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  1. Dan,

    Three questions.

    1. Where does the third hose connect? Not to clear from the photo. It runs behind the coolant overflow bottle and I cannot see where it goes from there.

    2. Can you clarify how you attached the cannisters? I like the out of the way position and set up.

    3. Where did you source the Russell braided hoses from and how much hose was required?

    Thanks gents for the clarifications and information, and time to bring it to the forum.



    1. The 3rd hose connects to a 1/2 nipple behind the intercooler pipe on the throttle body.

    2. There is a bracket built on the cans holding them together. Two 1/4 bolts hold the cans to the wing up-right. I drilled

    through the up-right. I'll take a photo from the other side and post it so you can see what I did.

    3. Russell Pro Classic hose....

    I used tube seal hose ends. 10 ft is minimum length of hose to buy. I used #8 and #10 hose. If you look in the second

    photo you can see I used a male to male union to join the Pro Classic hose to the one original hose that goes from the

    manifold to the pcv valve. It's difficult to find a hose with with 1/2" end that reduces down to just under 3/8". It was simpler to just use a union. The Russell hose is very light and you can cut it with a razor knife. I used one wrap of black tape on the ends to keep them from fraying before clamping.

    I may not be fast but at least I'll look good.... :blink:

  2. I had oil catch cans made for my 2-Eleven. Very simple bolt on. I used lightweight Russell braided hose so no chafing of anything

    in the engine compartment. Thought you guys would like to see some pics of the install. I used some dress up fittings at the

    engine for appearance. :blink:




  3. I found a dead mouse about 10 ft away from my car. :o I have never had any type of problem before, so I take the cover off to ck it out.


    That little [email protected] chewed through the starshield , the striping and damaged the body. Evidently starshield is toxic. The splitter made a nice platform to sit and chew. :D


    Thank god he did not go to town on the wiring. I have had to fix many customer cars with rodent damaged wiring...not fun. Is that section of yellow striping available by itself or should I just get some yellow paint touch it up and call it a day?

    I am so brand new 2-Eleven, 350 miles and it's damaged :P:angry::angry:



  4. From what I understand the toyota LSD is for a front wheel drive application and does not work well in a Lotus. I ran with a Exige S that had a Quaffi LSD installed and the owner said it made a big difference exiting tight corners. From the limited time I have run my 2-Eleven with the TC set at the 1 o'clock position I activated it exiting almost every corner. If you're spinning you are not accelerating.



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