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  1. Al

    Test Drives

    I would recommend phoning Lotus Customer Care after my experience today. 03300 948 047 and I used option 2 then 1. I have to write to them now about another matter and she did warn me that emails can take 48+ hours to be responded to.
  2. Well just in case others in same position here is a story. I decided to call rather than write to LCC which was a worthwhile exercise. I am showing a May 23 build according to them but they still have me down for a LE V6 despite the fact that I have never at any point indicated I wanted a V6. I've checked every email. In fact about 2 months again I reconfirmed in writing I was looking for an i4 customer spec. Following an earlier post saying I was effectively thinking spring 24 before I saw it she agreed with me. I am now going to change to a FE i4 but they can't say I will maintain my place in the queue for them as I'm changing spec. in their eyes! Good catch. It was this post that made me phone. Another post that made me give up on colour choice and accept a FE I'd check with them! See my story above
  3. Al

    Test Drives

    Well another disappointed fairly early deposit holder (10th July) and long term 5 Lotus owner here with 2 still in garage. I was on an 8 hour flight to work when e-mail came in and was in transit in a lounge some 4 hours after e-mail arrived and couldn't get a single slot in Lotus Glasgow (nee Parks) in Nov or Dec. I'm working away until 7th Dec anyway but there were no slots. Another LEGS member said it showed he was 308 in the queue to book when he first logged on soon after e-mail arrival. Just been speaking to Customer Care and more slots have become available in the new year and you just need to follow the link - as only for deposit holders - I have just followed her advice and although I'm away all Jan I have now got 3rd Feb booked. Mixed feelings about that! As my job has prevented me evening seeing one to touch yet I'm pretty peeved overall to be honest although excited to know I at least have a date now. I think I'll try Glasgow directly to when next home in December to just see the car in showroom even without a drive. It will be a start.
  4. Didn't want to read that! šŸ˜­ I was 10th July 21 deposit and I have repeatedly told them in writing as well as on the one call I have had that I was waiting for an i4 owner spec not even FE as not keen on colours. My holding update e-mail yesterday said May 23 build and I naively thought they may have read something from me but obviously not! Why would they do that! Question now is do I give up on my principals and just order a LE i4 of a colour I don't want, or do I wait for my own spec, or do I just walk as this is becoming a joke. I was out in 2 different mates F-types this last few weeks, not driving but they were pushing on and have to say the V8 is lovely sounding and had some grunt. Enough around 2nd hand to solve that problem and I've still got the Elise for Summer days and track days. Wife loved the looks so job half done. Aaaargh! šŸ¤”
  5. So? Wrong reason to be buying IMHO and this is supposed to be a Lotus Enthusiast forum not a finance forum. Iā€™m still waiting for the new colours and base spec i4 to come along although a large price increase might dull my enthusiasm!
  6. Well I got the email stating October build also but the laugh of it is I have never been wanting a V6 and have said i4 all along and even probably wait for better colour choice own spec car! I was a 2nd day of Goodwood deposit or so. I was expecting late spring so this was a bit of a shock today! Mind you I'm warming to accepting a i4 First Edition and compromise on the limited colour palette.
  7. Yet! I'm waiting for the full colour palette being available after 1st Editions before I finalise my i4 Base Spec car
  8. Good thought if I have to start hunting colour charts.šŸ‘
  9. Hmmmmmm Thanks for the info.
  10. Will you be doing your usual supplier ones as well or just Lotus original? I preferred their look and options/choices
  11. Does anybody know what the official colour is or RAL number is for the gold used here. Some golds can look so washed out and other too dark but this is about right IMO and needless to say I'm asking for a reason.
  12. That is a nice black spray job! No way did she put them on.
  13. That would be great David if you could as the pair of us don't do FB
  14. Yep one of the F1 editions and owner lives in same village as me. He has had a number of Ferrari most recently before that and further back he was an Esprit man. Hi David, nice catching up again but where did you see the photos? Nothing on the website I could see.
  15. Well I was a 10th July deposit. Have already told them I do not want a LE V6 as want a test drive first and probably not even a LE i4 as don't particularly like any of the 6 colours. What do I get today from Lotus? E-mail stating need to lock in my V6 spec by 1st May and by 6th May no changes. Car will be finished Sept. and delivered October! Well that must be good news for somebody! Just not me. I contacted somebody who is wanting a LE i4 (not on our list) who's deposit was a few days ahead of me and he has heard nothing to date! Passed the info on to him and he phoned them to get his i4 Link sent out for speccing. Seemed a bit of confusion today. Who would have guessed. However a final paragraph did say "News around test drives will be shared in the coming weeks."
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