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  1. Thanks Paul. Do you mean on the underside of the alu tub to take the bolts for the crotch straps?
  2. Please that would be very helpful. I am going to be ordering a 2-11 and it is a concern of mine.
  3. Agreed. Has anyone done this or seen how it is set up by Lotus. Does someone have a contact at Lotus I could ask?
  4. Has anyone gone for the 6-point harness? I am interested in how and where the crotch straps are mounted by Lotus.
  5. Kurgen's first trackday in his And at 5:55 the Lotus FIA GT4 2-Eleven
  6. Rob stop it!!!! Enjoy it before modding it. Especially if you want to do ET in 2009.
  7. Does anyone know how much Lotus charge for the aero pack after sale? I am looking at a few 2-11's but need the aero pack adding. Same for 6-point harness. Anyone got experience of doing this and/or costs?
  8. Yep my Exige S does it too. I have read on one of those forum things its to do with the aircon, but I guess this disproves that!!! You see not everything you read on a forum it true....HONEST
  9. Paul Do you have any ideas of numbers for the 2-11 class next year?
  10. Hey Rob, well thanks. Keep this one for a while Hi Tam, You should go. Some High Definition video of my last trip. First time in the Exige and damp so the laps are not the quickest...
  11. Hi everyone, my first post and its not strictly 2-Eleven related (I do own an 08 Exige S) A friend of mine, Rob Beves, Elise Trophy racer is organising a Lotus only private trackday on the Nordschleife. Details and link to registration (will require Seloc registration)
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