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  1. Nice to hear from you all. LEt me know if ya want to organize any type of meet.
  2. I always use JAE in California (2002 Rims, Air Filter, Cats, Exhaust etc.) and they have been excellent. Speak to Jay Makwana.
  3. Scott, I am thinking about performing some work on my car over the winter; 1. A cam belt change (although I have a free one from Lotus, it'll cost too much to ship the car to B.C. to have it done) 2. Injector Replacement. 3. Lotus Red Race ECU install. 4. Serpentine belt change. I have already done plugs, plug wires, air filters, cats, exhaust. Are you interested in this?
  4. Hey Fellas, I live in St. Albert and own a 2000, Azure Blue Esprit.
  5. 2000 Lotus Esprit V8 s/n SCCDC0823YHA10096 Robert Martineau - Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  6. The noise from my bulkhead happened more on accel / decel; however ultimately it did start to happen on rough roads as well.
  7. This sounds like it could be the wooden firewall clunking around. Mine had this and made clunking noises at the same times as you describe. It is a common problem and very easy fix with these cars and hopefully that's all it is. Just search the forum for this problem for further detail
  8. I had the same code reader from Innova and experienced exactly the same connection problems, so I contacted Innova and after several emails back and forth, they sent me a new, upgraded code reader which utilizes different source software and it worked fantastic. They do know of the problems with connecting to the Esprit, so I would suggest you contact them and see if they can do the same for you as they did for me. All and all I found them to be very professional and had excellent customer service, so I am sure once you contact them, they will have you sorted out in no time.
  9. :wallbash:I have trying to locate the source of why the right bank on my car idles poorly (popping & lumpy etc) while the left bank seems to run perfectly smooth and I also recently threw a P1301 CEL on cyl #1, so I started with a plug change. The regular NGK's were not available in my area so I was forced to choose between the NGK Iridium and Autolite Iridiums as alternatives and I eventually chose the NGK's (based solely on reputation). I am happy to report that once I installed them, the car seemed to idle smoother (right bank is still popping once warm though), and its also smoothe
  10. martiy

    P1301 Code

    Recently I got a CEL come on and stayed on for the week; however I drove the car yesterday and the CEL was off again. Well I was finally able to get my code reader to connect and pulled a P1301, misfire on cylinder number 1. When the CEL was on it felt like the car wasn't running perfectly smooth (I think), but it wasn't altogether bad either, no limp mode or anything like that. I plan on checking and replacing the plugs but I am not sure which cylinder is number 1, can anyone tell me which cylinder it is? Also....any suggestions on plug types etc? Mucho Gracias
  11. I've had this "pop" both with a full stock exhaust system and with after market high flow cats and straight pipes. This problem for me is only at idle and from what I can tell hasn't affected the performance or is noticable under load. I haven't tried swapping injectors yet as it seems like a pretty big job to remove the intake manifold, although I have been considering trying it.
  12. I've often read that installing the red race ECM or high torque chip etc has smoothed out alot of cars which had previous poor idling quality, I wonder if that may smooth out this lumpy, popping idle we are experiencing/
  13. hmmm thats interesting, I have been assuming that it was a result of a lean condition rather than a rich environment. Especially when Pred mentioned that the short term fuel trim was moving up and down like normal on his left side (at idle), but the right didn't move from 0, so I assumed that since it wasnt moving up, the right side was getting less fuel thus creating a lean condition (It definately sounds like a lean "Pop"). Hehe or maybe I've had too many beers lol. Regardless, like Pred, this little nagging idle issue is totalling annoying, not because it has affected power or drivabilit
  14. No codes have been thrown on my car, just a lumpy, popping type idle from the right bank; however according to the shop manual (If I am remembering correctly) if it ever got worse it may throw a P0173 / 174 code. If it was a faulty EGR wouldn't it affect both banks and not just one side or the other?
  15. Well, I checked my O2 Sensors last night and they all seem to be in the right locations and using the right leads. Mine are still labeled from the factory RH PRE, RH POST etc so I think the theory about swapped O2 sensors isn't the problem in my case. Anyone have any other potential areas to check.
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