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  1. That would be great David if you could as the pair of us don't do FB
  2. Yep one of the F1 editions and owner lives in same village as me. He has had a number of Ferrari most recently before that and further back he was an Esprit man. Hi David, nice catching up again but where did you see the photos? Nothing on the website I could see.
  3. Well I was a 10th July deposit. Have already told them I do not want a LE V6 as want a test drive first and probably not even a LE i4 as don't particularly like any of the 6 colours. What do I get today from Lotus? E-mail stating need to lock in my V6 spec by 1st May and by 6th May no changes. Car will be finished Sept. and delivered October! Well that must be good news for somebody! Just not me. I contacted somebody who is wanting a LE i4 (not on our list) who's deposit was a few days ahead of me and he has heard nothing to date! Passed the info on to him and he phoned them to get his i4 Link sent out for speccing. Seemed a bit of confusion today. Who would have guessed. However a final paragraph did say "News around test drives will be shared in the coming weeks."
  4. I ordered car mats recently from Bibs (not sure I got any discount tho') as they were listed in the shop but didn't realise you could order anything Lotus! Is that still the case Bibs with this bright new world?
  5. This arrived on 10th March from Lotus Cars. I tried to order the fins then and got all the way to the card authentication section and it kept failing. I had picked Bell & Covill as only 3 dealers, sorry Agents, were listed at the time but I see more are now. In true Lotus fashion it didn't actually go live until 14th so so much for the offer if I'd been interested! This is the link Dear Allan Matheson Introducing Lotus Parts Online The new and easy way to order parts online, directly from your nearest Lotus retailer. Pick from thousands of genuine Lotus parts designed specifically for your car. MARCH 2022 PROMOTION FREE SHIPPING On orders over £100 made between March 12th – 13th 2022 FREE GIFT A Lotus Wordmark lapel badge on all orders made during March Visit now Lotus Cars Most importantly did you find a suitable venue? Happy Wife to be = Happy life to be! Both my sons have been through this mill in Scotland looking anywhere/everywhere between Borders and Inverness in last 5 years last one being 2021. If you would like any feed back on your chosen one or want some suggestions, then PM me with thoughts and I'll see if they can help. Youngest and most recent is a 3rd time Lotus man as well so will be pleased to help.
  6. I've just fitted the shark fins myself to an Arden Red S (Sports Racer look) car and put on top of the PPF. Used a bit of T Cut (because it was the first product I found in the cupboard that would do the trick - not necessarily as it was the best thing!) carefully where I was going to fit to remove any unwanted surface contaminants and it was an easy fit. Bought the 2 bits via that recent e-mail about Lotus Parts. They come on a template larger than the fin itself cut to the wheel arch profile and the lower/upper clam line so any idiot can do it - as I have proved 😝
  7. What do we all know that the Lotus suspension guru's don't? I find it all slightly amusing that after all this time and not having even driven one yet we are modding it to probably/possibly reduce its abilities!
  8. Well I suppose you have to be in it to win it. Never tried. Good effort though. Does that mean nobody won it? Suiting them as they can't hand one over.........
  9. Oh dear, however I guess I shouldn't be surprised as a mate has just taken delivery of a new A6 Allroad after a 5 month or so order time and was surprised to find some of the toys like centre console phone charging pad was now no longer fitted (which they had wanted) and wasn't even mentioned at handover and then when they asked were told it was the chip shortage so we have fitted USB-C ports in the centre armrest for you instead.
  10. Just a bump up for this. At least 3 of us will be there now as David above, myself and my son in his Exige 350 Sport are signed up. You can't turn up on the day and have to make contact in advance if anybody thinking about it and numbers are limited. £10 for a car and 1 person which gets you a coffee and a bacon or whatever buttie.
  11. Came in to post exactly the same thing. In fact I hadn't even worked out what the delay was for for sure.
  12. For those who get EVO mag as subscribers the new mag arrived Saturday with me and has great editorial by Stuart Gallagher about the Emira and then a Hethel track drive by Richard Meaden in VP007 like everybody else (on p106 if you are newsstand flicking). All very positive and already said elsewhere. He does seem to get it more sideways than all the others however.
  13. Well up here in Scotland I get 3 English options. 😡 B&C, Silverstone and I can't remember the last one but all the same 300+ miles away. Anyway I chose B&C and 2 items I wanted and it kept coming up in US $ prices. Marvellous. After giving up and going back in and starting from scratch I got £ okay and even got all the way to the checkout and when it came to the credit card authorisation it failed completely despite no block on card etc. Gave up and walked away in frustration. Jeesh! Can't they even get this right? What chance ordering a whole car over the internet? 🤨
  14. Interestingly relating to tattooed ladies, I had two sets of wheels for the car when I had it as I also had a set of Winters for it to make the car a year round proposition. (Still have them in fact and unused for about last 3 years due to such mild winters even up this way and maybe my UK time not maximising the use). Anyway the winters were gloss black and summers were standard silver and I did a vote thing on here as I wasn't sure myself which I thought were best looking and it went about 60:40 to the silvers when paired with Aquamarine. Also the younger age group tended towards black. My red cars have been all black wheels and present car is a Sports Racer also which I just think is the dogs dangly bits looks wise. So suits the car.
  15. Don't think they have anything new but 2 more links anyway from basically the same test drive Auto Express and EVO magazine
  16. Well to be fair my cars are never clean either as no garage queens so for me it still looks good.🥰 Isn't that why you take car to a main dealer annually to get washed?
  17. Well maybe it is the devil you do and devil you don't thing? We have all been wanting something positive to go on and we have that. In bucket loads. 😆 Other posts elsewhere here are whinging about lack of info. The press have been given a taster and although with some relatively small items not yet finalised maybe it is to gauge reaction from Pro's and if they had all come back and said x y or Z was rubbish then they potentially can correct it or at least be working on a solution. Also if you say that X isn't yet finalised they look at something else. Me I'm just glad to hear more info about how it feels on the open road with whatever packs that is fitted with as that is likely to be closer to what I spec anyway. The vast majority will never see a track even if more than capable and of the cars that do see a track not that many will be regular track warriors and I'm just happy that if I do give it some occasional track action knowing that the Touring Pack with Goodyears is more than capable is fine with me. I was intending to order white this time round after a run of red cars so super excited to see this on the road. I also liked the TG video where they started looking at practical things and street presence as well. More useful to many than what it feels like at the limit where I'm likely to run out of talent shortly before road. 🤭
  18. I thought every Evora owner slid the seat back and forth every entry! 😬 Every one I know who has, or had, one did that. I still do some 12.5 years later. I am a short legged unfit sore back merchant and would struggle any other way. It is so quick I don't even think about it.
  19. I had things to do today and none of this has helped! Where did the morning & lunchtime go? 🤩
  20. Hi David, I'll look forward to seeing you again after a long break. I haven't seen the restyle yet either in the flesh so to speak.
  21. Hi Phil, Good to hear she is still doing well. Still looking good as well. If it is any consolation the driver seat bolster was starting to go within the first year. I was told at the time that the leather was actually too fine/soft for a car really and in later cars they used a lower quality but stronger. It just shows up so much being Oyster. Cheers, Allan
  22. Well I'm loving that red car further up. Looks to be the same as my last 2 Evora's which is Ardent Red and if that was the red available on the LE cars I'd be having one in a flash but as I think all FE colours are more than a bit Meh (IMHO) instead I've told themI'll be waiting on the wider colour palette becoming available and after a run of red sports cars I might be changing my thoughts to white this time, with couple of twists...... At least people may notice I've changed my car as I'm sure a large part of the population couldn't tell you the difference seeing another red car in the drive. (That right Andy? 🎣)
  23. LEGS is too quiet these days due to WhatApp being easier I suspect so thought I get posting. Well a few of us who were in touch on the WhatsApp group made it along to Sunday Worship yesterday organised by Classic Car Tours and managed to keep the Lotus name up there. Photos from the photographer can be seen here The meet was at the But & Ben in Croftamie not far North of Glasgow. There were Parks of Hamilton dealer demo's along from McLaren and Maserati although nothing from the Lotus side as they have nothing to sell partly and partly as they still haven't appointed somebody to be the Lotus "agent" as looking for somebody with the right passion for the brand. Not sure if that is what Lotus expects their dealer go-between to be called or if Sales Person is still applicable? I was talking to the General Manager covering Maserati and Lotus and they hope to start being more involved once the Emira's start coming through. Drives and maybe a breakfast etc. I think he said he was expecting the Dealer Demo in late May. If anybody wants to put a date in the diary the next Sunday Worship is 1st May so suggest we try and get a few more of us along for that months Breakfast Club. Spaces are limited by car park size.
  24. It annoyed me then as I thought there was too much glue involved, but now it is clearer that it was just badly cut round PPF. 🤨 Thanks to somebody for quoting a post of mine for helping me find this thread. Hadn't seen it until this morning. There goes hours! If I had been gambling I'd have said the car wasn't delivered on the OO07 ALN plate but the original Scottish number but I can't find a single photo to prove that and my earliest ones are 2 weeks after delivery on the private plate. Going senile. Number still on an Evora S. My 4th Evora. The Burnt Orange "first into Scotland" was factory delivered to Andrew who has that number on a McLaren as I was with him yesterday. He is still on here as he has another couple of Lotus. Mine was actually the 3rd car into Scotland but second delivered IN Scotland as another Aquamarine was delivered to somebody up the Oban way I think before me. I couldn't take delivery any sooner as I was working abroad or it could have been 2 weeks earlier. I haven't time to go looking for a thread but I gate crashed the Press Launch at Cameron House on the week of the 4th May 2009 and there were numerous colours posted there along with reg numbers. I could trawl back but I don't suppose termed LE cars. One thing I do remember that annoyed us at the time was that the LE cars were all given the long ratio box for a more relaxed 4th, 5th & 6th experience. Nothing wrong with that I hasten to add depending on how you used the car. All the press cars had short ratio boxes that ended up becoming the expected norm. The Bi Zenon lights were going to be optional originally but became standard. I changed my car at the 1 year mark for various reasons I'm not going into here with an identically specced car that was put on the road 6 months after mine, and into Evora build and it was a factory car initially with a director as first driver - but it wasn't an LE. I'm sure my Cert of provenance for original car mentioned the 13th Customer car down the line. I also have recollection of production being stopped for a period to sort out early production issues after only a few hundred customer cars were delivered.
  25. One of my colleagues has recently told me in a DVLA action on 23rd Feb is LO22TUS if you want a more general Lotus number. None of my private plates are car or manufacturer specific so not interested.
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