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  1. I'm not sure I will ever have enough tokens for the Rosen Bridge but I won't have to take my hand off the wheel as I cruise the tight twisties in search of the elusive coins.. A few years ago I used a Mastershift sequential paddle shifter and it was a perfect match when all was working in unison. But by the time I discovered the fix I had gone back to a somewhat basic H pattern cable shifter. Well what was old is new again and it's back to the future .. I cannibalized the Mastershift box which included the controller and servo motors and cable attachment bracket. There are no shift cables now and the motors are a direct mount to the gearbox linkage. This setup still uses a clutch peddle as normal but the gear selecting is all done with a push-pull rally type paddle mounted on the column so that the paddle is always in the same location..
  2. Dude it's all R$D. If I tallied it up I would have to be committed to the padded room ward. I do know it can all be done far cheaper now that the R$D is done. If only I could go back to the future….. I'm tryin.
  3. Air/water charge cooler . The charge cooler positioning will change a little for the new MP90 supercharger.
  4. The BOV works great…. I returned the first ARE Dry Sump setup due to the lack of air/oil separator and picked up a really sweet Dry Sump setup from Daily Engineering. This setup is said to be good for an additional 10 hp.
  5. So this is what the waste gate and BOV sound like on the RS211, funny thing is all I hear is a little wooshhh.
  6. There are a few Alien artifacts but once the old tacos are eaten I'll take a picture for ya. Here is the old engine bay.
  7. I'll have my new 4 stage dry sump system here on Thursday. We'll fab up a custom tank and that should take care of the oil issues once and for all. New Carrillo rods, crank and the usual bits will be going back in along with a new and larger supercharger. The new MP90 will add another third the airflow of the MP62, this should give an even better throttle response along with even better low-midrange torque.. I will be installing my old sequential shifter also so that I can keep both hands on the wheel and do a little more shifting with the shorter gearing. After watching my recent videos a few times I noticed that I hold the engine close to red line in the corners a bit too long. Quicker shifting will help and keep both hands on the wheel can't hurt. What was old is new again.
  8. So the time has come to finally tear into the engine to find out what was it this time…. Again it was an oil starvation issue due most likely to constant high G cornering loads and aeration of the oil. I'd say this number one cylinder rod bearing is toast.
  9. Six ? Come on now are there really six guys that would buy that crap ?
  10. I think that is all wrong in so many ways.
  11. Please to feel free to express your opinion as you have but allow me to do so also…. Maybe have a Fast and Stupid movie marathon and have a good cry.
  12. I see jack offs like these two every Sunday on Mulholland, the rich and famous posing in high dollar cars crossing the centerline all the time. I'm glad this kind of brain dead action has gotten the news maybe now there won't be so many jack offs thinking they are in Tokyo Drift while driving the canyons. These Fast and Stupid movies bring the brain dead out into the canyons along with the Biker Boyz all thinking they can use the road as a race track and pick apexes around corners even though there is a centerline….
  13. Please post up the def to hypocrisy if you will.. I've never done a donut in any car or have I ever drifted a car… I never race period. I have zero traffic tickets. This was just two rich asshats in a low mile poser Porsche turning an awesome car into a toaster. I guess they thought the Fast and Furious was real life and now everyone is sad, oh boo hoo.
  14. Great skills needed as you can see.,25601+Hercules+St,+Valencia,+CA+91355&gl=us&ei=SjmeUsWPBYr32wW0qIDwBw&ved=0CC4Q8gEwAA What a waste .
  15. Yeah right you are, my videos show me racing around a business park doing donuts and burn outs while others are on the road. Don't forget drifting and crossing the centerline….. Oh wait they don't do they ? I've looked up Rodas credentials and he like so many rich guys can buy a seat in most any race car. Big freakin deal that means nothing to me. He took his buddy for a joy ride at a high rate of speed and lost it and killed himself and Paul Walker because he was an asshat with more money than skill or brains.. Driving quick on track is not the same in the real world. I'd bet his last words were…"check this out"…. Fast and Dumberer Wake up call, If you can't stay in your own lane slow the hell down. There is no replay button in the real world.
  16. Here's a quote from a local asshat: This is my home town, born and raised in Valencia. I am very familiar with the crash site (I take my niece to the trampoline park right at the crash site regularly) and not surprised by the crash at all. We locals actually call the loop the Valencia race track. I have done more Flying Laps, power slides and drifts on those two corners then anywhere else. The majority of people in Valencia who own exotics go here regularly to go on a spirited drive around the track. I was with my friend one night in his 6.0 racing a F430 around the track for 3 laps, the speed you are able to carry around the entire course is scary fast. You are able to go just about flat out from the bottom of Kelly Johnson where Constellation starts up to the top of Hercules. The hard 90 degree turn in the upper right hand corner of the map from Hercules to Constellation is not as slow as you may think as you are able to carry good speed if you don't mind doing a massive power slide as the street is very wide. The area is usually empty and has zero to no traffic majority of the weekends and even weekdays. Regardless we are all stupid for what we do at times and unfortunately sometimes you have to pay to play. In this instance they paid with their lives. These chuckle heads were street racing, drifting around corners and crossing the centerline. This is what happens to the brain dead behind the wheel… Why should I feel compassion for some tools that that think they can drive like complete assholes without having to pay the price. This section of road is used as a race track by the rich and brainless….. Thinning of the herd I say.
  17. They were driving like complete knobs to wreck like that, just another case of Too Fast and Too Stupid… It was a business park not a race track or a tight twisty canyon road. I hope all the ricky racers and tokyo drifters learn a lesson from this…. Life imitating art, shitty art at that.
  18. Lotus is like a great restaurant with two tables in front and a great deli counter in the back. Peeps come in for the deli because the two tables are for show . They will never have more customers seated unless they can place more tables out….. Lotus have to think fast nickels rather than slow dimes if they really want to succeed.
  19. It's just R$D nothing more…. I've got another trick up my sleeve Oh Yeah the RS7 makes a great parts runner with its folding rear seats and hatch back.
  20. Here is the video, you can hear what sounds like a bad chain tensioner and then it dies.. It would not restart on the roadside but it did start the next morning with zero oil pressure… So it comes out on Monday. I'll be installing a dry sump system and detail the rebuild once again… This car has more lives than James Bond and a basket of Pussy Galores.. This is what replaces the R8…. 2014 RS7 it is the most practical parts chaser super car on the planet. It just smokes R8s
  21. So I had an oil pump failure this weekend and the engine has to be pulled and gone through. Well I still haven't broken the same part twice so I guess that's a good thing I traded in my R8V10 yesterday since it felt like a stone ax when compared to the laser like handling of the RS211. After all it was just a temporary replacement while waiting for the Lotus to come back to life. It's funny to see all the peeps offering help and cell phones to call for help while I was on the side of the road waiting for the flatbed tow home…. If it were the R8 on the roadside they would have laughed and called me a rich dick. I always felt self-conscious pulling into gas stations, you could feel the stares and always get the question "how much did that cost". I never get that in the Lotus peeps just ask what is it and can they take a picture ? I love this stupid mental Lotus…
  22. Got a new Gopro 3+ camera so I took it for a little test drive this afternoon….
  23. The World's Fastest Lotus? - /TUNED /DRIVE·659 videos Subscribed 2,004,545
  24. Oh that's gonna leave a mark…
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