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  1. Nothing like ambulance chasers looking to make huge retainer fees with a bogus lawsuit.....
  2. Here are a few sources... I buy my cores from Deeds, they are good for 100psi..
  3. Those are the worst charge coolers on the market... Boat exhaust heat exchangers.. Oh wait am I being libelous ?
  4. No need to bother, I'll just keep it to myself why get into the hassle..... I know what works for me.
  5. I said nothing false. Modern efficient design is based on the mistakes of the past...with the proper improvements implemented. There is nothing libelous in pointing out design differences...
  6. Yup two pins on the leading edge, two side latches and two pins under the wing. It would be bad to have things come lose at speed. It seems the paparazzi like the car..
  7. Cancel my subscription, if what I've said about crossing the centerline and the BS I've gotten from Disadvantage over time is too much for you ladies then I say good night...
  8. You are right, this guy has been hounding me long enough....... He certainly doesn't have my respect, that's earned. For you fools that think this moronic type of driving is ok you more than likely have never seen a head on collision in the canyons first hand, I have.
  9. Why don't you take a long vacation from posting your BS to my postings... The fact that you are a moderator means nothing to me, dude you are a troll nothing more.. You give nothing to this forum that I can see, I think you should just ban yourself and be done with it..
  10. Seriously dude you've had a stick up your ass for me since your butt buddy banned me from Lotus Talk 7 yrs ago... There is a huge difference between a given pass on a straight section of road and crossing the centerline on a blind curve.... The fact that you can't see the difference makes you dam brain dead or at the very least just fuckin stupid..
  11. A safe pass and clean line of sight is a bit different than crossing the centerline on a blind corner ...
  12. Seriously what's the point...? You follow a monkey's lead and you fuckin die that's the point... I care if I'm the guy coming down the road on the other side... I see the brain dead is strong in you...
  13. First off I know that road and I know they don't close off the road for Tuned/Drive videos... That corner is blind up hill only squids cross the centerline in the canyons. And really why drive a sports car and straighten out the corners ? Same corner....Looks like a British invasion...
  14. So no matter how cool his drifting may seem to be his real world driving skills suck it seems when on the road in So Cal.
  15. My R$D is only limited by my wallet ....
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