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  1. No- def. not a dumb idea and no need for apologies. Just asking on the forum as many times others experience the same issues.
  2. Ads--Not the stick type --thanks I'm thinking (this where things go south) I could drill a neat hole in the liner and get to the nut with a socket. I hate to do this but I also would hate to have to pull the side panel off--any other thoughts??
  3. My driver side mirror has become loose at its base. Before I break something... can it be tightened without pulling off the side panel? Anyone has drawings/instructions? Manny
  4. Me imagino que la carrera fue buena... Pero las Ticas... WoW. Congrats on your well deserved win!!
  5. Jack, What tire pressure are you running on the Yoko slicks? I'll be putting mine on as soon as the fuel issue is taken care of.
  6. Nope, I heard the titaniums were the quickest so thats what I got.
  7. Great vid. I was on the edge as well. Those Porker RSs are amazing cars. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself.
  9. Unfortunately, I will have just arrived back from a trip to Europe. And I think I have a track event that weekend.
  10. Adam, I sure did. While passing. Think how happy the guy I had just passed felt about the situation.
  11. Wow... this can be a hell of a problem. At just under a half a tank I thought that I would not come up on this. Have to resolve this as it's just too dangerous for me and more so for my track buddies.
  12. Sorry. As per your instructions, I cannot reply.
  13. Look at post #6 in that thread. All the way on the bottom. (I do see your point if it's just a certification process)
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