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  1. Hey I resemble that remark....
  2. For a drag racing application it would work or even a slurry of salted ice water but this is a road race setup and proper heat exchangers do the job fine... It's not about ultimate power but a balance between handling and power. So far the Lotus chassis can easily handle the 700 hp 2ZZ setup.
  3. So close as the body goes in for paint...
  4. Still waiting on the voltmeter..
  5. After a little end tank redesign I think this will do the job.. Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow..
  6. All air is cooled after passing through the supercharger. Two coolers would be more restriction to airflow. It doesn't matter to cool the turbo airflow since the charge cooler is designed for a 1,000hp engine. I will be no more than a few degrees above ambient at full boost. The new cooler has a diverter in the intake to insure even distribution across its core much like this.
  7. Charge cooler is coming together..
  8. I'm sure the next thing will be him shaving his beaver, I mean head and showing his boygina as he tries getting out of a Lamebo.
  9. I just wanted this version make its own statement. it's just so different .
  10. I've decided it going to be Audi red...
  11. I'm haven a hard time between the red and grey.. You can get a good idea what a 2" chop does to a 211. Steppin out of the office for a little lunch..
  12. So I picked up my new MP90 supercharger yesterday and we've begun the process of making the mounting and intake and discharge plates.. You can see there is a slight difference between the MP62 and the new MP90. The discharge is now at the bottom in order to reduce some intake air volume and make for even quicker throttle response, The MP90 was the choice for the GT3 I've been told.
  13. Both the same bike with different skins and seats. No rider aero fairing and Harley fork rake makes the Lotus decal bike a cruiser.
  14. all that is missing is the very expensive Lotus logo..
  15. I've turned it up to 11..
  16. Cool I love free help, spare room is ready.
  17. Thanks Gunter... The sealed potentiometers for signal feed back are used on some GM gearboxes so there is no worry about heat transfer and the heavy duty gear drive wiper motors are repacked with high temp bearing grease. The mounting bracket is thin aluminum and does not transfer heat very well and there is good airflow in the engine bay from the side naca ducts. Every nut and bolt is locktite in place and if it ever needs servicing the whole unit comes out with the removal of four easily accessible bolts. Remember these motors are covered and heat soaked in most normal applications . Mine are mounted in open air on the cool side of the engine and they are never run continuously. My engine is always cleaner than the rest of the car. Dude I really appreciate your input and if you can find anything I have overlooked please point it out. I could use all the help I can get.
  18. Oh I thought it was "piston of the month" is back..duh I call this next composition "Valve gone wrong"...enjoy.
  19. Funny thing my tuner buddy Mitch Pederson was just hired by Tesla. We've been thinking of a high hp RS211 project, only it would just need a 250 mi. high output range.
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