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  1. So it took a little while but it's done.....we mated a Toyota E153 gearbox to the 2ZZ engine.....Now we'll see how much power the Lotus can handle..... This gearbox is known to handle in excess of 650rwhp with out issue.... Video to come shortly along with a conversion kit......I am not selling it but will let you guys know who is ...... any questions about the conversions should be posted here for all to see.... Dudes this is so cool..
  2. The E153 Toyota gearbox has an external oil cooler provision built in. I'll be runing an external trany oil cooler with my conversion setup.
  3. Ahh gearbox failure, now ya gotta wonder what will set you back..
  4. Ex O GE ?..... I was thinkin about doin a body swap........ not enough bugs in my teeth, could use a little more protein in my diet..
  5. You guys might wanna read up over here... The Toyota gearbox is a very well known weak link and fail with ease, don't believe the sales pitch you get with your track ready car...sorry dudes.
  6. Says who.... remove all the Elise bits you paid for add a few bits here and there, add "body kit" and you've got a 2-11 with 528bph.
  7. Dude I'll trade you my Exige body for your 211 body...whata ya say deal ?
  8. before you panic make sure the shift linkage is adjusted correctly.....remove the center console and you will have access to the's just a little trial and error with the crossgate linkage and I'd bet your problem will be over..... I had the same syncro grind in my exige until I adjusted the linkage...
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