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  1. Hello,

    I see you have a Lotus 2-Eleven, having just sold my Exige i am in the hunt for a 2-Eleven and wondered if you were considering selling?

    I’m not a dealer, it would be a private purchase and I’m willing to travel. If you would like to discuss this further please email me on [email protected]

    Sorry to bother you

    Best regards


  2. The person you need to speak to is Chris Randal at Hoffmans, he said he was going to put up some pics. He seemed to think that the lotus fit was not that strong any way and he has seen cars come back to him with bent towing eyes due to over zealous tow trucks. This tow strap is fixed to the chassis by high tensile wire and does not move, and best of all can be done without removing the clam. As he is a racer and engineer, I think everything he does is designed and made to be the most hard wearing and cost effective possible, hope this helps Matt
  3. Because my 2-11 is an earlier model (61) it did not come with towing eyes front and rear. At the time I was told you could use the roll bar to tow with, which now it is advised against. I am still amazed that a track car can be supplied and sold without these! I have recently had towing eyes fitted by Hoffmans of Henley, which are not a lotus product, and a fraction of the cost. The front strap fits between the splitter and the number plate and fixed to the chassis by custom brackets and high tensile wire, all of this was achieved by not taking the clamshell off ( 6hours labour according to lotus) The rear one is bolted onto the chassis under the rear diffuser. The whole thing cost around
  4. my car came off at the nurburgring and was undrivable due the rear left quarter hitting the armco. (none of this by me I hasten to add). They lifted the car onto the loory with the rollbar and seemed to think that it would be more than strong enough as it is supposed to withstand the load of the car plus the inertia of the crash when upside down. No damgae was was done to the chassis in doing so. My car was one of the ones without the front towing strut (no. 61) and B&C said to use use the rollbar as the towpoint. would like,to know if anyone else is doing this and if it is sufficient. To put the strut in and the tow eye itself is not a cheap aftermarket!! Matt
  5. Gavin it was me with the tyre pressure monitor and good to meet you. Great advice thanks, it certainly goes through it quite quickly, a bag tank may an investment further down the line, in the meantime I'll get in line at the pumps! Matt
  6. another thing, my rear number plate start to melt after a while due to it being so close to the exhaust. Should there be some sort of heat barrier? thanks Matt
  7. I nearly ran out of fuel at donnington yesterday. There were two bars left on the fuel guage but got starvation. When I got into the pit and turned off the car and turned on the ignition it was empty. Why would this be and is there something wrong with it. If its okay then can i get a more accurate guage? Matt
  8. transparent?? that would be cool. Is that an option?
  9. A pair of Wiley X glasses, a warm beanie and some ear plugs and your away. I drove all the way down to the ring without a helmet and it was fine. It didn't rain though. I always have the helmet incase it starts to rain. Matt
  10. undersealed with what? and why don't lotus do that in the first place?
  11. Does any one else have cracks on the front wheel arches from stone chips under the wheel arches. I think this is due to the lack of wheel arch liner but has anyone come up with a solution. Also I have the original wing mirrors which are epically rubbish, how do the new ones compare? Will be at silverstone next Thursday with the BRDC, may be see some of you there. Matt
  12. Has anyone bought the larger wind deflector yet? I know it is expensive but I am 6'3' and if it makes a difference it would be worth it. If no one has then i don't mind being the guinea pig! Also does anyone know of tyre pressure/temp monitoring system that would work on the car? Matt
  13. I have also lost that grommet from offside light assembly, if you are ordering then i will buy one from you. cheers Matt
  14. sorry a bit late to this topic. are they making an all weather cover as well? if so would be very interested.
  15. No. 61 Launch colours Matt Bailey Henley on Thames pics to follow
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