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  1. I hate waiting in line..
  2. Tony's wild ride...... or just another day in paradise..
  3. I really am a friendly guy.....just don't piss me off. My buddy Tony from NYC enjoying the Ca. sunshine..
  4. Suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision.....
  5. Road trip travels to new heights.......
  6. Yeah...but don't tell my buddy Tony visiting from NYC.
  7. It seems certain Lotus get more attention than certain McLaren..
  8. That may have been a bit of water evaporation from one of the near by pools...
  11. European Car Modified Magazine DSport Tuned/Drive SpeedHunters
  12. When I drove my brand new Elise into the garage Toni opened the kitchen door and said, "what the fuck did you do". I said I'll never ride the Harley again. She said cool and went back into the kitchen. I sold the bike a year later .
  13. Ya got that right.... I took the RS 211 down to Cars and Coffee this weekend and had a great time talkin to so many car nuts about the Lotus. I even got an invite to show the car off at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design this coming October.....
  14. Same here, if I remove my seat head pad I have room for a helmet but now the helmets bangs against the carbon fiber seat back when I give it the beans....
  15. So after a very successful tuning session out in the boonies the gearbox decides to only shift into 3rd or 4th after the one and only stop on the highway to hell...... But the road gods couldn't be any kinder then to have me stop 25 yards across from an ACE Hardware store...... Too fuckin cool. By the time we finished a bottle of water the the new nut was on the linkage and we were on our way..... I knew being nice would pay off one day.
  16. I've owned a 61 EType and would never think about buying a new antique. Sometimes the past is just better being left in the past.
  17. Yes officer it is a Lotus..
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