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  1. Do you think it's a real new gearbox or just a modification of Toyota gearbox ? A well-known guy in France explained that it's impossible to really improve the Toyota gearbox because bearings are too small.
  2. Hope Lotus will install the new gearbox on 2-11 in 2011...
  3. For example : http://www.thelotusf...47-211-gearbox/. Many guys in France have had problems with Toyota gearbox. I've also seen a kit with E153 (?) toyota Gearbox, etc, etc.
  4. Thinking about buying a 2-11 this year or next, i'd like to know if new Lotus gearbox (installed in new Elise) will solve 2-11 gearbox issues. Can we hope retrofit ? Will this new gearbox really be stronger ? Is it wise to wait 2011 ? Cheers.
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