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  1. I'm not selling anything but I know if I had a Modified Evora they'd be buying those modifications from whoever decided to produce them after I proved them worthy.. I know the hundreds of aftermarket supercharger kits sold have all gone to happy Lotus owners and have made those aftermarket suppliers a few bucks..
  2. It's not the current owners Lotus should care about it's the future owners that matter. Here in the states there are about 6 new Lotus owners since Lotus no longer sells the Elise or Exige here, all the rest are old Lotus owners. The /Tuned video of my car was mid 2012. Product identification for a small brand like Lotus comes from chatter online, this includes You Tube and all the online automotive magazines and forums. Without which Lotus would have surely died a quite death years ago.... Lotus will never be Porsche so don't try, be Lotus, something people want to buy and be proud of owning. Heritage is for the dead or nearly dead and they don't buy shit anyway... Maybe Lotus should hook me up with an Evora and let me have my way with her for awhile As you can see the story continues without any prompting from me since the car does the talking.. 3/5/14 Hello Frank, I hope this email finds you well, I got your address from Rod Chong. Your Ronin Exige keeps coming up in conversation and I'd really like to discuss the possibility of us doing a proper feature shoot with you for the website. I think both the story and the car itself are fascinating and after Larry Chen stumbled across you a couple of years, it would be great to get an update. Maybe you could let me know if that's agreeable and we can get it set up? Regards, Bryn Bryn Musselwhite Editor in Chief - I can't wait. I'd love to shoot it first thing when it's ready. I want to make it a good one. Maybe it will win street car of the year again. -Larry Unsolicited award..
  3. The fact that you make this personal shows you are a loser with nothing to add.... Brand recognition is what people talk about, a so called cartoon car as you call it has generated more interest to the brand than anything you have done but feel free to voice your opinion because.
  4. And that's my point, if you want advertising on You Tube to work you align yourself with a popular automotive venue not some WTF rap or celebrity has been. I am always taken aback by people that follow my Lotus Elise/Exige/RS211 project. Read the postings on my Facebook page... This is without even trying.
  5. It's easy to see you have never been in sales or have a grasp on product identification. This has 300,000 views from just being parked on the side of the road.. Without even trying a Lotus car guy could do better than the best Lotus have had on payroll for the last 8 yrs. Look up google images Swizz Beats and see what comes up...Until you add in Lotus you get nothing Lotus related. I'm nobody but punch up Frank Profera and see what you get, better yet add Lotus or Ronin Exige. We are talking about Lotus Cars not sneakers and I have yet to see his sneakers on any feet so far. I wonder how many cars Lotus have sold in the US since Beats hiring/firing.
  6. What publicity ? My point is they got zip branding for the money spent unless you think this was a success...
  7. My video was one of their first with over 1,000,000 views in just a few months. Matt's Townsend Bell interview has 4,000+ views, Speedhunters Townsend Bell Lotus video 34,000+ and I've got over 67,000 views... Lotus only content. I'm talking apples to apples Lotus content only. Maybe they should remove the tie and flat cap and come over here to do a video and get people talking.
  8. Nice Lotus video but why only 39,000 views ? I've got over 2,200,000 views for my Lotus. Lotus it seems needs a marketing department.
  9. One of my buddies works as an engineer for Tesla he told me a used model S costs more than a new one due to the waiting list and delivery time. I'd say Tesla has nothing to worry about. They are as common as Merc S class cars in LA now.
  10. Compound charging is so yesterday. The welds on the inside should reduce surface tension by creating a bit of turbulence.. The manifold needs to hold 42 psi. of boost. If it doesn't work you'll hear about it To be honest when you look at the size of the throttle body bolted on the manifold looks really small but it holds 3.2 ltrs and that is the target volume. The stock 2ZZ manifold is huge and has the throttle body positioned in the wrong location for my engine bay design. I'm pretty sure this sucker will be responsive. It's not about peak numbers but usable power and maybe a touch more for fun
  11. It came out to 3.2 liters of internal volume, right on target. Response should be nice and quick
  12. So after rod bearing failure on the dyno after one pull putting on a larger supercharger was a very very bad idea... So if anyone is thinking about a TVS1320 blower snap out of it.. So I'm going back to a single turbo setup with a few upgrades .. Here is my new intake manifold design.
  13. A new Aston comes with a lube job and a pack of condoms......sounds good to me.
  14. Just add color.... Now to see what it looks like after it's been color sanded and buffed..
  15. These cars are the only reason I bought my Elise... The specs on the Stratos and the Elise are so close you would be amazed. The Elise still handles better even when bone stock..
  16. I did a bunch of rewiring for the paddle shifter and the bits are falling into place nicely... It's hard to believe my measurements were correct and I have a nice 3/4" clearance to play with..
  17. It looks like the salvaged reactor from Fuckyoushima has found it's new home.....
  18. I was playin around with I photo and Toni found a pretty cool app that allows you to do your own creations with your own photos.
  19. I took the name from my old boat "ronin"= the wave tossed man....
  20. I triple check every time I snap my steering wheel back on.....
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