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  1. Now I know! Actually never seen it used before and will probably use it myself as definitely henpecked. Yes is the Cameron house answer. I'm back from Brazil on 16th but have a busy weekend planned with one of the kids 21st. After that free agent for 3 weeks and SWiMBO likes the Marina Bar for lunch there so will not have any problem suggesting a trip or 2 over that way. Now all we need is a little firmer pointer on the dates from somebody please ??? Are Lotus calling "last week of April" w/c 20th or 27th? Al.
  2. Hedgerly, okay I'll admit it - I'm really old and not a great texter or blogger but to put myself and other non computer literate types out our misery what does SWIMBO stand for?? I have sussed out probably She Who ? Must Be Obeyed from the context but cannot work out the 'I' & it is bugging me. I have passed the question round my colleages out here in Brazil as well and all coming up with ridiculous suggestions. Actually some very inventive suggestions but 'er indoors would probably not appreciate them! Help!
  3. Peter's QUOTE "I'm hearing comments about the press launch being in three weeks. Any idea when they will start to appear in dealerships? I'll be in the UK the last few days of April - first few of May. Any chance to see one by then?" My dealer - the only one in Scotland - was saying a few weeks ago that the Press Launch was last week of April which is now confirmed obviously. He was hoping for his demo car in early May so that as the internet, magazine & paper articles start appearing the dealers have cars for the less well informed punters to stroll along and see and drive. Considering the dealer cars are delivered before the first private ones, and they are still scheduled for mid May I am told - you could be lucky!
  4. Damn.... That was going to be my first choice exactly (with colour coded door handles) but "we" decided that Aquamarine would be better. Ohhhhhhhh. Looks good and I agree that stealth wheels would also do it justice. Roll on press launch. If at Cameron House it is only 25 miles away and I'll be off on leave so may take a drive myself in that direction. Good excuse for a bar lunch. Lovely sweeping and other driving roads not far from there and Glen Coe so favoured by Evo Mag is't that far away.
  5. On 15th March I was on phone to Halifax Car Insurance while renewing another car policy and asked about this. Girl informed me she didn't have it either but when I explained the car wasn't officially yet being delivered to customers she she said it normally will only appear when cars actually available. She said the Association of British Motor Insurers or some body will post it then. At the same time Edinburgh Lotus dealer was telling me Group 20 which figures but that may have been a guess rather than information from factory.
  6. Thanks Andy, I was aware of that hence the side back windows only dark. I was then thinking of the driver/passengers as dark as the law will allow i.e 30% and the windscreen something towards the max which is see is 25%. I am unsure just how dark that is as I do not want reduced visibilty forwards and was going to look at the effect after sides done first. This not so much for looks but for the greenhouse effect as the car seems to have a large glass area for size. Most 4x4's inc. my wife's one do this these days, although I don't think I'll tint back window as is going to be hard enough to see out of anyway and we have that lplastic engine cover to display, so nothing to hide from sight. There is an argon filled double glazed unit between cockpit and that area for heat rejection as well. After I read Bolly Girls comment I relaised I'd never actually noticed what the few cars I'd seen in the flesh had as standard. In photos it looks clear sometimes and tinted others. The later cars generally being the more tinted ones. If reality was slightly tinted then I may not have to bother at all. Maybe Bolly Girl can tell us what she/they have specified here?
  7. "colour coded handles and tinted windows extra mind you " Tinted Windows? Is this a Lotus extra? Having just spec'd my one and this wasn't listed I was surprised to read this. Is this insider knowledge to know to ask? I had been considering geting dark tints done by aftermarket only on the side back windows and mabe darker on the sides to the legal limit. Does anybody know what the standard windows will be? Do they even have a slight tint? I had been considering geting dark tints done by aftermarket only on the side back window
  8. Some interesting threads here. Answering the original question I have actually gone from an owners Spec car to a launch car because the bits I would have wanted/needed on my own spec due the pack nature and final pricing (Sport pack much cheaper that was I was lead to believe) would have brought it close to the Launch Spec and then you think - what the hell I may as well go the extra bit and get the car sooner. Having said that it REALLY sticks in my throat to have to pay for colour coded door handles. I was sitting in city centre traffic the other day looking around to see who didn't have coloured door handles and it is very few. Even if the standard had been black it would have been better. Perhaps a harder decision if I should cough up another
  9. Made the final decision today. I was going to be a very early Customer Spec order as I ordered almost immediately after the BMS with a planned October delivery. I ended up wanting so many of the extras I wasn`t far off a Launch Spec car anyway so have decided to upgrade from Customer Spec (Where I voted at the start of this topic) to Launch Spec. and get my car in June. Can't wait. Aquamarine/Oyster/Alloys. (My senior management and budget approver totally vetoed "those horrible black wheels" that I loved & wanted!) Even sold my Boxster S today as a bonus. Poor price in my eyes - but at least sold. A few months buffer to save! I originally was going to keep price down by the 2+0 option but I have been warned along the way by different people that this is a definite no, no, and in fact unlike most luxury car extras should not have zero value as you drive out of the showroom. The pricing may have gone upwards for the basic stuff but with less costly extras from what was expected for say the Sport Pack so it all starts to make more sense in my head anyway. The launch
  10. I am surprised that the Factory figures are not even more heavily weighted towards non previous Lotus owners from my experinces at the factory and at local dealer. I myself am coming from a Boxster S ownership experience never having owned a Lotus before. However I did lust after an Esprit for many years but family got in the way when I could maybe have afforded it then once clear of the little darlings they were not young enough as discontinued so I went the sensible Porsche route. It was supposedly a bullet proof, depreciation winning fantastic driving experience. 1 out of 3 I suppose isn't bad. (Driving experience) additionally the way I have been treated as a cheapo Porsche (Only
  11. Sounds something strange with the mailings going out if the 3 new 2009 Evora colours are missing and at least 2 of the dropped colours (Prisim & Candy) are still in. This is information given out during factory tour. Suspect thefull facts are not being circulated by somebody or maybe Alan you could tell us what for example Aquamarine is now called? As this is the colour of the Geneva show car it is highly unlikely to have been dropped. All of a sudden I'm glad I am an early slot on the customer spec cars............
  12. With reference to the rear wing when we were on our factory tour and playing with the white EP car one of the guys told me as I was paying a lot of attention to the detailing round the hatch and spoiler that the rear wing middle element was to be beefed up as it was flexing too much. (true) This may be the newer stronger version hoy off the press not yet painted.
  13. Further to Tom's post. When on the factory tour our group were asking about how the build order down the line worked. i.e. do you build a group of say white cars then red? Answer was colour wasn't important becuase of the way items are brought to the line ready painted. It was more to do wth Dealer allocation and one of the main points from purely a logistics point of view is it is better to send out a full transporter in one direction. Okay maybe not all cars to one dealer but at least on same basic direction/route. That will certainly be logical (cost savings ultimately to us) for the initial bulk of pre-booked orders but I wonder about after initial waiting list if so true. However that will not be our worry! Also I suppose they do not want completed cars lying about waiting to make up a load for dispatch. Sooner out to us, the sooner they have our funds, in their bank. Typing this now I can think of lots of questions we should maybe have asked, but lets face it we have already had incredible access to the inner workings of the company and how they manage the waiting list is their business. Other manufacturers barely tell you a month. I have experience of AMG/Mercedes & Audi.
  14. Yes, excellent article and just like the tour for those not lucky enough. When I did the factory tour the Chrome Orange one was in the shop for some fettling and with black wheels, black interior. Very nice and all 3 of us on tour had not even considered it as an option but were all really taken by it after seeing it. It was stand-out with being nearly as bright as I had expected. I would look out for a Burnt Orange one to see if similarly striking but with more subtlety if considering this. Like Tom I agree these are the best picture yet showing the Aquamarine colour. It sits well with all the black grills etc. on the finished car which you do not see in these shots. I guess these photos are a few weeks old as all these colours, were cars we saw in various places in various states of abuse when on the factory tour. The red one was out on the public roads and then lapping continuously and the Aquamarine one will now be the show car for Geneva I assume.
  15. Bought in Dec 06 thinking I was changing car in 07 which never happened. Long before Evora was in my thoughts. OO 07 ALN Inspired choice in hindsight! Okay, could also be consider a bit tacky I suppose as 007 hasn't yet driven it, although during factory tour we were told that (as per other post) 3 ex. agent 007's had one on order. I haven't checked now but every letter combo was available and
  16. As somebody who has been instructed that 'we' are choosing Aquamarine Blue from the MY09 range after seeing it on show car when down on visit, I asked Lisa to send me out some photos/charts when she had them. Just arrived. They are more photoshopped ones of the colour with anthracite or alloy wheels. I do not think that the colour is particularly close to the real thing which was much deeper green than what is shown but at least it gives an idea for those who haven't seen in flesh yet. Help! Sorry about that! Why did the 3 attachments paste accross screen? What can I do to avoid in future? Al.
  17. Good report by Tom backing up the earlier one by Bibs. My wife and myself were down to do the day on Thursday and I also will not repeat the research done by Tom much of which I also had asked for this forum. Great day not to be missed. Additional points I have picked up is as a 5' 8" adult trying to sit behind the pasenger seat in a well forward position I could not move and wouldn't have gone anywhere in there. I had legroom okay with legs splayed but I was all hunched up and bent over in the back and doubt I could have done up my own seatbelt or got another person in behind driver. I would say exactly the same room as a 911 for anybody who has tried. That said, it was exactly as I expected. One of the other guys going round with me was also particularly worried about child seats and was asking approved seat questions. I believe that (for a price) they can make or modify an existing manufacturers seat so it is trimmed the same and slim fitting to reduce wasted space. I was asking about red line on engine as nothing on tacho. It will be 6,800 in normal mode and 7,200 in Sport. (One of the dash mounted buttons) It will be indicated like the Elise with a series of 3 red 'O's lighting up horizontally accross middle of tacho. As a person who has ordered one of the first Owner spec cars (delivery October) they couldn't tell me if the 'Sport ' button was standard on all cars or part of the 'Sport' pack. I picked up about 3 times from 3 different people that only 150 cars are in the initial full spec cars and not the 200 often mentioned before. I was particularly happy for this as maybe I will get mine earlier! The Alpine unit is very impressive with many features along with the removeable hand held sat nav unit from in behind the screen that can be taken with you and even mounted in other cars - useful for holidays? Anybody know of a link to that anywhere as I was told this is the first car to get it? The biggest topic of conversation from every Lotus employee we met up with was what are you choosing for colour combination. The 3 prospective owners on my tour all have changed our minds having seen cars in the flesh. It is gong to fun until more cars are out there in finished trim as well. Having gone down there thinking Canyon Red/Oyster/alloy my wife & I are now sold on the Geneva show car spec and I agree with Tom's remarks being that it looks different to the colour seen in earlier photos. The Chrome Orange/black/black wheels car I never even shortlisted it as too loud, but it did look very nice indeed in the flesh. (Well I liked it anyway!) The Isotope green car had a dark blue interior! I was also told you can have any colour you wish (for a price - not disussed) as I was asking after a dark blue prior to seeing show car. One final thing I picked up that I've not read anywhere else was it was said to us as a group that we will probably be getting invited back to drive the car once released. Only the early order makers who had faith was the impression. Lisa has also promised me a photo of Aquamarine car in due course but then after 1st March there will be hundreds available from Geneva anyway. We were told that is when prices/final specs will be getting released. Great day and now the wife is fully behind the whole project it was worth the 04:00 start to the day to get down there!
  18. Thanks for the responses. Still figuring out how to use all the icons and features of the forum! Trouble is I don't have the computer brain of a 16 year old! Bibs I can't remember the guys name at all but do remember he was also a Porsche instuctor & raced Clio's on the BTCC bill. Did't say directly but I got distinct impression he thought I should stay with Boxster S! Reasons for not considering the Elise etc. despite always being passed under braking at track days by them at Knockhill (even if the Boxster grunt got them on the 2 straight bits) is purely the wife occasionally uses the car and they are far too spartan. That and hitting the big five O means I'm starting to like my creature comforts. I will miss heated seats in Evora as per other thread going on and do not believe it can just be a weight issue. They are entering another market place with the Evora and if somebody wants to spec that and loose the nano second acceleration time then they may have to have a re-think on some items in time. Especially when fitted with a soft top. Since my post I have been discussing the back seat issue with Graeme at Murray Motors today (Lotus Edinburgh) and he shares the same sentiment as 'fasteddie' regards thinking that it is a must have extra & that unlike most extras on most cars will offer payback and while maybe not affecting residuals as such will make it a much more saleable car. He assures me he will be offering me more when I trade in for upgrade!! I think I am sold on this now. When ordering the soft top in a couple of years it will not be a discussion will it! His demo will be the same combo as the white VP-1 car in all mags.
  19. Finally plucked up the courage to add someting to the forum. I have been an avid reader of it since ordering my car back in August. I have ordered one of the first owner spec cars as basically can't justify the total spend if fully spec'd up. Already had to bribe wife in the Jan sales with new dining table just to get senior managements approval of increasing budgets. Great site Bibs and others. Thanks also to Graeme at Murray Motors in Edinburgh for the lead for this site. I am a Boxster S owner and extremly disapointed with the thing after 5 years. Great to drive but the rest of the experience leaves me cold. So much for the residuals (even before the credit crunch) It hasn't even had the famous Porsche bullet proof reliability. Failed it's first MOT due to knackered brakes. Coming home on the back of a low loader with ignition coils issues. Crankshaft seal leaks. Poor warranty. Not fun. With only 14K miles after 5 years and kept in heated garage means I would have expected better. Same can be said for the **** souls in Porsche Glasgow. Their attitude a year ago to the replacement Boxster S meant I left the showroom in a poor mood and ordered a AMG SLK. (not the correct humour to go car buying in!!) I had been considering this car anyway and had twice been to Brooklands in Surrey for what must be said is extremely good value for money experience and excellent day out - even if not buying a Merc/AMG. The Brooklands Mueseum next door is also worth a good few hours especially if on a nice day. Very historic feel up on the banking. Check out Mercedes Benz World on their website. After about 1 month of this order MB pulled out of the deal and returned my
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