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  1. to drive the car on a specific day at a specific place with the shortest stopping distance? Yes, that could work with the 211. The SSangYong Korando of my wife matches that criteria quite often if no one else is around. ;-) regards Gilles
  2. Hi Robert, i had an XTR2 with Hayabusa Engine road legal, so it is possible. I switched to the 211 because it is way easier to life with, but no doubt about, a good xtr2 and radical will outperform any 211 on the track. regards gilles
  3. "...the shortes stopping distance and the ..." This is the 211, not the Radicalforum. By the way, welcome to the forum. Gilles
  4. The 211 is my fifth Lotus, the 2nd new one. Would have got a solar yellow Elise S in addition, but thanx to the liquidation of DreamMachines and the non help of Lotus nothing happens. For me an 2 other german Lotus enthusiasts it means a loss of altogether 68 grant. So here is my question 1) when will i get the money back from DreamMachines 2) why did Lotus Cars not intervene kind regards Gilles
  5. Protect from rain? Why. Lotus are geniuses, the car dries in the sun after it did get wet.
  6. ah, thanx Jo. Thought i got something wrong and did not read that someone already found it out. A supercharged 211 with SVA add ons like mine starts from 35grant. It is that simple. regards Gilles
  7. Is this ironic Jo? But i saw now post that said "it is just the price for the Elise S". regards from sunny germany Gilles
  8. Hold on guys, it says a Lotus for 21something, not a 2eleven. This is posted the same way in the Elise and Exige section. It does not mean, that u can order a 211 for 21something, but a standard Elise S. If the price would be 21seomthing for the 211, i would already have ordered 100 211s. Sorry, i am not a native speaker, but i wonder why u did not see what the problem with the advertise is. regards from germany Gilles
  9. A 2 11 with windscreen is absolutely grotesk. Hang him from the bridge. Gilles
  10. Hi ADS, worked perfect, thanx for your help. Regards Gilles
  11. Hi ADS, well, ok, it sounds like slotch tschosch tschosch or ratatataata, whatever. It is very cold over here. It looks like as if a fuse collapses, because the dash goes out. It may also be a collapsing batterie. I think you are correct and i will test it. Would it help to jump start the batterie with another car? regards Oliver
  12. Hi guys, sadly my 211 won't start any more. When i turn the main switch, the Dash starts its common process. Then i turn the key and press the start button, but all that happens is that i makes some "slotschhhhh" sound and all electricity is away until i release the start button. It looks to me, as if a main fuse is too small or as if the starter tries to get too much amperes. The starter does not begin to turn anyway. Any ideas? Which fuse may be damaged. thanx and regards Gilles
  13. just read it, thanx bibs.
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