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    Haven't been on here for some time after my 2-11 departed Dec '12 This revised/refreshed/60% new parts Evora definitely looks better. The, what can be seen, interior looks much better and an area where the Exige could do with some tinkering on its re-fresh. A similar cockpit to 96' is stretching too far. Not talking luxury just a refreshed layout and sculpturing. The evora, and indeed this latest version, could do with being released in a Targa top or similar - the shape of the upper body and roof lines just make that a perfect match. It would look far more stunning in targa
  3. Its a blank at this time .....

  4. Keeping it together nicely. . . . . .

  5. Wings rule. Indeed!! 20 minutes to remove seems very reasonable ..... wonder if the special tool is the same as used before on 2-eleven ? its that odd shaped screw head thingy? ........ i would then see it as remove roof .... garage as normal ....... fit back roof for visiting track and when visiting 140mph+ .... a little like wearing shorts everyday but putting on long pants for a restaurant or visiting somewhere formal ...... if the weather is good why be indoors. The wing makes all the difference ..... the wing is all the difference!
  6. Thanks for comment Pits. So basically its a pain to remove ......... noting comments through this thread and another thread on 'reason for roof on the coupe and limits applied to speed etc etc for stability' Personally i want to get another Lotus just i only like open cars ......... i've had enough elise's and i've moved on from them Evora would have been ideal but the open version never came ..... So when reading these threads i thought a good option to consider and especially as a Exige in red was recently offered - but its a few hours drive away and originally wasn'
  7. Interesting reading this roadster vs coupe So the coupe 'can become' open with a few shakes of a spanner and twiddles of the fingers ......... can anyone explain the process of removal - is it fairly easy like removing 4 simple bolts/clamps etc ? Would i guess that as the coupe isn't specifically designed for 'easy on easy off' roof removal that the above fixings (bolts/clamps etc) wouldn't stand up to much frequent removal / refitting ( lets say on and off once a week ) ....... i've no idea so asking and i've had no opportunity to look at the car either at this point Wo
  8. Yea all positive signs ..... But Lotus also needs people to start buying the existing cars and potential new cars in more positive numbers .... That's all that lotus needs .... And of course cross selling its engineering to other manufacturers and the like Sell, sell, sell !!!
  9. Elise here to ..... Fresh and new sept 98 when I got and still one of my favorite car purchases ...... I wish it had more noise though
  10. Ohhh of course it is. Head scratched ..... Autoguide of the USA I find is one of the better car news sites. It just puts articles without the writers tinged slant or own view ....... They sometimes write up a few boo boo's .... This takes takes the picnic basket The other positive is the site gets fewer lame-ass comments from Internet trolls and nobodies ...... There is one comment after this article Metal bodied Elise ..... Classic All the same interesting Renault and
  11. Mr Musk awaits your tweet / Skype / facebitch message 190k on a 4 year old mini .... Right on.. That's truly putting in the miles
  12. If you looking at used and the mileage you then need to look at the type of car. So say you are specifically talking high performance / prestige / limited number cars ..... Like lotus etc 50k on a new car is going to be excessive for a one or two year old from my view .... Perhaps 20-25k is even high and if you look at evoras in uk/Europe, come to that Porsches too, you do see some around that level If you look at say a BMW M3, performance of a sorts, a 2 year old can be spotted easily in the used with horrifically high mileage Not that perhaps you care but each country has a different
  13. Haha. Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps those years back Lotus could have been what Mclaren is/is becoming ...... Will down the road mclaren be bought/sold ..... Will lotus to again under the right circumstances .... It's good to read that TVR may be back. Back as what though. For where I am Lotus and TVR owners tend to be at the same events ...... Enthusiasts ...... With the Odd smattering of fezza's (older rather than newer) .... And some lambos ..... Mclaren new to the scene but seen at this time as the engineering/sensible set of wheels as opposed to the friendly put 'hooligan' lambo an
  14. Shame though as in a way Lotus started off very much like Mclaren. From the driving roots side of things. They both took different paths, albeit at different times and make different decisions. Well will each eventually end up / becoming. You could ponder : - Perhaps years back if Lotus had the vision as Mclaren does now they would be in a 'different state' than they are now - and Mclaren has only the future ahead to see what unfolds I've had Lotuses new since ordering in late 96 and receiving in 98 the first elise. Loved that car. My last was the 2-11 and again I loved that car.
  15. Yes and no. mr sensible response back here. Takata corporation supply the faulty airbags and/or parts leading to the problem and the recall. Takata corp I thought also supplied other brands not just Japanese manufacturers along with other restraints and harnesses for third parties of auto accessories ...... The auto companies will claim against Takata Corp and they will have a suitably large umbrella Product liability / product recall insurance protection. I believe this is called 'critical parts' and Takata deal with the USA market The press with the Toyota issue some years ago wou
  16. Neal Paranoid is better than crunching up the front onto the front wheels! That front is not a tough piece of kit Ive not taken my 2-11 on the uk ferries / train but I've taken it on ferries here in Japan - Tokyo to hokkaido, Tokyo to Kyushu, Shikoku to Osaka ...... On each of these ferries I got parked in the truck 'trailer' section and board last and exited last .... All in reverse and at an angle On a country ferry I made the mistake of driving straight on. Crunch. The front splitter pushed back on one side to almost the wheel. I then had a few hours, turning into a day with talking
  17. Neal I had this all the time. The battery isn't dead it's just hibernating or whatever words it was odyssey batteries said themselves when I contacted them. Jumping from another car is a pain Just get a mobile jumper - that way if you going for an early morning run or similar you can charge the mobile jumper whilst having a coffee and then take it outside and start the car hook it up to the battery ..... It'll run all day after that .... You can also put the mobile battery pack behind your seat if you put in a soft bag to avoid the rattles I live in temperatures that drop below -15c
  18. Trying to keep it together

  19. Colors and spec are upto each persons personal choice : it's good to have a choice I've driven all of these cars old and new. Depends on what you looking for is what it comes down to and are happy to live with. If you happy with the pure basics of motoring jumping from a 2-11 into a cayman, or s, or boxster etc or even 997, 996 or 991 they all feel muted and rather dull and the cayman and boxster you have at top speed and feeling slow .... then it's also sensations you experience or are hidden from. where you live factors in too. A Porsche 997 or 991 is better in continuous winter / snow
  20. Ok ... I will put my name down I think Just came home after a frosty morning drive and managed to send the 2-11 off the road into a metal post and it's completely done, front section and wheels torn off .... Thankfully no injury to me or mini cooper friend driving with us Interesting to see on the various parts strewn across the road and field that it has '2 eleven circuit car only' on the front chassis in yellow scribble That's no 94 dead of the 2-11 .....
  21. @ sizona .... did they mention how many units per month coming / targeted to roll off the line ? They didn't happen to mention if any of those currently on the line are headed for Japan ..... One of the lotus loyal markets! There still isn't an official price here but Iikely around JPY 10m base .... Not that anyone in the uk cares about that
  22. Sorry only just checked back on this page. The valve was changed out though the replacement valve was different. it seemeed that the later valve is an update to the original part but improving on the size / flow .... Basically improved on the old one that apparently can 'leak' under heavy pressure .... It will only leak, or that is, create a small vapor spray under heavy accelaration .... Obviously having oil spraying around the engine bay isn't ideal. Whether its just Japan but we didn't find any advice or updates in the past from lotus officially update or changing the parts ... A
  23. Thanks pgn340r ...... Part spotted .... Part being ordered Great website and thanks again for the link.
  24. Morning all. Some advice / recommendations if anyone can please. Well this week I dropped off the 2-eleven for a thorough service following a full trackday the prior week. Before the trackday I'd checked the usual, including oil, and nothing a miss .... Never see any leakage either but we've found that the oil is leaking but the leak is coming from the Accusump pressure valve .... Issue is I'm in Japan and the replacement part doesn't seem to be in stock here within the network Is there anywhere / anyone in the Uk Lotus network that would be carrying stock for this item and how
  25. Thanks ..... Yea they have their limitations ..... That's the iPad I really hate using my laptop these days ....
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