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  1. Dark green Elan SE on a 95 plate. Just leaving the Quinta do Anjo gated community today about 14:00
  2. Amazing achievement- and he will get to park it where it will cause some questions! You can see the jobsworths sharpening their pencils now
  3. So they said but it was Lotus marketing speaking. We are staying with locals and they say “ev oh rah”
  4. Guess where I was today? you are only allowed one chance! i did make a point of wearing the Lotus shirt but forgot to put the damn hat on which was on the dash. Also SWMBO managed to block out the Evora Hotel in the background completely Have to say a lovely town with a hell of a lot of history worth seeing although today was a bit toasty in mid to high 30’s. Ended up in a vineyard tasting session to compensate.
  5. Wednesday 14th. Lovely metallic dark green filling up at a garage as I climbed the hill heading for Sintra in rental box. What a car for some of the roads in this part of the world!
  6. Well back in the UK again today sitting in Gatwick waiting for flight home and good to see we have something arranged. Thanks to Archie & Andrew i had intended to be at this months meet but have only a few hours available on Sunday and will be out late Saturday and this will take up too much time I’m afraid. If anybody else is in a similar position and wants to do the usual Mannerstons farm as an alternate meet then post up here. Cheers, Al.
  7. Damn, I will be home from work later tomorrow but I fly out on holiday that morning. Bad timing hope all the trip goes well
  8. Hi Folks, Just a note to say that due to date clash with our other arrangements for the 5th May LEGS Breakfast Club (See other post for visit to private car collection) Level Lotus have decided to move their Breakfast Club meeting at the dealership on by a week to the 12th May so if you are/were tugged between the two options life is now much simpler. Do both. Hurry up and sign up for the visit to the private car collection elsewhere in LEGS if interested as places are going fast and numbers are limited we cannot exceed them on the day. Should be a great day. To sign up for the Leven Lotus event here is the link: and drop in on Laura and the rest of the team and hear what other exciting things are happening in the Lotus World this year. If you didn't make it to the track day then they have some news for you. Cheers, Al.
  9. Hi folks, just landed back in the UK after a 20 hour last day at work followed by 36 hours of travel, inc. 4 flights and considering starting a petition to not allow parents on flights with babies or children under about age 10. Serves them right for having brats. Holiday in the UK until you don’t cause sleeess flights for fellow pax @C8RKH surprised to hear that as I’ve had lots from them right since the first approach and even warning me sessions filing fast if I wanted choice. @alicrozier looking forward to seeing one in the flesh so to speak
  10. So who has all got invitations for this then? My son Gregor and I will be there in the afternoon session in our Evora S’s. Got our more detailed info through this afternoon and looks like a few things lined up as well as some ‘interesting’ lines showing some different routes on and off track. I wonder what it all means . Looking forward to it anyway. A few off track things in the pipeline as well.
  11. Hi Folks, Well having canvassed many members (but not as many as I'd have liked!) at the January meeting, also at ClubLotus/LDC/LEGS gathering last night, for ideas and feelings and chatted with Brian this is our intention for the LEGS Breakfasts going forward. These ideas can be modified under review and we are open to further ideas if somebody else would like to step up to the plate. We will continue to meet once a month on the 1st Sunday. The default location will be Mannerstons Farm Shop & Cafe where we have met a few times already. We will not be sending out notifications or lists, PM's etc. for these. It is very much a turn up if you wish. We will continue to have other trips and visits on an Ad-Hoc basis which we will post up in the old manner. These we will try for the 1st Sunday as usual but if clashes dictate may be other dates. We already have one very exciting new addition for the 5th May more of which later and we hoped to resurrect the Petit Paris meet again this year. These are going to be organised by individuals helping us, although Brian will still send out group PM's as information is provided. Anybody wishing to arrange something please contact Brian or myself for discussion. For those who may not know Ian Parkin has moved on from Leven Lotus and I am in touch with his replacement Laura Montgomery and we hope to also be hearing a bit more from her as she gets settled in including a possible track evening at Knockhill mid week mid April to dust the cars off for. All to follow in the usual manner. She will also be joining us on here soon. Cheers, Al.
  12. Hi Jan, I only read this after returning but I have sent you a PM with some information. Have a great visit and I hope the infamous midges aren't too bad that early in the season! Cheers, Al.
  13. Hi Jan, You are correct about the 12th June being a meeting in Bo-ness. It is officially a Club Lotus meeting (which many of us are also members of) But they throw open the doors to all the Lotus groups like LEGS and Lotus Drivers club etc. There aren't so many of us that we can't all get along! There is a meeting tomorrow evening (9th) which I am attending so I will pass on this message to them and come back to you with a point of contact. Unfortunately I am flying abroad that morning myself so will not be there. The meeting is actually above a Motor Museum which has a very strong James Bond theme running though it including a white S1 Esprit and lots of other memorabilia so I'm sure we can get that opened for you as well. As far as accommodation is concerned I am not sure about Bo'ness itself as not a particularly great area for tourists or visitors but Stirling is close by which has a good choice of hotel price ranges. There is also Linlithgow which is nice enough but again accommodation may be limited. Falkirk is closer than Stirling and your choice of hotel will be more towards the cheaper end as more of an industrial location.
  14. Hi All who have posted and attended. I will be speaking to Brian in the next few days and we will post up the way forward. Slight delay in posting is Club Lotus January meet is tomorrow evening and I'll be along at that and they were having some internal chat along similar lines and any regulars will know this is tied in with Lotus Drivers Club I think it is. After all that I'll post up something......... Brian, that looks bloody cold. Nice and mild back here. New winter boots at the ready but no snow.
  15. Having told son to get his name down I've realised that I hadn't actually done it myself. I did check with Peter a couple of weeks back about availability and we should get the car park opposite opened as well as usual and I'll drop in again tomorrow. Looking forward to a good turn out to see what we can arrange going forward. Don't worry about turning up and being shoe horned into a role you don't want. If nobody wants to volunteer then there will be no press gang so to speak. Sounds like my heavies are in Mexico! Having been married almost 36 years Andy I think the reason is because I go away! So a list is due even if late: 1. Al. 2. Dude (Mini-me - well all but in physique ) 3. Alfa2Evora 4
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