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  1. I would have crushed the bikers and backed over them... A bike brake checking a car means the bike becomes a hood ornament in my book... Maggots in a swarm.... The driver should have been on the cell for a cop or just stayed on the Hwy until a cop showed up...
  2. I'm on Facebook now but the last thing I do is search out old peeps I once knew. I find the past to be a good place to be from and no need to go backwards... Lots of Lotus/Car talk for me.
  3. Who said a little persuasion with vise grips won't work ?
  4. Some times ya need everything ya got just to slow things down a bit... Just lifting the skirts to give a little peek..... The Lotus was like a Japanese school girl and the Ultima was like an old hooker...
  5. Saw it today and thought it was great, even my wife liked it..
  6. I've owned a Pantera and as soon as the restoration was over I sold it... They drive for crap with a slinky for a body.
  7. Thanks dude.... Two canyon whores out after dark...
  8. Thanks for posting the BBC2 You Tube video, I was never a fan of racing but I really enjoyed that..
  9. I know a photographer that offered to do a personal photo and video shoot for a few bucks. I think I'll give him a call and see what I can do to get a decent video made for you tube Lotus fans... Who needs a fat bald guy that knows nothing about the car driving it anyway ?
  10. 2 min.???? dam I need to have my I pad on a charger I'm in there so long... Maybe I should leave the I pad in another room ?
  11. ^^^^ Right you are, they have zero insurance and have no intention of ever purchasing any. When I mentioned the 917 engine failure this was the response: Dude if that happened I would be the one in trouble, not you. You'd be the dick suing me, which the entire community has crucified for putting this journalist in the poor house. But as always journalist get the facts wrong... Sure if the journalist had any funds to back up his fuck up [dream on] and the owner is now a dick because he was smart enough to cover his ass and in doing so he becomes the dick. The funny thing is this reminds me of a time in Florida while working on my boat, in the slip next to me was a beautiful sailing vessel with a crew of four. While I was on my knees covered in teak caulking redoing my decks the capt. of the other boat asked me "when is the fuckin owner coming back"... He was in shock when I said, " I am the fuckin owner". That seems to be the attitude of auto journalists when they aren't asking for your keys.
  12. So did I. Not having proper liability insurance coverage is the worst possible thing you can do.. Putting the owner of the car at complete personal risk is just insane.... "what could possibly go wrong?"
  13. Well the Tuned part 2 video is in the shitter. I just got this from Matt Farah : Hi Frank- Based on my recent conference call with JF and multiple calls to insurance brokers this morning, we have decided not to film your car for Tuned. Drive safe I guess his own personal driving record killed his ability to get the required insurance.. And now on to the Jay Leno Garage show, they have at least sent me the proper professional documentation and insurance coverage.. I guess there is a difference between You Tube and NBC Universal
  14. I'm sure there are two sides to that story but that's why as a professional you have insurance.... A few years ago there was a show filmed on my boat and before the first bit of equipment came aboard I was handed an insurance policy to cover any and all damages.. Photos were taken by the production team of the boat before and after the filming. And yes there were some damage done and covered without question.. Better safe than sorry I say....
  15. He did get back to me and said he would get an independent policy to cover the car but we'll see what happens. This came to mind.. And when Matt commented that the owner of the car was a dick I began to have second thoughts about the professionalism of the whole deal..
  16. I put a $225,000.00 value on it. The man hours alone over the past year are nuts. But more importantly is the liability I would face if he drove off a cliff and killed himself under my personal coverage.
  17. I've postponed the video shoot for today. It seems they don't have any commercial insurance and there is no way I want to put my car or myself in an awkward position. Oh well. I found it odd that asking to see their Commercial General Liability Policy to cover the car and themselves wasn't part of their plan.
  18. Dude do you think I would eat "a" steak ? I say bring the freakin cow over, I'll cut off what I can eat and then ride the left over home and we'll talk about it.. No stickers in the mail, so it's shooting for Tuned tomorrow morning..
  19. Well I guess those Lotus decals are lost in the mail along with the any mention of Lotus from me... Oh well it's officially an RS211 from now on.
  20. The force against my back under acceleration may be fusing the carbon fiber seats to my spine..
  21. It seemed to me that the RS211 was a little sluggish as I've gotten back up to speed only to check that the max boost up till last night was only 17.9 psi., just a piddly 430 whp due to a faulty fuel pressure sensor... Well that has been corrected and now it's a full 36 psi.and 680 whp.. and now it's..
  22. The cool thing is my sled gets driven. It really is a great feeling without the windshield at speed, it's like a super bike with just a touch more super added.
  23. What back ? Thanks guys , this is all Lotus in mind and body from the mind and body of a partially broken totally mental gear head. Man it is hot out..
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