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  1. Hello! Here is the car #244 on the track. This car bring so much fun on the track .... Best regards Ralf
  2. Dear all, now after the spring is come to germany, I just drove my first 400 km. But only on street, no track. Here my impressions: - it is a fantastic car ; can
  3. Hello Nick, I have only one question. I will start to drive with my 2-11 now. For how many kilometers should I drive with how many max. rpm ? Thanks for your answer Ralf
  4. Dear All! Now, in germany the spring will come and I start to use the car. My question is, how to run in the car. My dealer told me up to 500 km only drive the car up to 4.000 rpm and after it up to 1.500 km driving a little bit slowly ? What are your experience about this point ? BR Ralf
  5. Got my car yesterday! (#244) I think, it should be about the 10th in germany.
  6. Good morning. Yesterday, I got my car (#244) But I have one question to the forum about the exhaust. I just order the stage 1 exhaust but not sure that they installed in England. Thanks for your help.
  7. Dear All, this afternoon I will get my 2-11 in green dragon. Hope to send tomorrow some photos. BR Ralf
  8. Dear Nick! Thanks for your compliment about my color choose. For myself it was from seeing the color scheme the first and pnly choice. Do you know, how many 2-11 are now sold to the german market ? BR Ralf
  9. Godd morning! I heard yesterday from my dealer, that my car is now finished and on the truck to Germany!! Hope, to see it early next weeks. The photos will follow soon. Only for my personal intrest, I would like to know how many cars are now sold to the german market ? Regards Ralf
  10. Hello Bert, hope my car will be ready before yours Lotus told me last week, that the car is on the line and soon finished (in green dragon) best wishes from Germany Ralf
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