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  1. Del,

    You want the oil temp high enough to boil off any moisture in it and flow properly. Just normal driving may not get the oil temp hot enough, high rpm and load raises the oil temp. I like to see oil temp around 100 to 110 deg c, once it goes over 120c I start to get worried. It depends where the oil temp sensor is located. Are you checking temp before or after it flows through the cooler? 70 deg c is too cold.

  2. I received the proper splitter yesterday. :lol: The track splitter extends exactly 2" further than the standard one. I just finished installing it. Took about a 1/2 hour, it helps to have a extra set of hands. The body sure is flimsy, the panels flop all over with the splitter removed....took a bit to get all the holes lined up. First track event this year one month away...can't wait! :lol:

  3. Are you sure it's the button? Take a DVOM (digital volt/ohm meter) and test it. A faulty starter solenoid can give the same symptoms.

    Take a test light to the activation wire on the solenoid while someone hits the button. If it does not crank and you have power there you have a bad power you have a bad button.

  4. Well it's been 10 days since I first contacted my dealer about getting the proper splitter. :lol: I call every couple of days, they have no answer from Lotus. Are parts even available for the 2-Eleven? This is frustrating :P My first track event is just one month away!

    Spoke to soon. Just got a call, it's handled :huh: Splitter is in Atlanta and I should have it middle of next week. A few e-mails from Nick Adams sped things along. Thanks Nick!!!

  5. I measured mine last night...sad to say only 3 inches :lol: 3inches from the center by the tow hook. Why would my car with the aero pack only have a 3" splitter? I have been reading about the tail happy nature of the 2-Eleven, I only have about 325 track miles on mine at just one track but I found the opposite to be true. I experienced push on a couple of corners, my Elise was much

    more tail happy. I just attributed this to settings, new car and my lack of experience in the car. Could it be the splitter and was the wrong one installed at the factory??

  6. Anybody measure the track splitter? I have been looking at photo's of other US spec 2-Elevens and the splitters appear to be larger than the one on my car. Maybe someone could get a measurement from the body to the front edge of the splitter? Thanks. :) I'll measure mine tonight.

    Here is a pic of my car. I found a statement that the track splitter sticks out 4" more than the SVA splitter. It does not look like my splitter even sticks out 4" from the body. :(post-222-1234465236_thumb.jpg

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