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  1. Mine did the same thing. My factory fuel tank had the baffles come loose, my dealer installed a up-graded tank and I have no more problems even running down to less than 1 gallon of fuel. I am running Yoko slicks. This was warranty. Check with your dealer.
  2. I replaced my intercooler pipe hose clamps with t-bolt style. I smoked my engine for leaks and the factory clamps allowed the intercooler hoses to leak slightly. No leaks with the new t-bolt clamps. Dan
  3. I use a moroso oil pan so no surge problem. I'm getting 500 to 700 track miles out of a set of Yokohama S01 slicks. I also tried the hoosier A6 but did not like them.


  4. Is that for both sides or individually?
  5. I also need the small side decals set for the rear clam section only.
  6. I have the gold on my car. Don't know how much it actually helps, I have not datalogged intake temps. It looks good and the housing feels much cooler to the touch. I installed a 2bular header with no heat shielding like on the stock header so I have a layer of gold on the bottom of the housing just above the header.
  7. Thank you Ads for your help. It is much appreciated. I'll see what part number is on the correct panel when it arrives.
  8. I was charged for the track part. I checked my car and all the holes are there to bolt up the road version. It does not appear to be sturdy as the track piece and uses the rear clam for support instead of brackets that support the muffler. Oh, Lotus sent Fox Valley a pic of A127S0005F and it's different than mine and the one they sent. I wonder if there is a third for NA cars?? They have my VIN and are trying to figure it out. It appears the problem is solved. I just received a pic of the correct panel with the 0005F part number. The parts were mislabeled, hopefully have the correct part soon.
  9. The replacement part number on the panel they sent is A127S0003F. Maybe its been mislabeled with the wrong part number or Lotus feels why have two different parts when the road version will work in either application. Pics of your setup would be great. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hey guys, I need this panel for my 2-Eleven I received this panel from Lotus which is supposed to fit... It does not of course and they are trying to figure out what is going on. We are assuming that the difference is a track 211 vs the UK street legal version????? Does anyone know?? Here is another view.... The other side... I just hope I can get the correct part before summer is over here. Dan
  11. SSC shift cable installed. Did not remove the seats. I used a short screwdriver bit with a 1/4" ratcheting wrench to remove the screws from the block. Unbolt the e-brake lever, don't remove the cable. Move the lever to the side to replace shift cable. Approx time 2hrs for the job. I also installed small shims on the trans shift lever pins to prevent the cable ends from floating up and down. This eliminated some more play from the shifter. Al is correct, it helps a lot to have a lift.
  12. I have not done it on my 2-Eleven but I have been using "Water Wetters" for years in my other racecars with no problems. You will be fine.
  13. I leave mine on full for the first couple of laps then dial it to the one o'clock position. It seems to work very well there. If I leave it on full it activates constantly and my lap times are slower.
  14. Well, it's my turn. I'll be installing the SSC improved cable. I don't think I will have to pull the seats. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Wish me luck!
  15. Hey Al, Here's the link for Woodman tires ... SO1 and SO4 are the compounds that are available that are not proprietary to Lotus .... SO1 is softer than SO4 The Lotus sizes that you want are: front : 190/580 R16; rear: 230/625 R17 I'm running the SO1's. Have the car realigned for slicks. These tires transform the car, you will love it.
  16. I use this been using it for years on all my show cars. Works awesome!
  17. 700 miles. Rear tires were gone. 2nd set of tires. Will be trying out my new Yokohama slicks this afternoon . Need front pads pretty soon also.
  18. Something came up and I have to cancel. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks.
  19. Nice video. I really enjoyed how precise and consistent you were with your line. That porsche was all over the place and should have given you a point by quite a few laps sooner. Do you still have the stock tune?
  20. I glued a sheet of dynamat in each side of my car. You can see where the rocks have been hitting it but I have no body damage at all.
  21. Thanks Al, It sounds like fun. It was too close to another event I attended in all places.....nebraska . The track was awesome, one of the nicest I have ever been to.... Here is a photo of the car is the sunset red in the lower r/h corner..... I look forward to next years LOG.
  22. Thanks! How did LOG go? I was not able to make it this year.
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