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  1. Well it was a news embargo and I had to keep lips sealed for the last few months as he was deep in planning it but Craig has given up his old premises just before Christmas and moved to a new location - not far away - with a lot more scope for him to expand in further and offer new services. I was lucky customer No.1 at the new place yesterday with the Evora (well only because drivers door lock shat itself and wouldn't open - Grrr) and he can be found just over the railway up the back of where Murray's used to be be still in the Sighthill Estate. 6 Bankhead Cross Way South, Sighthill
  2. Marvellous. That sends such a positive vibe out to us all by Lotus. I’m not sure what anybody else thinks but I wouldn’t want the new Lotus logo anywhere in whatever we use in the future anyway as it looks like a bored 5 year old created it. Never liked it and not just because of this. Stuff em. We can come up with something better and more apt I’m sure
  3. Years ago (2010/11) my first Evora was almost written off (Only the offside side panel was left attached to the tub during rebuild. Even the roof was off) being T boned at a junction and it was all handled by Willowbrae Coachworks in Edinburgh who at the time were recommended by Murrays and I went against Insurance company request as they were that adamant you needed somebody who could deal with these cars properly. I remember a lot of exotics being parked around the place in various states of repair. I was very happy with them then but who knows 10 years later.
  4. Well I had both my cars in with Craig this last few weeks for routine and some non-routine work and great to see he is really busy again. Usual exemplary service.
  5. Sorry Andy, but you will have to tell your missus to join the queue. Sunlight shines out of Craigs nether regions as far as mine is concerned. She has found him a real valuable source of Lotus information since we first met him back about 12 years ago. At least that is what I keep telling myself every time she has to speak to him and hang on his every word...... The good news about this arrangement however was when Craig said I should buy an Elsie that I had been looking for last summer (that he found me) and we were half pissed by a swimming pool in Portugal, having a BBQ with friends
  6. Hi Folks, As all will be aware Craig had to shutdown because of COVID19 and furloughed his guys a good time back. Well the GREAT news is he is back open last week again. He has had a good initial pick up but still has slots available. Regular service type parts aren't an issue and he has contacts as always for other bits and bobs. It is a good excuse to get your toy out of the garage and go for a drive. As a small private owner building up his business Craig is needing the Scottish Lotus community more than ever to help him get back on his feet as he has lost a huge turnover over
  7. Open Luxury Prison! Day 14 of Groundhog Day. Passed the various COVID19 tests. Bussed tomorrow to Glasgow Airport from lockdown isolation quarantine hotel in Aberdeen. The room is now getting a bit boring. 65 of us on a private charter 767 from Glasgow to Guyana. Straight to heliport and offshore for 6 weeks work. Our back to backs will be happy! Some have been stuck since 5th March!
  8. Name: Lotus Evora S Click to view: Lotus Evora S
  9. Name: Lotus Elise S2 Click to view: Lotus Elise S2
  10. Just pushing up the list again. If not already in on it we are now up to 32 participants and (to date) it is working well for genuine messaging of events and important news but without needless clutter as these things sometimes deteriorate to. Keep safe!
  11. Dark green Elan SE on a 95 plate. Just leaving the Quinta do Anjo gated community today about 14:00
  12. Amazing achievement- and he will get to park it where it will cause some questions! 😆 You can see the jobsworths sharpening their pencils now 😂
  13. So they said but it was Lotus marketing speaking. We are staying with locals and they say “ev oh rah”
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