed in your drive in Aberdeen as he walked into town the other night. I'll not post location or photo up in case you don't want address or car reg shown. Looked lovely with the 2 stripes like original. Here it is from another angle!
  6. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 John & plus one tba. 5 & 6 Alan & Gwen 7 & 8 Steve & Julie 9 &10 Dave & Sharron 11 & 12 Johnny & Audrey 13 & 14 Kay & Mark in a lotus fingers crossed 15 & 16 Al. & Debbie (Woo hoo I can make something at last!)
  7. Al.

    Hello from the Caribbean!

    Hi Joel, Made it then I'm glad to see. Good man. Posting in work hours. Welcome to the friendly forum. Lots of stuff to find out about on here. (Just don't cross the Boss - Bibs. Makes some of the Pirate of the Caribbean Captains look tame - at least with a drink in him. ) This small world we live in, what does a Trinidadian and a Jock have in common apart from a Lotus? We are drilling off Guyana. We have been working the same 4 week rota for the last 18 months on the same drillship in the same meetings daily and only this week made the Lotus connection. Granted Joel tells me he only just got his recently and his is only 1 of 2 he knows about in Trinidad with the other being an Elise that was maybe crashed a while back. Now we have something to bore the rest present at every morning meeting with. Cheers, Al.
  8. I'm with Slim Boy Fat. Without photos it didn't happen!
  9. Al.

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Hi David, I was always narrowed down to the McLaren esque front but was still on the fence when we dried up the planning. That is however stunning and I'm with you on that. My house build is just about finished and I could be up for a joint purchase again in a few months if you were considering resurrecting the thread. Taylor that is a stunning car. What source for the rear spoiler? I see you have also done the air intakes scoops which I was going to go for as well.
  10. Hi Susan & welcome under your first own posting if you are who I assume you are! If you aren't then this is awkward!
  11. Hope the weather is good to you again. I'm afraid I can't make this one as working in Guyana until 11th. Gutted as one of my favourite Breakfast Club gatherings.
  12. Bump? Not heard a thing of the wee blighter for ages.................
  13. Al.

    Hello From Perthshire

    Hi Iain, and welcome from the Dark Side (Did you move the Porker on or still have it? ) The S1 looks lovely. I'll ask Brian (bingoking) to add you to our LEGS PM list although I think the latest forum software is making it harder to do massive group PM's. Well we may meet up again after a coming up for 43 years! For those others reading we were in the same class at school and I left in May '74 after 5th year and ran away to sea. We haven't actually met up to speak since then although only live 18 miles apart but have PM'd through Scottish Elises.
  14. Al.

    Evora / Evora 400 Aluminium Sculpture

    Been out of touch with TLF for ages now due to a new house build dominating life and hadn't even seen this post. However nearly there so back in fold soon. Adding myself to the list as this will look so cool in pride of place in new study. 0. Name - Car - Colour 1. CocoPops - Evora 400 - Essex Blue 2. Neal H - Evora 400 - Racing Green 3. Bravo73 - Evora - Red (with black roof, if possible) 4. C8RKH - Evora NA - (not sure on colour, like the red, the black and maybe just the natural polished silver!!!) Oh decisions...... 5. Paulcp - Evora - Essex Blue........(may prefer 1/10 scale depending on possibility & cost) 6. Colin P - Evora 400 - Racing Green or polished - not sure yet 7. Foxy - S1 - White 8. CaptainSlow - Evora S - Black 9. Bobsy Racer - Evora NA - Orange on Black Base 10. Invictusmaneo- Evora NA -Orange on black base (will probably do an engraved placard on the base too 11. series_one -S1 White 12. Rallyesax - Evora 400 - solid yellow black pack or bare aluminium. Not sure for the size yet. 13 Al. Evora NA/S in texture silver on black base. (or if dual colours end up not extortionate maybe would go for red with black roof).