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  1. Dan,

    Good to hear.... well done! Add your stiffer mounts and things will improve further.

    You'll like the Larini -- makes the car sound the way it looks.

    Enjoy your upcoming track'll be blown away with the turn-in. Also, power/grunt in the taller gears at lower RPM's is impressive (at least it is to me when compared to my similarly-engined Cup255)...all attributable to the lower weight. Just be prepared for significantly more oversteer -- the 2Eleven is biased much more towards oversteer than the Elise/Exige and it's much more like my older Porsche's, i.e., off/trailing throttle oversteer and it happens in a "snap" with the 048's. :P

    I'm sure that you are already doing this...but check the alignment and height apecs. I'm pretty sure that it can use some tweaking.

    All the best,


    The shifting is great now, no problems at all. The exhaust sounds the way it should and I changed the mounts before my track event last weekend. I had a tire vibration over 100mph so I'm getting them road force balanced tomorrow.

    The car is just awesome to drive. ;) I did 320 track miles over the weekend, matter a fact after two 1/2 hour sessions I got talked into entering the races on saturday and sunday. I placed 3rd on sat and won on sunday, I'm pretty pleased with that.

    The turn in is razor sharp and took some getting used to, tracking my Elise for the last 3 years helped a bunch. I had it start to come around on me a few times but was able to catch it before it got ugly. Heading back to the track on friday. There should be

    four 2-Elevens there. I'm looking forward to it, but then it's time to put it away for the winter. :o


  2. I installed my exhaust today and checked the shifter. The cross shaft cable was misadjusted so it would not go fully in the 1-2 gate. I adjusted it and shimmed the ends. It feels much better but it

    is raining so I could not do a proper road test. It will get a proper test in two days when I hit the track. ;)


  3. Bill,

    The tow hooks are OEM. I just slapped the plate on it from my Elise, I just had to take it for a spin ;) I will be at GingerMan this weekend and Putnam on the 24th. I heard Grattan was a really rough,bumpy track.

    I already ordered mounts and exhaust. I had fuel starvation with my Elise, I filled it after every session so it was fine then. As far as tail happy, should be able to adjust that out a bit. Can't wait to ge on the track!! :P


  4. Thanks Paul,

    Matter a fact with the trans fully warm and the car sitting still unless you shift 4-3-2-1 you cannot get it in 1st. Unless I need some computer reprogramming I won't be going back to the dealer. The car has no warranty. I do all my own work. Here is a link to my business....

    and a photo of my Elise and a customer's 1-Eleven......


    I will ck all shifter adjustments when I install the new exhaust I just ordered ;)


  5. The shifting feels a lot sloppier and difficult compared to my Elise. 1st and 2nd gear really have to be forced in. ;) I noticed the shift cable ends just float up and down on the pins of the shift levers on the transmission. It seems to add to the vagueness of the shifting. Has anyone attempted to limit this movement by shimming to tighten the shifting up? Hopefully the shifting gets easier once I put some miles on the car.


  6. Here is what I did to my Elise mounts. I cleaned up the loose rubber......


    Then I filled them with 80 liquid flexane urethane......


    It worked perfect and transmitted very little additional vibration, engine response and shifting dramatic improvement. Cost less than $50. I let the urethane dry for 3 days before putting them in service. It will be the first mod to my 211. ;)


  7. Thanks. No this is not my first Lotus. I have been tracking my Elise for the past 3 yrs. ;) I kept modifying it including a supercharger among other things. Time to step up to the 211. :P

    I'm a new member and just got my 211 yesterday, can't wait to get it on the track! I have been a Lotus owner for the past three years and really enjoy the cars. I pretty much only tracked my Elise and seldom drove it on the street.

    I was lucky enough to do some training with Alistair Mcqueen a couple of years ago :o I decided to track only and what better car than the 211!

    I drove it yesterday and it is too quiet. I have to research to see what muffler to buy. I look forward to being a member on this forum!



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