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  1. It's a wooly Harley cap...
  2. I guess I could be quicker say 0-120 but no way top speed, gearing and HP rule there.. To be totally honest Hennessey had me banned from two forums he's a sponsor on after I asked him to come for a little canyon drive with me to see how well his Lotus would do in the real world... I don't care if there are faster Lotus out there I think it's cool that guys are pushing it and most of the chuckle heads are guys I know.. Hennessey just pissed me off when he said his car wasn't a "Lotus" yet chassis and ID say it is. I can only wonder what I could do with a million dollars and a used Lotus Elise....
  3. I just got this from Leno's peeps.. Hi Frank, It looks like we are going to have to reschedule again. Sorry about that. It looks like we may have double booked Jay for that weekend (my fault). We would like to move your shoot to Saturday October 19th, 2013. Are you available then? Let me know as soon as you can. Thanks Frank. Best Regards,
  4. I thing this may be titled "The World's Fastester Lotus ?"
  5. Speedhunters want to do a planned photo shoot with the car soon also... Now I'm afraid to get chips in the paint. yeah right.
  6. I believe those speed sign holders need larger speed bumps if you want to attract drivers attention from a safe distance..
  7. So it's official Tuned wants to do another video scheduled for Sept.9. It would benefit Lotus if they were smart enough to put their logo on the car.... For the price of a decal they could have millions of young viewers world wide. I won't even charge them.
  8. I so wanted to meet Danny and the Swiz... Now two has-beens and all anyone can remember is Danny who and what the hell is a Swiz... Beats the hell out of me..
  9. Without a doubt I will proudly plaster them on the car..
  10. I'll take em.. Maybe I should call it a Mongoose and hunt down "venomous snakes". The Tuned video is at 1,860,000 views alone. Who knows how many sites have it linked and copied ? I know that the Lotus Cars channel has zip for views. Lotus Marketing need to get with the program..
  11. I guess Lotus figure the Renault F1 car offers better brand identification.. It's so hard to see the 211 in my build I guess ? So from now on when I get the question asked so many times, "who makes Lotus ?" my answer will be "I do".
  12. Let's just say the steering got very light..... I didn't think it would spin the 13" wide 345 slicks so easily.
  13. I've asked Lotus a number of times to give me large Lotus decals to put on the car and got zip response from them.. Let's see how much brand recognition this builds over its exposure on the web...Too bad..
  14. New twin disc race clutch , new complete paint job and one serious attitude ..
  15. The mistake Lotus made is not producing the Elan first to replace the Evora. By the time they do anything they will be so far behind it wont make any difference how long they can stay afloat..
  16. And that's why I have an R8 instead of an Esprit or Elan in my garage.
  17. This is the Elan I speak of not that old relic of the past..
  18. I give up the old bag needs more than a tuck every few years... The Elan should have been made and then maybe someone other than a Lotus owner would know who makes Lotus.. Oh well.
  19. Screw the track let's get together and cruise a few good canyons..
  20. Dude I have a visa and master card I guess I'm over qualified ...
  21. Why it's not original in a Europa or is a Porsche gearbox.....just sayin If ya don't get it runnin I'll trade ya a set of rims for it. It has potential.
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