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  1. Thanks very much for the replies .
  2. Can anyone pleaase tell me what size thread is on the gearbox end of the the gearchange cable .
  3. Hi everyone..... Today i have been out for a drive of about 20 miles in my 96 V8 and the car was going superb . Did not drive it hard , only pulled approx 4000 rpm tops . I got to about 1 mile from my house and had to stop at traffic lights . When i then went to select first , the gear lever was all over the place - I did not really know what gear i was in , but managed to drive it home ( carefully ) I can select all gears including reverse , but if i am in 1st for example , i can move the gear lever over to 4th 5th etc without coming out of first ; this is the same when i have also
  4. V8 Mobile One 5W/50 or 5W/30 Castrol EDGE Sport 10W/60 Elf Competition S 15W/50 This is the list from the LEW maintenance page .............. wide range of viscosity's !!!!
  5. Hi all .... I have recently been talking to an oil supplier , and he recommends using 5/40 synthetic oil in the V8 . I have always used 10/40 synthetic ... Any opinions , what oil do you use ? Thanks
  6. VERY INTERESTING !!!! WATER LEVEL SWITCH --- LOTUS PART No A082K6068F My dashboard level light is intermittently flashing ON/OFF .... I took out the level switch and washed out a load of brown muck ( seems to be a common problem from what everyone is saying ) ; replaced it on the car and although better , it is still doing it now and again . Checked water level and there is no water loss at all . Took it back out and checked the ohmic value - getting silly readings , so i believe that the sensor is faulty. Does anybody know what readings i should be seeing ? OR.... b
  7. I have just found a very good site for quickly finding manufacturers car parts and matching parts numbers . At the moment the list of Esprit parts is not that good , but who knows it might grow in the future . Might be of help to someone , so save it to your favourites .
  8. Trying to trace a pair of original replacement clear/orange lens . Any ideas please .
  9. Sounds like a simple wheel sensor fault - Check the fronts first . I had to change both my fronts last year ; easy to do and only approx
  10. I changed my number in December ,and the number of owners stayed the same . BUT....... I do know that the number of stated previous owners ( 4 ) on the V5 is wrong due to previous number changes . Seems that its a bit of a lottery !!!!!
  11. I have owned my present V8 for 18 months , but have been driving Esprit since 1982 . I have owned 4 in total since then - S2 , S3 , S3 Turbo and now my V8
  12. Another chance to see 'Celebration of the Lotus Esprit ' MEN AND MOTORS ( channel 131 ) -------- 12 noon !!!!
  13. Dave.. Great idea .... I would be interested in a stainless one if not too expensive . I was thinking of replacing the wheelarch grills in the near future , could these be designed at the same time??
  14. Is anybody having difficulty signing into the members pages of LEW ??? I have had an e-mail from LEW confirming my username and password , but still no joy .
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