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  1. Hi Kimbers, hope alls well, i sent an email to John via his photography website a few weeks ago, but as yet no reply. Looking forward to getting my baby back on the road this year as she`s been off for 4 years now, broke the bank . If you remember in passing next time you see John, would you be kind enough to ask if still avaliable. Many thanks
  2. No joy with image cam, just hoping that Mr Parfitt still has them in his archive, otherwise it`s a bit of history lost for me baby.
  3. Hi Bibs hope your well, yes i had a scan through the above thread but no joy, i will try contacting imagicam as a next avenue, after that i was going to contact John Parfitt to see if he may still have copies avaliable?
  4. Hi all, are the pictures of the esprit factory day in 2006 still avaliable? due to a move i have now lost them all, any help please. Thanks
  5. just done this myself, must adnit it was a job i wasn`t looking forward too, but in the end was very easy. Just be careful pulling them back through so a s not to snag on anything. All in all easy job.
  6. yep just what i was thinking (pump, not started her today, but seem to remember no flow coming from the turbo pipe when i started her yesterday. Looks like another pain of a job ahead.
  7. Hi all, long time not been here, but now have time to do a bit of work on the Esprit. Problem is i am trying to bleed the cooling system but for some reason i can`t get a flow through the engine. I do the normal and fill till it comes out the radiator bleed screw, pop the fan on hot, start the engine and as a rule i give the bottom hose from the rad a few aggresive pumps with my hand and that normaly sorts it, just wait for the fans and job done. But for some reason no matter how hard i pump the hose (enough to make me hand bleed again hey ho)i just can`t get it to flow, any ideas please or
  8. well lets hope we will see a lot more on the road when she is released next year. Can`t wait to see one in the flesh, really looks a stunning vehicle and sounds like the press are on side for this one. Top marks for the guys at Lotus, you`ve made history again. Long live Mr Chapmans Badge.
  9. pauli

    Sept '08 Parts Sale

    Hi Bibs, will this be held at Bristol or at the factory?
  10. just what i thought, plus the misus can watch Eastrenders on catch up.
  11. tonight at 8 o `clock on men and motors is the lotus esprit film a celebration of 30 years.
  12. `maximising profit ` that`s the nail on the head. Don`t charge Lotus prices for a simple item you can pick up in any hardware store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN I BUY GENUINE, I EXPECT GENUINE
  13. yep this guy lost my business, i won`t say why online, but since owning Lotus (9 years to date) i have shelled out over 20k just in parts for my baby, off which he has lost his slice of my cake. As for benefits of being a member they are just a bonus, my reason for joing is because between the forum and Esprit world you have giving a wealth of knowlage which is worth the membership alone. Glad to be on board
  14. Hi the factory invoice i have for my 88 states it had the 950 model in, i do have the original but somehow or another the front got smashed on it. Would be nice to put this back in next time i do a rebuild on her. thanks
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