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  1. I'm thinking a cat of nine tails on a snare drum…
  2. I finally have the remote mic placed.. Yesterday was perfect and everyone was out… The RS211 was a rockstar. I spent about three hours answering questions about the car to a wild mix of the nicest peeps you'll ever meet… Too bad it didn't have a Lotus decal…..Do ya hear that Lotus ?
  3. I have driven my R8 hard in the canyons but I never cross the centerline, to drive like a complete asshole in traffic because he can is just asinine. That guy needs a Rodney King beating.
  4. That's too fuckin funny. I was banned from the Audi R8 forum after responding to that asshole Luciano_R8V10Brazil about modifications and driving on the road racing in and out of traffic. I love how the dirtbags get caught on camera and posted on the internet before they can take it down…. Life is good..
  5. Havin fun in the twisties..
  6. Buckle up it's gonna be a bumpy ride… Watch in HD
  7. You stated the obvious but failed on the basics..
  8. Bibs the changes in the gearing ratios make a big difference with the feel coming out of the corners and the acceleration between, You need to drive this thing to experience the sensations… Come on over and I turn down the boost for ya. Tommy I'm posting up a nice noisy rendition just for you.
  9. Thanks for the kind words dude it makes me smile and yes it was worth the effort. I had my doubts along the way more than any sane man would put up with but I'm a Lotus owner and a bit mental. With that being said there were times just before my spinal surgery I thought I might not be able to drive anything again let alone this stupid Lotus project that consumed me for the past eight years. That was a spooky feeling as I worked on the dam thing every day and finally got it home in the garage the day before I went in to the hospital... Would I ever do something like this again ? Hell no.... Never cross the centerline they are always watching...
  11. I have an old Giorgio Giugiaro designed watch from around the same time..
  12. Some pics I've posted before, maybe a large Lotus roundel and RS211
  13. I have another set of wheels painted the same anodized aluminum color. I'll take a picture today. The car is just perfect in the canyons, with the new gearing it is amazing. The power is always in the sweetest spot and the throttle response is mental. The suspension settings are spot on for a car this light on rough roads and the aero is really doing its job to the point of having to look at the GPS to verify the speedo readings due to the car feeling so much slower than the actual speed it's traveling. The only thing I might play with are the gauges. I'm not a fan of the AIM digital readout. I find my little dyslectic brain having to think about what it is looking at speed. I prefer a nice analog gauge with the pointers at 12:00 when all is right. I do like the bright white but I would love to see someone with photoshop skills have a go and play with the car to see where to could be taken with a good wrap. Maybe someone has some free play time to do the car color justice.
  14. Caught in the act of being..
  15. 1981 Lotus Europa was my first toy, then it was a 1983 Turbo Esprit, 1990 Turbo Esprit and now my 2005 Elise/Exige/RS211. How could I ever get rid of a car with a personalty disorder ? I'll keep it until I can't get out of the sucker on my own.
  16. I put a Kaaz close ratio gear set in the RS211 last week and the car came to life in a way that is hard to imagine, it is always in peak torque and the throttle response if just nuts..... Top speed is now 164 mph down from 226 mph. Who needs a car that can go 226 mph ? I canceled the Jay Leno video shoot for this saturday. There are just too many trolls in the Youtube comments section and without editing control it just becomes a circus of trolls... I'll do my own build video and at least I know how to drive the car.
  17. Best part are the off duty cops getting busted for being a part of this crap....
  18. They are like maggots and it turns out a off duty cop was one of the guys trying to smash the rear window of the Range Rover, it's a hive mentality . I say crush all their bikes and toss them in prison.
  19. Only with my good eye.. Sad to say ronin is no more and I can't believe it's gone as are all these water toys and the frozen water one... I was and am mental ..
  20. I say take a road course and paint a line 12 ft from the edge and then put the showboat drifters and racers in their cars and fine them $100.00 for each time they touch or cross the line at speed.... That's only 1/3 the ticket fine in the real world not to mention there could be on coming traffic. I say test all road cars like this and then talk about the real world handling and performance.. But then again I buy and build my cars for the real world .. Oh yeah take that Seven out on a rough canyon road and see how it just wants to skip out of its lane and off the road.... The real world, yeah it sucks..
  21. An attention whore defending dirtbags who would have thought it ?
  22. I love the way the Rover just climbed over those bikes with ease.... I use to ride but I rode for the sport not to be part of a pack of dickheads. Rover should use the video to show how well the Range Rover behaves as an urban assault vehicle..
  23. I ate a dozen ovaries with some hot sauce and a cold beer... They said something about oysters, ya sure .
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