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  1. I forgot how to sync my Gopro to the iPhone so I'll have to try and figure it out again but in the mean time It was great in the twisties and seems to attract new friends when ever it's parked...
  2. Had to pick up a new diffuser yesterday..
  3. The covers have micro fractures, from age I guess.
  4. Thanks guys...all I need now are some fresh headlight covers. The originals are looking shabby now. Anyone know where to get a good deal on these ?
  5. I thought I'd show my money maker....
  6. The RS 211 Lotus was caught naked by a spy in the sky......
  7. New shoes and a few details..
  8. It has potential... I would do a few things differently
  9. This is gonna be cool... You can see here how smoothly the power comes on with a 4th gear pull to 8300rpm. The engine can easily pull 10,000rpm.
  10. Yes momma there be dragons.. When Porsches wanna screw around you just flip the anti lag switch and toast them....
  11. I decided 614 whp and 429 ft tq was enough and man does this sucker bark when you give it the beans..
  12. You may want to take a step back......
  13. You are welcome to come over. Try to keep up if you can..
  14. Off to the powder coater..
  15. Angry.... yeah because it only has 200 hp and no one will spend $60-$70K on a kit car when you could buy a nice used Elise for $30k.. It really is ugly
  16. Yes and let's just say it's better in pictures than on the road....
  17. They handled like crap with poor visibility.... Sorry but I had to tell the truth, it was a total let down so I sold the SV and bought my RS200E... Kinda like a super hot chick that just didn't know hot to f&$%k.
  18. It's so nice right after carb sync for a few drives and then you need to do it all over a few weeks later.
  19. An unusual sold non-metallic grey and orange wheels seem to be the ticket for me..
  20. Porsches are for those that want a well built somewhat snobbery bit of transportation. The only emotion I ever got from the six I've owned in-between Lotus was the sigh that comes from deep down when the purchase check is written and the sigh that comes from even lower when you realize the deprecation in value once a few years has gone by. Sell the car to drivers, it has to be about driving all others can take the bus...or Porsche
  21. There was nothing stoping Lotus from selling a OEM supercharger kit to Lotus owners but it took 4 yrs. to happen and at a price point that made it DOA... I asked Lotus to sell me the OEM parts in 2005 and they said no... Dumb move I'd say. Lotus have dollar cars for R$D and show. I certainly don't need an Evora to drive but it would be fun to tinker with and turn it into a Ronin Edition... I work cheap..
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